The Big Boo Cast, Episode 85


This time around we discuss the Mississippi State / A&M game, the Astros’ win in the World Series, and the glory of a redemptive sports moment.

(For example.)

(This is the GIF Melanie texted Sophie during the State / A&M game.)

(This is the GIF Melanie tweeted after the Astros’ victory.)

(You can see the contrast.)

We also talk Sol Dance (edited to add: pretty sure that I said Selena Gomez instead of Demi Lovato, but that is understandable since I am 104 and had also just read news that Selena and the Biebs are back together), the reality of life with our high-maintenance dogs, and Sophie’s simmering jealousy about the fact that Melanie has calves that will fit into any boot. There might also be about ten minutes where we look at the Free People website and talk about the stuff that we like. 

So. You know. Super important, deeply serious things.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

Carlos Correa’s post-game proposal

Melanie and Sophie at Houston’s First Baptist The Gift of Christmas: A Women’s Gathering on November 30th

GAP striped sleep leggings – Melanie’s fall and winter ministry

Sam Edelman “Camellia” boots – a boot unicorn

Your Girl tunic at Free People

One Interlaken Tunic at Free People

We the Free So Fresh Tee at Free People

We the Free Blossom Thermal (the shirt Sophie loves but doesn’t think is long enough)

Happy Weekend, everbody!

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  1. I actually have the cherry red Free Blossom Thermal, and it’s not long enough for me. The best way I can explain it is that it’s like a swing shirt. It’s really wide, and longer in the back than the front. You can see half of my lower back when you are raising your arms or moving around. The sleeves are suppose to be loose and billowy, but I think going up for me they would have been too big in the sleeves. It’s the cutest top though! I say try sizing up and see if the sleeves are too big.

  2. Brittney K says:

    Can I Amen the bootie by way of not having to worry about the calf width! A good wide calf is so hard to find!

  3. Yolanda McLean says:

    Thank y’all for being so podcasty lately!! I enjoy listening to y’all chat so much. I was up until after 2am with a sick five year old – back up at 6am. As I ran errands today getting her medicine and the McDonald’s that I bribed her to take the medicine with it just made me so happy to have y’all going in the car.

  4. Michelle Nordstrom says:

    What y’all don’t realize is that when you are talking clothes etc and looking online, we get online and look with you!

  5. Missy Coleman says:

    These last few podcasts have really been everything. I hope GAP is compensating y’all – along with Teddies organics! I just ordered ANOTHER pair of the leggings (grey) – I bought the pink the first time they were mentioned! I love the rosehip oil too.
    I don’t always comment but y’all always make me laugh, and frequently almost choke, because I am usually drinking something in that exact moment! I really laughed when you said she sounded like Martha- because it was SO true!! So happy, it made me so happy.

  6. I ADORE your podcasts!! I know I’ll have a good day whenever I wake up and see that you’ve published another one!
    My favorite part from this one: “Are we dressing a bunch of clowns!?” I’m also not interested in the peplum, cold shoulders, short shirts, lace-up, or too-big neck holes. I’m 36 and the mother to three sons. Lord, I do not need a shirt to cut across my stomach! If I’m constantly pulling on something, even my husband knows it’s doomed for the donation pile. GRRR.
    Also: my favorite types of notes y’all talk about are the shallow ones. I totally bought Somersaults, Rose Hip oil, and Gap pants. Keep telling us about all the things! (I wasn’t sure I would like the salt and pepper somersaults, but they’re too dang good, i can’t keep them in my house. Even my 2.5 year old adores them!)

  7. You are just the best! And the podcasts bring me more joy than you’ll ever know!
    I miss your writing about everyday life here on the blog, you are such a great writer and it’s so fun to read about just an everyday life. Makes me enjoy and appreciate my non-fancy life. I hope your schedule allows you to go back to it, I don’t think it’s outdated to blog when you do it as wonderfully as you.


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    The Big Boo Cast, Episode 85