The Big Boo Cast, Episode 90

Our good friend Travis Cottrell is with us on this episode of the podcast, and we talk about all manner of unrelated topics. We dig into some Christmas traditions, discuss our favorite Christmas music, break down the college football play-offs (along with our coaching changes), and ponder the deep well of teenage sarcasm that is currently full to overflowing in all of our homes.

Also, you’d better believe that Neil Diamond makes an appearance. Or two. Or three.

Be warned: Melanie, Travis, and I talk about so much stuff that you may never get through all the links. But in case you’d like to try, you can find most of what we mention below.

Hope y’all enjoy this one – we sure did have a blast recording it.

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

Travis Cottrell

Russian Tea

Mannheim Steamroller’s “Silent Night” (Trav’s all-time fave)

Travis’ Ring the Bells Christmas album

Audrey Assad’s “Winter Snow” (Mel’s all-time fave)

Daniel Renstrom’s “Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus” (Soph’s all-time fave)

Christy Nockels’ “The King is Coming”

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Melanie’s Christmas Toffee

Sophie’s favorite Chex Mix recipe

Sophie’s favorite Christmas gift she’s ever received (aka “my precious”)

Red Bubble (SO MANY great things for teenagers)

Playstation 4

Elf on a Shelf (clearly Sophie will not be purchasing) :-)

Travis’ Christmas sweater

Travis, Beth Moore, & Mandisa on the Living Proof Christmas Special (starts around 19:52)

– Mandisa’s testimony

ABC Breaking News | Latest News Videos

Neil Diamond Christmas playlist

Travis on Instagram

Melanie on Instagram

Sophie on Instagram

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  1. I’m SO glad Travis made an appearance. I was really hoping we’d get to hear his Neil Diamond impersonation again. 😂

  2. Um yeah, so I had never seen that Mandisa interview with Robin Roberts. I knew the story but had not seen that. Now I’m all snotty and red eyed. Geez. I loved watching that. Ok, now back to the podcast.

  3. Mary Coffee says:

    Oh MY! The best Christmas present of 2017 is certainly the ab cramps and tears on my cheeks while listening to Episode 90! And the winner of my favorite line of the year, and a likely candidate for my favorite BigBoo line of all time: regarding the most appropriate response ever to the Elf on a Shelf: “You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna sleep!” – Sophie Hudson, late December 2017. 😂🤣😂. Amen Sistah Friend! And again, I say AMEN!
    Add a blooper topping of “ This is why we can’t have nice things!” and my cup and eyes runneth over! Thanks for the words friends, both strong and silly. They are a special gift to my weary soul! Blessed Christmas and a joy and Spirit filled 2018 ! xxoo

  4. Best podcast! Thanks to all three of you for some excellent music suggestions, snack ideas, inspiration and laughoutloudbymyself banter. Love you!!

  5. Elaine Moore says:

    Ohhhhh you guys! I swear you could sit and read the phone book and I’d be on the floor laughing! And Travis is such a delight! You certainly started my day out on a high!!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Liz Phillips says:

    Travis, I’m sorry, but Russian Tea is not thing without the spices.

  7. Merry Christmas Sophie to you and your sweet family! You brighten my life and bring joy in these strange, crazy times.
    May this new year bring you laughter and unexpected joy!

  8. Maria castro says:

    cant stop listening to yall!!! I am the abnormal one that listens to each episode five times. LOVE every podcast episode. Any who….. Tennessee Christmas is a great song !!!