The Big Boo Cast, Episode 270

This week Melanie shares the details of her vampire facial (which is a sentence I never thought I would write). We also talk about our respective weekends, and I share what I feel is an exciting new career path that I’ve discovered.

I take on 2020Boo and 2020Woo (I’m not exactly sure how to type those) on this episode, and it’s Melanie’s turn for Five Favorites.

Hope y’all enjoy!

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Show Notes:

Miracol Booster by Merle Norman

Opal ice machine

Jos. A. Bank

Cavender’s Greek seasoning

Redken Hot Sets Thermal Setting Mist

Katherine’s Instagram account

– Passion 2022 playlist on Spotify – To the Ends of the Earth

David Crowder – Milk & Honey

Zella Restore soft pocket leggings


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  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    I LOVED!!! your Boo on this episode!!! One of the biggest pet peeves in my life, whether a sporting event, any type of public show in a theater, a movie (must see the previews!), and my biggest one, a wedding. I used to coordinate weddings for my church, and the amount of confrontations I had to have with very angry people because they didn’t get to see the bride walk down the aisle when they arrived at 2:05pm for a 2pm wedding astounded me. No sir, No ma’am…..I will NOT let you interrupt the processional, and no, I do NOT care who you are. You will wait back here with me and the rest of the LATE people until the entire wedding party has reached the altar. Thank you very much. Next time, arrive at the church prior to the service starting. Hmph. I think only one time in almost ten years were the latecomers a result of a traffic issue. The rest were just late.

    To balance out the Boo, my Kadoo is delivery people who go above and beyond. An incredibly nice, and very strong, man hauled a 420 pound pool table up our very steep, twisty and long driveway yesterday on a pallet jack. His truck was too long to back up without tearing up our landscaping, so he pulled it up with brute force. I gave him some water and a nice tip. He could have said it couldn’t be done and taken it back to be delivered another day, but he was determined. Much appreciation to him!!

    Love 2020Boos and 2020Kadoos!!

  2. Kelley Kodrin says:

    Thought of you two today when an SNL Skit by Peyton Manning came up on my Facebook about Emily in Paris. It was the highlight of my day.

    Secondly, I hear you Sophie on the return of the cracked pill box. I bought a Silverware Drawer Organizer for $5.99 at Home Goods in early January. It isn’t the right size. I have it in my car and every time I think about returning it, I think “really, it’s $5.99. Do I really need to return that?”

    Loved the whole episode… and you are right Melanie, you only get 1 face!