The Big Boo Cast, Episode 101

Some of you may know that Mississippi State lost the NCAA Women’s Basketball National Championship thanks to an incredible last-second shot by Notre Dame, so in the first part of episode 101, Melanie and I take some time to walk through some of the post-game emotions I felt last week in Columbus, OH. We also talk about our spring fashion frustrations, and I may or may not have called a cold-shoulder top the mullet of shirts (I don’t know that my assessment is original, but I can assure you that it is heartfelt).

The most exciting news on this episode is that Melanie’s new devotional book, Everyday Holy, comes out on Tuesday, April 10th, and IT. IS. BEAUTIFUL.

See? It is lovely.

Anyway, we talk through the writing process for a devotional book and get a little nerdy with that thing. Then we talk about writing trade books and get a little nerdy with that thing. And then we talk about what’s going on with our kids and sports and lo, even some summer plans.

Hope y’all enjoy it!

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Sophie’s new favorite dress (The Katy from Universal Standard – sizes 10-28 – and the fabric is SO GOOD)

What Remains by Caroline Radziwill

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  1. I was intrigued by the collagen stuff when it was mentioned in your 100th (!) podcast, but both a doctor and a nurse I know told me that your body can NOT absorb or benefit from collagen powders. Please post if you have heard of any credible research or articles that contradict this.

  2. I’m not sure I’m mentally ready for this podcast. The heartbreak is still so fresh. Goodness. Maybe this will help me work through my grief…..

    I’m still sooooo stinking proud of those lady Bulldogs and how they were so gracious even on a last second defeat.

    Oh yeah, and as we were chilling in the back corner of the Easter service, in walked Vic and his staff and stood right beside our kids. They were no longer listening to Tyson’s sermon at that point…

  3. Can the next T-shirt be a V-neck? I cannot wear crew neck – I look like a bubble-head. How about a V-neck “Chin Up, America!” shirt! I would purchase one and some for gifts.
    Love your podcast!

  4. So, I have to chime in in defense of the cold shoulder shirt. I actually love the cold shoulder trend. Now that I’m in my late 40s, I am in a constant battle with my arm “wings”… I don’t like to wear tank tops because I’m self conscious about my flabbiness. However, I am totally OK with my shoulders! I enjoy the cold shoulder top (mostly in summer) because it feels like I can sort of wear a tank top without revealing the back of my upper arms. :)

  5. Nancy Kosse says:

    Bringing a little typo to your attention. It is Carole Radziwill not Caroline. Thanks <3

  6. My friends dog has had 2 ACL surgeries!