The Big Boo Cast, Episode 140

Well, we start off as Mamaw and MeMaw this week, here to tell you all about our failing eyesight, but eventually we return to some of our favorite topics: kids’ activities, college baseball (at the time we recorded Mississippi State and A&M were about to play a weekend series), and the most wonderful sporting event of the year, the SEC Baseball Tournament.

We also talk about why we’ve avoided any sort of discussion about the current state of the Royal Family (stay tuned for a discussion about preciouslittleangel Archie sometime next week). Finally, we dig into whether Taylor Swift was inspired by Beyonce’ or if she borrowed from Beyonce’ – and then we go on and on about our very favorite sunscreen.

So you might say that we cover some content bases.

Enjoy, y’all!

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Show Notes:

SEC Baseball Tournament


More thoughts on Taylor Swift’s Billboard Music Awards performance (there’s some language in people’s tweets – just FYI)

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  1. Lori H says:

    I feel that I should be a guest on Melanie’s “Let’s Think About that a Long Time” decor show :)
    We bought our house 14 years ago – the master bath had the ugliest wallpaper situation imaginable. One day in year, oh…6, my “9” self decided that the wallpaper needed to go, that very day. I ripped off 85% of it but when it got to the parts that were hard to remove, I lost interest and figured I would do it tomorrow…. Fast forward to year 14 and we are just now getting the master bath reno’d, because I have dithered over the choices of mirrors and lighting for at least 2 years…that wallpaper is finally gone. Thanks for all the laughs. I nod my head so much during every podcast!