The Big Boo Cast, Episode 138

A few days ago we asked the good people of Instagram if anyone had questions for us. And as it turned out, there were questions APLENTY. We spend the bulk of this episode digging into six or seven of those questions, which means we dig into the story of how we met, the reason only one of us records our ads, and the restaurants we love the mostest in Birmingham and San Antonio (also known as the cities where we live).

We also talk about what Melanie means (exactly) when she references “the ranch,” and we tackle the question we get asked almost more than any other (besides how we met): what about that one-child situation? We laugh a lot, we answer lo, even more questions, and we recap (well, Mel does, at least) the latest with Britney Spears. Just as you might expect.

As always, please do enjoy.

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Show Notes:

The Popcast / Big Boo Live Show: A Benefit for Amarillo Angels – September 14, 2019

The Pearl in San Antonio

Opal Ice Maker


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  1. SherriLen Amundson says:

    I don’t know how others feel, but PLEASE don’t do Patreon! I like to listen to every podcast (yes, I’m even one of those who has gone back to the very beginning to listen to them ALL!!) I’ve read all of both of your books. I am on the alert to see if you ever come my way. I’m on a very fixed income and would hate to miss even a smidge of the hilarity. :(

  2. I’m with the above commenter about Patreon!

    But I really just stopped by to say I love, love, love the Big Boo cast. It is my very favorite and I listen while running, so I’m always super excited when a new one is available. Makes me want to drop everything and run right then! You two are just the best – funny, entertaining, and encouraging. Thanks again!

  3. I’m super thrifty and some might say cheap, but to counter-point the ladies above, I don’t mind at all when podcasters/bloggers/etc. use Patreon. There’s a ton of hidden work that goes into blogs and podcasts, and it sounds like a full-time job. I know y’all probably get some money from ads on your websites, ads on the podcast and links to clothing, etc., but it’s may not be enough to justify the amount of work and time you put into this hilarious, fun, enjoyable enterprise. So by all means move forward with Patreon. I hope it is wildly successful and financially viable enough that y’all are able to spend even more time creating content for us to enjoy!!
    My local weekly newspaper just went from free to $8.99 per month, and I really don’t know why it was free for so long. I was glad to spend the cost of a McDonalds value meal to get this fine publication delivered to my house…and I hope there are lots of people who will support y’all and enjoy the extra content on Patreon!!
    You are both amazing!!