The Big Boo Cast, Episode 77


In this episode we talk about our summertime travel, the life-changing hummus I recently enjoyed, our current struggles with our hair, and our lack of business vision or insight or skill. Melanie also states her very strong feelings about being on a boat in the middle of a large body of water (suffice it to say that a cruise is nowhere in her future) and relays a tale about a very aggressive seagull.

We also talk about potential road trip destinations for next year, recap the summer movies we’ve seen (here’s a hint: I have only seen two), run through a few other entertainment highlights from the last month or so, and break down our feelings about the Instastory.

So there’s some variety, I guess.

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

Sophie’s Kenya trip with Compassion (link to recap podcast with Jamie Ivey)

Dear Evan Hansen

Dizengoff in Chelsea Market

L’Oreal root cover

Magnolia Market

purses at Magnolia Market

Opal ice maker

Chadillac’s Backyard Water Park

Lake Tejas

The Marlboro Man Sandwich from Pioneer Woman

– Melanie’s new book: Church of the Small Things

– Sophie’s new book: All in All (a journaling devotional for young women)

Jenny from the Block

For Forever (from the Dear Evan Hansen cast recording

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  1. I have GOT to stop thinking I can listen to y’all on morning runs. Because I seriously laughed so hard at the BBQ stealing seagull that I nearly bent over double on the side of the road. And I thought other people were going to get very concerned for my well being. Love you girls!!

  2. You may have talked about them before and I missed it, but I pretty much only wear tennis shoes. ( I have had back surgeries and they are just so comfortable. I have all kinds of Go Skechers that I can wear without socks with Capri pants or khakis to church. ) You are so right about the socks. I love Bombas. The socks are wonderful, but they donate a pair to homeless shelters for every pair they sell.

  3. Rachael B says:

    I listened to the podcast on my walk last night. Didn’t get to finish yet but can I say, I love the way you two quote scripture! I feel like this is the summer of Big and Boo! New books, podcasts, twitter and FB. love!