The Big Boo Cast, Episode 95

I don’t even know what to tell y’all about Episode 95, so how about some fun facts?

Number of times we thought we’d worked out a time to record it: approximately 14.

Number of times we actually recorded it: 2.

Number of times we were able to retrieve the files after we recorded: 1.

Number of times I wondered if we would ever complete Episode 95: at least 20.

Number of times teenagers’ sports commitments forced us to re-schedule: 6.

Number of times Melanie and I cleared our throats when we recorded this episode: 784.

Number of times I edited out the sound of throat-clearing: 784.

All that to say: it was a long road. But in the end, we got ‘er done. And we had a fine time talking about the Olympics and Black Panther and Valentine’s Day and why we all need to relax about the number of children people do or don’t have.

Hope y’all enjoy!

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Three Leadership Lessons I’ve Learned from Beth Moore by Travis Cottrell

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  1. I had to laugh at Melanie’s comment about curling – I grew up in a tiny town (1200 people) in Minnesota and curling is BIG here (I took curling as part of my phy ed classes in high school). It pretty much is what she described – a bunch of people drinking. I mean, you take a town full of (mostly) farmers who have nothing better to do all winter than drink and gossip and what do you expect? :)
    Also – being from the north – I still prefer the summer Olympics. Maybe because I dream of living someplace warm one day. :)

  2. I sang at approximately 287 weddings in the 1980’s and do you know what song I had to sing the most? Yes, the Theme from Ice Castles. I had somehow blocked it out of my mind until you brought it up. Now it’s a total ear worm. I bet those people that had me sing it are wondering why the singer looked like she might doze off any moment. I could have sung it in my sleep back then and now I’m singing it in my sleep again!

  3. I too learned to play the Ice Castles theme on the piano!,