The Big Boo Cast, Episode 139

We kick off this episode talking about pillows (yes. pillows.), then hear about Melanie and P’s recent weekend of attending polo matches. AS YOU DO. 

We also talk about one of my favorite nights of watching lacrosse and speculate about what it might be like when our kids graduate and we don’t have the sports any more. Our conclusion is that we need to prepare ourselves for all the sadness.

Finally, we talk to our friend Lincee Ray about her new book that comes out April 30th – and we spend a significant amount of time talking about the ways we used to fold our notes in high school. It’s a lost art, everyone. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Opalhouse quilted velvet oversize pillow

The Inventor

The Dropout

All American


Someone Great

– Lincee’s blog I Hate Green Beans

Lincee’s podcast

It’s A Love Story on Amazon

It’s A Love Story on Barnes & Noble


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  1. Jennifer Brown says:

    Where does Melanie store all these seasonal pillows? I think that would be very pretty though—and those green pillows are definitely the “perfect shade of green”!

    • I was thinking the same thing! I wonder where she keeps all of those pillows! :)

      Thanks so much for keeping-on-keeping-on with your podcast! It is so utterly relatable. Love, love, love it!! Thank you ever so much!