More Fun! Just So Much Fun!

We’re about to celebrate Christmas with D’s side of the family (shhhh – don’t tell Martha, but we got her a JACKET from the STEINMARTS!), but I wanted to hop on here super-quick and tell you that I just posted a brand new giveaway. And it’s only open until December 31st, so time’s-a-wastin’, giveaway enthusiasts.

Mastercard MarketPlace $100 Mastercard Gift Card Giveaway

I’ll be back later with an anecdote or four if my head doesn’t explode from jacket-related enthusiasm first.

Merry Christmas, everybody!

Saturday Night (Linky) Fever

Oh, it has been a delightful day at our house. Why, you wonder? Because we had NOT ONE SINGLE THING on our calendar. Not one. ZERO.

Did I mention that the day has been DELIGHTFUL?

Anyway, I just wanted to hop on here super-quick and remind y’all about a couple of things. I’m feeling very efficient after All The Relaxing.

– The Christmas Tour of Homes is Monday. You can hop over to Nester’s blog if you need more information. Like last year, Nester is hosting; I’m just a happy participant.

– I posted a new giveaway yesterday. It’s in conjunction with Chef Boyardee, and there’s a $200 Visa gift card up for grabs.

– The Storkie Express $50 gift card giveaway (for the cards or stationery of your choice) will be running until Monday morning.

– The Laughing Cow giveaway #6? For a $150 Visa gift card? Right over here.

– Finally, don’t miss the Welch’s $100 Visa gift card giveaway.

See y’all Monday – can’t wait for all the festive fun!

A Super-Quick Giveaway

So, if you’re anything like me, you might be a wee bit behind on the whole Christmas cards thing.

But these cards totally motivated me to get my act together.

(Did you see all that cuteness?)


If you’d like to win a $50 gift card (delivered by email for your convenience) so that you can order some cards of your own (any variety – doesn’t just have to be Christmas cards – you can order invitations or stationery if you’d like), click on over and enter my new Storkie Express card giveaway.

It’s gonna be a quick ‘un – only open until Monday morning at 8AM. You need to have your cards in time to send them to your friends and family, after all.

Have fun, everybody!

Giveaway Round-Up

Just wanted to pop in with some reminders of giveaways that are going on right now:

Similasan – $100 Visa Gift Card (ends today!)
Welch’s – $100 Visa Gift Card (new giveaway)
The Laughing Cow #5 – $150 Visa Gift Card (new giveaway)
Lands’ End – kids’ coat of your choice (up to $100 value)

I’ll draw for the Ragu giveaway winner tomorrow; all other winners of closed giveaways (Kellogg’s, The Laughing Cow #4, Pop-Tarts, etc.) have been notified and have claimed their prizes.

All righty. More later. I’m a wee bit behind on a deadline, so I need to run. Because when I say “wee,” what I really mean is “waaaaay.”

Procrastinators of the world, unite!


A Reminder – And A New Giveaway

1) You can submit a funny caption on The Laughing Cow Daily Laughs page over at BlogHer and be entered to win $100.

2) I just posted a new giveaway where you can win the kids’ coat of your choice from Lands’ End.


3) I don’t really have three things. Unless you count the fact that I’m about to watch the CMA Awards. But that’s probably not particularly list-worthy.

Have a great night, y’all!

Los Giveaways

A few linky reminders:

The Laughing Cow Giveaway ($150 Visa gift card)

Pop-Tarts Giveaway ($100 Visa gift card)

Ragu Giveaway ($100 Visa gift card)

Similasan Giveaway ($100 Visa gift card)

– Finally, don’t forget about LG Text-Ed over at BlogHer – every time you leave a comment on one of the Text-Ed posts, gets a 50 cent donation. I was especially fascinated by Mama Fasha’s post on decoding teen texting lingo.

I’ve got an awful lot to learn in the next few years, my friends.

An awful lot to learn.