The Big Boo Cast, Episode 91

A couple of weeks ago Melanie and I realized that by the end of this year we would have recorded TWENTY TWO EPISODES of the podcast in 2017, and if you think that hasn’t blown our minds just a little bit, then clearly you missed the part where it took us NINE WHOLE YEARS to record the previous 68. We realize that for actual podcasting professionals (or, you know, people who just take some time to plan) the 22 episode achievement might not be a big deal (or perhaps even mildly embarrassing because SLACKERS), but we prefer to channel Ramona Singer and say KUDOOZ TO US. Is this what victory feels like?

Anyway, on this episode we talk at length about our cooking-related ailments, our current viewing habits, our fascination with Meghan Markle, and our favorite moments from 2017. It was good times.

Enjoy, everbody!

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

Megaformer (Meghan Markle’s favorite workout – allegedly)

Meghan’s and Kate’s Christmas service outfits

The Crown on Netflix

The Great British Baking Show (old seasons are on Netflix)

Martha’s vest

Teddie Organics Rosehip Oil

Hummingbird Farms Lavender Body Oil (and you can still get a great deal on the Big Boo Box or the Big Boo Too Box by using the promo code BIGBOO26 when you check out)

Church of the Small Things by our very own Big Mama

– Meghan Trainor – “No”

Washington Post subscription

Travis Cottrell – “O Praise Him with Doxology” (the perfect way to wrap up the year)

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  1. Delightful podcast! I just ordered the Martha vest!

  2. Craig78681 says:

    I think I like this rendition better.

  3. Eileen McAllister says:

    I miss your wonderfully written blog posts! While I realize that the written ones only gave me your point of view I am good with that. Podcasts to me are like listening in on someone’s phone calls — not for me!! Kinda of boring actually. Please don’t stop writing completely. You are quite talented.

  4. I also subscribed to the Washington Post this year and I love it. Friday’s Date Lab is a good break from the news.
    I love your Martha story. We all need our own Martha moments.
    The Big Boo Cast is my first podcast love. I listen to several now but you and Melanie are still my favorite!

  5. We had a 3 hour trip back home from family gatherings, so I listened to the podcast with The Hubster in the car. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. His questions:

    “Who’s Meghan Markle?”
    “Who’s Martha?”
    “Is this why you use that oil now?”
    “Is this why you have those GAP leggings?”

    and the list goes on….

    But he really enjoyed it and we laughed a lot. Thanks for making our drive home more enjoyable!

  6. Hi Sophie,
    I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy your podcast. It really is a highlight in my day! I listen in the car, while I am doing laundry, or while I run.

    I really like your new devotional book. I bought one for myself, and I gave one to my 14yo niece for Christmas. :)

    And. I LOVED the gift guide podcast. Absolutely loved it!
    Here is what I gave people based on your podcast list:
    16 pack LED light bulbs
    rechargeable LED headlamps
    Lavender Farms gift sets
    and I plan to get some Birkencrocs this spring

    Happy New Year and #HailState and #moorcowbell

  7. Pam Leverette says:

    Sophie, i have been a loyal follower of your podcast now for a year or more. You two gals hooked me with your SEC banter and your real talk about life and living Christ-like today! In your last podcast you said you enjoy reading really good column writing in newspapers. I believe you would love Dothan, Al. ‘s Dana Hall McCain. She has recently written for the Dothan Eagle about the Senate race: Moore vs Jones. I love her writing, her love of God and country and her wit. I think you would enjoy her and possibly invite her to be on your podcast. Her humor reminds me so of you and Melanie! Plus she LOVES SEC FOOTBALL…especially Auburn, but please do not hold that against her!

  8. Pam Leverette says:

    I failed to mention I am Alabama’s BIGGEST FAN!!! Roll tide!

  9. Melissa Mackedon says:

    Well, I started listening to this podcast the day Melanie was on Jen Hatmaker’s podcast and I have now listened to all of them (I may have dozed off and missed a bit here and there). It was a pure joy. I’ve got 3 of my 5 sisters listening and the other day I heard my 9 year old (Hazel) telling her friend what I was listening to and why Melanie was called “Big Mama.” Thanks ladies.

  10. I got All in All for Christmas and it’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. Every day is exactly what I need to hear at that moment!
    P.S. Melanie’s Phil rant made my day!!