Perhaps Jet Lag Would Have Been Preferable

The first night Alex and I were home from Kenya, I slept for 12 hours and woke up feeling like a champion. Granted, I had a case of the sniffles that I chalked up to too much time on airplanes, but I unpacked suitcases, washed clothes, and basically spent most of Saturday patting myself on the back for re-acclimating like a boss.


You may be picking up on the fact that I felt like I’d figured out a lot of travel-related things.

But then there was Sunday.

Because on Sunday, you see, I woke up feeling decidedly less chipper. I wasn’t tired, really, but I just felt off. We went to church and lunch, but over the course of the morning I bet I said, “I don’t think I feel so great” about 78 times. When we got home, I put on pajamas, stretched out on the guest room bed, and stayed right there for the next 12 hours.

Monday morning I started running fever and wondered how it was possible for every part of my body to hurt at the same time. This trend continued until I finally realized that Tylenol was clearly not going to cure whatever was ailing me, so I dragged myself to the doctor and found out that I had the flu.


Long story endless, I spent the rest of the week taking my Tamiflu and laying across the aforementioned guest room bed and watching more HGTV programming than I have seen in several years. By Friday I was feeling better – I did crazy things like 1) sitting up in a chair and 2) answering emails – and by Saturday I was running actual errands in actual public places. Even still, it was probably Tuesday of this past week before I felt like a 100% version of myself, so I think it’s safe to say that the flu did a number on me.

I also think it’s safe to say that I’ll be getting a flu shot later this year.

ANYWAY, I still owe y’all Alex’s Kenya post, so be on the lookout for that. And since it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve checked in via the blog, here are a few things I want to be sure to mention.

– If you ever find yourself in Birmingham, you need to go to Slice and order yourself a Soul Pie. I am such a fan. I mean, I would never say that a pizza could change your life or anything like that, but this particular pizza could vastly improve the quality of your day. There’s no red sauce (which is such a plus as far as I’m concerned); instead there is Conecuh sausage and field peas and turnip greens and bacon and cheese – and the combo is all manner of yummy (there’s even a gluten-free crust option if you so desire). I also highly recommend the cheese plate. Amen.

– My friend (and editor) Heather posted this video on Facebook, and it is FASCINATING. My word at the creativity. I’ve listened to Ben Folds for a long time, and this confirms my suspicion that he is in fact a genius.

All in All, my devotional book for teenage girls (and college-aged girls, too), releases on August 1st, and I think it is SO. PURTY.

A post shared by Sophie Hudson (@boomama205) on

The reason the book is called a “journaling devotional” is because there are 100 days of daily devotions – and each day’s devotion is followed by Scripture reading, a few questions for pondering / answering / responding, and a place to write out prayers and praises.

It’s all very fancy and interactive.

I promise I grinned when I typed that.

You probably won’t be surprised that this afternoon I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about what kind of pen I’d like to use if I were writing in the actual book. You’d better believe that when I get my first copy, I’m going to test out several different pen options and make a conclusive decision about which one works best on the book’s pages.


And last thing: if you’d like to take a look at the format of All in All, you can download a sample (it’s Day 10, to be specific) and PERUSE AWAY.

I am so excited about this book, y’all, so stay tuned for more news and info.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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  1. Melissa Bostaph says:

    Can’t wait to get a few copies of the devotional for my girls (17, 15, 12, 8)….this would make for a perfect graduation or college send-off gift for our youth group girls as well. Thanks Sophie! Glad you’re feeling better. I had that same flu in May (minus the Tamiflu) and it took me down for 11 days. Wretched stuff it was indeed. Blessings to you 😊

  2. Jeannette says:

    I was beginning to think that you had stayed in Nairobi. And had lost all access to electricity, in order to charge your devises, and to be ability to send us an S.O.S..
    So glad you made it back to the States. And I am looking forward to Alex’s guest blog of the trip to Africa

  3. The devotional cover is BEAUTIFUL! Can’t wait to get it!

  4. I read the sample and it is wonderful. My daughters will definitely be getting one as well as graduates of 2018 and beyond. In this world of “everything’s perfect” on social media, what girl doesn’t need to hear that they are their own kind of perfect – God’s kind of perfect. I may even get a copy for myself. :-) Thanks for all you do, Sophie, to entertain and enlighten us.

  5. Kristen says:

    I am so excited about your book! I can’t wait to get it for my 18-year old daughter. Please let us know about your pen choice. This will be very important information for gifting purposes!
    So glad you are home safely and feeling better. :)

  6. Glad you are feeling better. Can’t wait for the devotional! Taking a sneak peek now of the sample!

  7. Rachael B says:

    LOVE. IT. Can’t wait to get my copy! Wonderful gifts as well. I’m thinking it would be good jr/high Sunday School material. My daughter’s dance team also has a class where they read a devotion, bible verse and perform a beautiful dance. I am going to suggest this book for future classes. I’m thinking this is good for an old lady like me as well! (will be 41 this year!) Thank you so much!

  8. I loved Ben on the Sing Off and so miss that show! Looking forward to the book for my girl and glad you are on the mend!

  9. First of all, what a stunningly beautiful book cover! And then to find out that, of course, the inside is just as amazing. My daughters and I were just struggling yesterday with some decisions we have made which, to the outside world, look a bit crazy. Your words from the sample devotion were a balm for us! I rarely comment here, but just want you to know how much your posts resonate with me; I always laugh out loud and am frequently moved to tears as well. Lastly, my daughter went to Vanderbilt and thus we are college baseball fans. My family has grown accustomed to me cheering for “BooMama’s” Bulldogs as well as the Commodores. :)

  10. I’m so glad you are feeling better! I loved your posts from the Kenya trip. That journal/Devon is beautiful!!😍I can’t wait to get some for my girls & their friends.

  11. Looking forward to the new book to gift at Christmas. Great posts from Kenya and looking forward to Alex’s post. Thank you!

  12. This line of Day 10: “Because at the end of the day, weird is relative, but obedience is essential.” So good! I also love that there is a Scripture to write out in addition to some mighty great thought-provoking content. I have the feeling I’ll be ordering one for myself when I order one for our 18 year old. Well done, Sophie!!

  13. You made me chortle several time through this sample, but then this zinger:
    “Because at the end of the day, weird is relative, but obedience is essential.” LOVE THIS, Boo!