The Big Boo Cast, Episode 64


Well, let’s see.

Melanie is cooking ribs during this podcast, and a couple of times she has to take a podcast break to flip her ribs.

I don’t know what more any of us could ask, really.

But we also talk about college football, pro football, the color of the Cowboys’ football pants, pop-up ads, an allergy I recently discovered (it’s an allergy I have – not an actual medical discovery), and cotton pants (good job, GAP).

This episode is a little shorter than usual, but we were in a time crunch. We’re going to try to do a repeat podcast next week, so if you have any questions for us, just leave them in the comments.

Did I mention that Melanie cooked ribs?

We’re talking staggering new levels of excitement.

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Just FYI – here’s where you can get more info on the products / places we mention (these aren’t affiliate links – just regular ole links):

Carlsbad Caverns Barbecue Ribs

The most beautiful fall container planting I’ve ever seen

Dak Prescott – QB1 for the Dallas Cowboys

The icy blue/green/silver Dallas Cowboys football pants

LSU’s retro uniforms for the Mississippi State game

Trevor Knight’s leadership

GAP wide-leg utility pants

“How the Sugar Industry Shifted the Blame to Fat”

Enjoy, y’all!

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  1. Do you have any good tips on a hair mask?

    What kind of fall decorating so y’all do?

    What tips do you have for eyebrow shaping?

  2. So excited to listen on my way to work tomorrow! You girls are my favourite commute entertainment.
    Wondering what you guys are doing for skin care this fall?? Anything new or old that you can’t live without??

  3. I was hoping to hear a recap from Melanie’s trip to SEC Nation!

  4. 1) The new intro theme music is perfection.

    2) Are you both listening to Christy Nockels’ new podcast? What would you do if you were invited by her to participate in one of her podcasts??!!

  5. I cooked those same ribs last week for the first time and we all loved them! I loved the sauce that the recipe has you make. It was so good! Can’t wait to hear more. That is crazy that those pants were causing you to have an allergic reaction! I know ya’ll mentioned how serious the school and sports are now with the age both of your kids are at. I have younger kids and 1st grade is about to kill us because it’s just so much more intense. Does it just keep worse and worse? I would love your takes on school stuff and any tips you have for us moms coming behind you. What should we really be concerned with?

  6. Erica Cook says:

    1. Trevor Knight and Sadie Robertson. Your thoughts?
    2. (I haven’t listened to this episode yet so forgive me if you covered this) Did you watch Miss America? I was sad to see Betty Cantrell give up the title because I think she is precious but Miss Arkansas won me over! (Although I was pulling for SC so a Carolina girl would win!)
    3. When is too early to start decorating for Christmas? My aunt decorates Halloween night. I’m so serious.
    4. Did 3rd grade homework make either one of you want to curl into a ball and cry? No? Just me?

  7. Enjoyed as usual, ladies, even though it was short! I am going to try that ribs recipe this winter.

    I ran into an issue with the link to the Cowboys’ pants. Since I’m not a WSJ subscriber, I couldn’t see the whole article (and no picture for me either). Maybe you could choose a different page to link to?

  8. You had me rolling in the floor when you said even after four years of Spanish you went to Ecuador and told them “my name is fried chicken.”

  9. I love your down to earth conversation! Beauty question – what is a good neutral lipstick for fall?
    All the best!

  10. Mary Warren says:

    I would love to hear the story of how you came up with boo mama and big mama.

  11. I just checked your speaking engagement schedule and realized you are going to be in my hometown next February. I WILL be there for sure. Can hardly wait.

  12. Hugs to you – thinking of you as you go through this year of “firsts” without your mama. You loved and honored her so well. I love seeing your instagrams or tweets of her Bible and how it’s ministering to you.
    Following your pants saga with interest – clothes are a challenge for me. Nothing looks like it does on the models….go figure.
    Did you find it really difficult to give up the gluten and sugar? My daughter was diagnosed three years ago with celiac disease (she’s 27 and lives in Guatemala where her name is fried chicken) so I haven’t had to change our eating here at home but I often wonder if it would help with my other autoimmune stuff.)
    Andd…I remember you mentioned a new Babyliss hair dryer a while back that was frizz-free. I live in San Antonio where it’s still so hot it would internally combust a porch pumpkin, and I wonder if you’re still pleased – my bangs are curling no matter what I do and I’ve had that thing in my Amazon shopping cart for months and keep watching the price go up. Worth it?

  13. Lisa Bingham says:

    So sorry about the rash!
    Love al the above mentioned questions, I would add..
    More about your exercising, are you still walking at the gym that has the glorious ice machine? And what kind of working out is Melanie doing?
    How do you get motivated and make the time to actually go do it? (As busy mamas that seems to be the hardest part!)
    And, add in a Martha update!

  14. PS – re: your crazy schedules with your middle-schoolers – you are probably so tired of hearing that the days are long but the years are short. It is an exhilaratingly exhausting set of years, but DO enjoy every second. The empty nest is brutal. I’m nine years in and still not entirely at ease with it.

  15. I CAN’T AGREE ENOUGH ABOUT THE CROCKPOT!!! BLAH! I gave mine away and everyone gave me so much grief about it. I do the same recipes in a dutch oven and the flavor is SO MUCH BETTER!

  16. A few years ago (years? I don’t know) you and Melanie talked about how you regret not taking better care of your eyelids when you were younger. You can’t imagine how statement has haunted me ever since. Eyelid care? Am I missing the boat on this one? Is this a southern lady thing that I am not privy to in the cold Rocky Mountains where we apparently don’t take our skin care as seriously? Will my forty year old self live to curse my thirty year old self for her lack of foresight in this area? Plz advise.

  17. I feel the same way about watching NFL football. I rarely do, and it always looks like some slick futuristic thing compared to the college football I love.

  18. Gay Miller says:

    please podcast more often. I miss yall so much when I don’t hear from you for weeks (months). I don’t get why it’s so hard to record a podcast…I’ve heard yall say you talk to each other numerous times a day. just let us hear those conversations. Love yall so much and I’m old enough to be your mother.

  19. This is an interesting article about the sugar/fat research as well. Bottom line: eat a varied, moderate diet with lots of veggies and exercise which is advice that doctors have given for years and pretty much never changes!

  20. rachiebelle says:

    I want to know if SEC Nation gave YOU the same opportunity to attend the pre-game festivities in Starkville as they so kindly allowed you to offer Melanie for the A&M game? In my mind that would only be fair!

  21. Alisa Pognant says:

    So I loved your book “a little salty to cut the sweet”. It, along with Melanie’s books were recommended to me by a friend. I just now started reading the blog (where have I been), and discovered the podcast. I have been binge listening since last week. When listening to you first epidsode you were asked, “What is the biggest challenge in motherhood?” To which one of you responded, “the biggest challenge is when your child throws up in your bed.” I had listened to that episode and not 2 hours later, this was my reality as the toughest thing in motherhood. My child fortunately was in her own bed, but had eaten a large amount of barbecue that evening. It was all over her bed and required a middle of the night bath. So here it is, words you spoke 9 years ago, still resonating with your listeners. You have a new listener and truth be told, I am pretty sure my husband is tired of hearing what “the girls said today on the podcast.” I also did not realize that you had more books so I will be adding them to my reading list. Much love!

  22. I my goodness. I just finished lisrning to your last 3 podcasts. You two had such sad things going on but you had me laughing out loud. I live in the country so I only have 10 gigs of data a month for the computer and wifi. So I spent the last 2 days listening to 3 Francis Chan podcasts, twice. They were great. And convincing. And all I had to listen to. But last night at church I used their wifi to finally get your last 3 podcasts because they are also necessary in my life. And they were so so great. I love all the topics. And your rage against tiny houses. All of it. Love it.

  23. I love all the outtakes that you guys are doing it is absolutely hilarious. I was super excited to see this podcast pop up last night so I could listen to it today while running errands around town