The Big Boo Cast, Episode 87

When Melanie and I decided to do a Christmas Gift Guide for the podcast, we thought we’d pick five gift options a piece. Ten total. Easy breezy.

Here’s how many gifts we actually discuss: EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE.

That might be a slight exaggeration, but have mercy we talked about all manner of Christmas gifts and chased all manner of Christmas gift rabbits, so to speak. We had the best time talking about fun things to buy for your favorite hostesses or teenagers or husbands or friends or parents, and we hope our suggestions make your gift buying a little easier. And if Christmas shopping isn’t your thing, we hope you enjoy our commentary. Because clearly we have SO VERY MANY THOUGHTS about various gift options.

Links for everything we mention are below. Enjoy, y’all!

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

Teddie Organics rosehip oil (not on our list, but always worth mentioning)

– Leslie Odom, Jr.’s Simply Christmas – Deluxe Edition

Baker Stripe Dish Towel Set (on sale for $15)

5-Word Prayers by Lisa Whittle

Two Funny Girls’ Personalized Styrofoam & Coffee Cups

Pioneer Woman casserole dishes

Pioneer Woman batter bowl

Pioneer Woman Christmas measuring set

Heather Gauthier canvases, tea towels, and prints (Heather designed the cover for Melanie’s Church of the Small Things)

– Letterpress prints from Old Try

– Waterproof Birkenstocks for men and women

Lash Stash Gift Set at Sephora

Stila Star Studded All Day (8) Liquid Lipstick Set

Joy Susan Brushed Mini-Convertible Wristlet

May Designs – folios, agendas, and personalized stationery

Glitter Gel Pens

Lucy Perfect Core Leggings (just an FYI – not the gift guide)

– Lucy Final Rep top in long sleeve and short sleeve

– JoyLab Women’s Performance Leggings Confetti Print in women’s sizes and plus sizes

Grippy Socks Stocking Stuffer

Feetures Socks Stocking Stuffer

North Face Apex Bionic Windproof and Waterproof Jacket

North Face zip-up fleece – Cap Rock fleece jacket

Rechargeable Waterproof LED Headlamp

LED Light Bulbs

Surefire Sidekick Ultra Compact Triple Outlet Keychain Light

GAP stripe ribbed sleep leggings

Gilligan & O’Malley pajama pant joggers

Pup Socks

3-in-1 Wireless Speaker Cooler

All in All Journaling Devotional

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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  1. Quick question: with the little wristlet, do you ever use the cross body strap? Is it long enough? I hate a short cross body strap that makes you feel like your wearing your belt around your neck!

    Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  2. May Design!!!! It is awesome and best of all 40% off Black Friday sale I totally scored gifts for lots of people. Thanks!

  3. head lamps — they now make toboggans with LED lights in them!! D LOVES his hunter’s orange one!

  4. I so enjoyed this podcast. My husband is of the flashlight aficionado and LED light variety, and I have some feedback for you. As I suspected, he said he would not want a keychain flashlight because he prefers a minimal keychain. He likes to keep it in his jean pocket. HOWEVER! The black Friday items he bought came in the mail today and he is as happy as a 5 year old with a new bike. There are a few items you need to know about: TP Link Smart Plug, All New Echo Second Generation, and the “casa” app. Apparently, with all three of these things you can have Alexa turn off your bedroom lamps, start your coffee maker from your bed, check your garage door status from anywhere in the world. My husband is thrilled with this level of technology, so I thought I’d share one man’s Christmas gift to himself in case it’s helpful to others! :) HA!

  5. I’d like to further validate my recommendation in real time by stating that my husband. as. we. speak. is walking about the house with a headlamp on his head and a screwdriver in his hand. Men. So predictable.:) jk

  6. Heather Olson says:

    Hey Sophie! Just to let you know, I went into Lucy today and found out the entire label Is being liquidated. They are closing their doors. So, grab all the leggings and shirts you can. The store near me still had a lot of merchandise, so let me know if you need anything. Happy to grab items for you! Everything was 40% off. All are final sales.
    Just a side note, thank you for all you do…your wonderful writing, kind heart and hilarious wit is such a joy to me! I know we aren’t friends in real life, but I kinda feel like we are. 😊