The Big Boo Cast, Episode 84


We are all over the place in this podcast episode – from an exercise class that I recently tried to pajama leggings to hypothetical situations that would make us sprint to kombucha to football to mascara to essential oils to our feelings about scarves. BUCKLE UP, PEOPLE.

Also, I sound more quiet than usual on this episode, and after troubleshooting to the point of utter frustration, I have come to the conclusion that my USB microphone wasn’t plugged in and I was recording using my computer’s internal microphone. Please forgive this latest technical difficulty. Unfortunately, I think we all know that it won’t be the last. It’s sort of how we roll.

Finally, we continue discussing our disagreement about booties but try to find some middle ground. We would appreciate your prayers.

Enjoy, y’all!

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  1. I was listening to the podcast on my way to work all the while wearing a scarf and wondering why all the oxygen was sucked out of the car.

    Thank you for clearing that up.

    (I’m glad you figured out the microphone thing. I thought it was just me!)

  2. I love listening you to and Melanie. Keep the podcasts going. Wanted to make a correction to something you said. Jennifer Garner lived in West Virginia. I have found since moving here that WV folks get quite testy over the mix up of Virginia and WV. I was born, raised and lived in Virginia for 52 years (Go Hokies!). Have been a WV resident for a year (Go Marshall….don’t care one bit for the Mountaineers). Thanks to you guys for turning me on to the Rose Hip Oil. And all of the other many products.

  3. What diffuser and essential oils do you use?

  4. The dress. I want to see a picture/link to “the dress” that is like Jamie Ivey’s, except a different color combo. That dress. Wanna see it, please Sophie………..

  5. I was laughing so hard at the Sol Dance description. You are so entertaining!

  6. It took 3 days to finish the podcast because…life. I have to tell you that I too suffer from the “4 eyelash syndrome” but now thanks to Rapid Lash and Bare Minerals Flawless Definition mascara I now have real lashes. Not a commercial. Just real experience. Also we went to the Big Boo Bowl this past weekend and met the most charming couple from Starkville. I could have visited with them all day. Even though the game was 5 kinds of terrible it was worth it to meet those nice Mississippi people!

  7. Jeannie Pietrowiak says:

    Like so many other ladies, I adore your podcast..laugh right along with yall! Loving my rosehip oil and ordering my GAP pj’s right now. One of the highlights for me is your football talk. You see, my daddy played at Texas A&M, my brother played at BAMA (yes, they are super comfortable with winning!) and my sweet husband played at Kentucky. Perhaps THE BEST PRINCIPAL, Laura Springer, is right here in Coppell and she played basketball at your Mississippi State. She is deeply loved here because of her love and commitment to our children. So you can see how we have the SEC about covered here at our house! I attended TAMU a little before Melanie. I lived in Mosher and we were thrilled for the Wednesday Chicken Fried Steak special…miles away from today’s quinoa! Most of the time I pour myself a cup of coffee and settle in front of my computer when I listen in so I can laugh and go shopping! Love you ladies :)

  8. Step, touch, step, touch. Walk in a circle……

    Oh my gosh. I am on the floor!!!

  9. Hi ladies, I love your podcast and literally was laughing out loud in my office! Sophie I wanted to let you know that Birmingham AL and Nashville TN has it’s very own version of Glamsquad App called The GLOW App!! You can go to the website and download the app at Or go to the app store and search Glow Beauty on Demand.
    You can get a vetted beauty professional to come to your home, hotel or office and give you a great hairstyle, makeup application or spray tan. Thank you for making me laugh in this very rainy day you ladies are a blessing!!

  10. I LOVE listening to y’all, for the product recommendations as well as the entertainment value! Thank you so much for recording these podcasts!

    I was wondering what kind of essential oil diffuser you use.