Checking In

Yesterday I flew to Lincoln, Nebraska, so I’ll be doing lots of blogging here this weekend. Feel free to stop by early and often. Or, you know, once. Whatever suits your fancy.


I know that it’s not exactly a surprise, but nobody here sounds like I do. It makes me feel like my Southern accent is some sort of foghorn. I say words, and people hear this:

I may need to enlist the services of an interpreter so that I can communicate with others more effectively. I can’t blame people for not being able to understand me; after all, I say things like “foel” instead of “foil,” “windah” instead of “window,” “Fridee” instead of “Friday.” I’m a strange-talking visitor in the land of straight-talking midwesterners.


Last night I was in the hotel lobby when I saw a guy wearing an Ole Miss cap. He was with a pretty large group of people, and when we were waiting for the elevator, I said, “Do you go to Ole Miss?”

He grinned and said, “Yes ma’am, I do.”

I said, “Well. I went to Mississippi State.”

And everybody in his group died laughing. They totally understood the rivalry. Turns out that they live in Memphis, and for just a split second, everything sounded like home.

Have a great weekend, y’all!
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This Will Make Your Whole Day

Trust me.

It will make your WHOLE DAY!

I Bet They Have Cement Ponds, Too

Hey y’all –

First of all, I sat here right by myself last night and laughed my head off at all of your brand preferences. And I can’t believe I forgot to include LeSeur English Peas and Blue Bell ice cream on my own list. Shame on me.

Second of all, I’m in Pittsburgh this weekend, and for the next couple of days, most of my bloggy activity will be over at AllAccess.


No kidding: I was like Ellie Mae Clampett when we came over the bridge yesterday and I got my first glimpse of the city. I stopped short of saying, “GOSH, PAW – look at all them fancy buildins settin’ on them thar hills!”

But I thought it.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

American Idol Watch Party


How are y’all?

I’m fine-ish. Thanks for asking. The only really interesting thing going on right this second is that I still haven’t had supper and it’s after 9:00 so I think I’m about to have a date with some Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

Isn’t my life fascinating?


My post on tonight’s episode of American Idol is up over at Culture11.

And the good people over there moved us to a blog so that you no longer have to register to comment. You can just enter your name and email address like you do here. And maybe fill in a little verification box. Easy breezy.

There. I believe that’s all. I’m going to go whip up a fancy bowl of cereal now.


American Idol Watch Party

All righty, internets –American Idol was in San Franciso tonight, and I’m talking about it over at Culture11.

See you there.


(Because it won’t be the same without you.)

(I’m not even kidding.)