The Big Boo Cast, Episode 180

By the time this episode releases, most of us will have been affected / impacted / sidelined / challenged by the quarantine for a full month. If you’re in other parts of the world, it may have been longer for you. So given the fact that we have now been wearing (mostly) pajamas and workout clothes for the better part of thirty days, Melanie and I thought we would discuss one of our favorite topics: items that bring us comfort.

And let me just assure you: a couple of Enneagram 9s know about some comfort. The pursuit of comfort is one of our spiritual gifts. :-)

All that to say: the show notes are really long because clearly we have been figuring out how to be really comfortable. But we hope you enjoy, and we hope you’re well – and for those of you on the front lines of this particular battle, know that we are deeply grateful.

Take care, everybody!

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Show Notes:

Floofy coffee

Jo Malone Shower Gel – Lime, Basil & Mandarin (I bought it on sale; couldn’t find anywhere it’s currently on sale)

Essential oils

Hummingbird Farms Lavender Hand Soap

Hummingbird Farms Lavender Citrus Heavy Cream

Hummingbird Farms Lavender Body Oil

Hummingbird Farms Essential Lavender Oil

Tan Luxe The Butter lotion

Things I Bought and Liked on Instagram

“Use Tootie!”

Brooks Greenlight Capri tights (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH – and I buy them on sale)

Brooks Adrenaline running shoes (and last year’s Adrenalines on sale)

Adidas Ultra Boost

Publix croissant bread

Julian’s Pretzel Bread

Palmetto Pimento Cheese with Jalapeños

My Three Sons Spicy Pimento Cheese

Sophie’s favorite Wusthof knife

The best carrot cake recipe ever

Gran Jan’s chocolate cobbler

Melanie’s Country Classic Spotify Playlist

Sophie’s Great Big Praise Playlist on Spotify

Sophie’s Great Big Praise Playlist on Apple Music

Jonathan McReynolds’ Make More Room (Live)

– Leslie Jordan’s Instagram

HomeTop Memory Foam Houseslippers

Kathleen Jennings Beauty on Instagram

The Ordinary Peeling Solution


YogaSleep (promo code BIGBOO for 20% off)

Magic Spoon (promo code BIGBOO for free shipping)

The Relief Products (promo code BIGBOO for 50% off your order; offer expires June 1st)

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  1. Hey from day 43ish over here🇮🇹! Thanks for this! You can do it, America,

  2. Charlene Lammers says:

    Thank you for making me laugh today.

    Our dog is living like a king. I made him homemade deer jerky yesterday. He has his own chair next to me while I work. He is going to need Xanax when I go back to my office.

  3. Does Melanie have a link for the giant inflatable pool? Need. It.

  4. I can always count on y’all for a laugh and to cheer me. Thank you! Do you make the recipe for the French Onion Beef Sliders exactly as written, or do you change it up some? I’m *finally* going to try them. Well, if I can find slider buns.

  5. Michele Brooks says:

    I made the chocolate cobbler today. It’s a huge hit!

  6. Thank you for another great episode. I think we would be lost without your humor.