The Big Boo Cast, Episode 92

Well, it’s our first episode of 2018, and true to form, we’re all over the place. We analyze Hazel’s behavior during Christmas break, we marvel at the fact that Melanie is smitten with a real-live musical (The Greatest Showman), and we decide we like Bruno Mars’ new single more than Justin Timberlake’s. As you do.

We also talk college football (WHO IS SURPRISED) and compare Melanie’s commitment to information about the Royal Family to my commitment to information that I find on Twitter (we’ll have to explain that in greater detail on another podcast, but suffice it to say that I love me some current events). Melanie also has a new hair product to share with us, and I totally ordered said product while we were recording because this, THIS IS WHAT I DO.

Enjoy, everybody!

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Here’s where you can get more info on the stuff / products / places we mention:

The Great British Baking Show

Home Again – Reese Witherspoon

The Greatest Showman (and Sophie has watched this clip from TGS workshop about 358 times in the last two days)

Pasek & Paul

Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” (there’s a little bit of language – just FYI)

The Royal House of Windsor on Netflix

Kerastase VIP Volume in Powder Backcomb Effect Finishing Spray

Jennifer Fulwiler’s One Beautiful Dream

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  1. Instead of a dinner party, what about a drinks party a la The Great British Baking Show?!?

  2. Elaine Moore says:

    Ohhhhh it stopped right after you were talking about the New Year’s game. Don’t know what happened. Sigh

  3. I always enjoy your podcast but this one made me laugh out loud the most. Thanks for making me smile.

  4. ummm I was not prepared for that video from the greatest showman. All the tears. New obsession!

  5. Nadeen Russell says:

    I think you should make your big 100th podcast the live feed of watching the wedding. That would be epic!

  6. I can’t wait to hear what you think of that volumizing hair spray stuff, Sophie! I think my hair may be more similar to yours than to Melanie’s based on how you’ve described it before. Keep us posted! =)

  7. Nancy in Nashville says:

    Thank you. Thank you both for being a sweet relief from this crazy world.

  8. Yes! On the dinner party/wedding watch party! How mush fun would that be🤩🤩🤩