I was only about thirty minutes into trying to get the house ready for the realtor when I realized that having a three year old “helper” was going to be an eye-opener. The last time D and I sold a house we didn’t have a child, and let’s just say that I was slightly unprepared for the challenges of “staging” a house for showing when there is an entire GeoTrax train set in the middle of a bedroom, not to mention a conductor of said GeoTrax train set who wants to have all trains visible at all times. Preferably in the middle of the floor.

And when it took me four hours to get my kitchen sparkling clean night before last, primarily because Alex insisted on turning the rug in the kitchen into a racetrack for his “Cars” cars, I realized that there are certain times in a mama’s life when she can use a little “grandparental” reinforcement and that this is one of those times.

So I picked up the phone, called Mama and Daddy, and I had barely gotten the words “Do you think Alex could stay with y’all…” out of my mouth before Mama said, “Yes. When do you want us to get him?”

If you’re a grandparent whose grandbabies live out of town, you can probably relate to her reaction.

Long story short: Alex is on his way to his grandparents’ house right this very second. D is meeting Mama and Daddy halfway between their house and our house, and Alex will have four glorious days with all the diet Coke he can drink and an unlimited supply of donuts. He will get to ride in the truck with Daddy and make daily trips to the dollar store. He will sit in my mama’s lap until he falls asleep every single night, and she will cater to his every whim. He will be spoiled rotten when we pick him up Sunday afternoon, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Alex has been talking about his “vacation” non-stop for the last twenty-four hours, and this morning when he came down the stairs, he was holding his stuffed froggy, his stuffed monkey, and a little stuffed dog that someone gave him when he was a baby. I made a comment about how he must be bringing all his friends to breakfast, and he said, “Oh no, Mama – I’m taking them to Pappa’s house!” He obviously had been thinking about his trip since the second he opened his eyes, and the fact that he didn’t want his stuffed friends to miss out on the adventure made me want to kiss his little cheeks until I got every ounce of sugar out of them.

It’s been easy, these last few days, to get caught up in the whirlwind of buying, moving, staging, planning, financing and selling. But this morning, as Alex cradled a few well-worn stuffed animals and talked excitedly about his trip to his grandparents’ house, I couldn’t help but think about what really matters. And I truly believe, way down deep in my soul, that if I were to sit down and write out The Important Stuff Of Life, a house would be pretty far down the list.

But a three year old little boy? Collecting his toys for his “big trip” to Mississippi? Excited beyond belief at the prospect of spending a few days with his grandparents? Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that they adore him completely and unabashedly? Knowing that he loves them just as fiercely in return?

That ranks way up there. No doubt about it.

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  1. PRECIOUS!!! I just want to squeeze his cheeks now, too! :o)

  2. Aww, that made me all misty eyed! How sweet!

  3. Heck, I want to go to Pappa and Mama’s house. Hold on let me get my stuffed animals!!

  4. Speaking from your Mama and Daddy’s perspective, it’s a win win for everyone. There are so many things I love about being a Nana I couldn’t begin to list them all but having that baby fall asleep in my lap, well, that’s one of the best things.

    You know your child has the best grandparents in the world when he gets this excited about going to stay with them for four days.

    This post moved me. Made me proud to be a loving Nana.

  5. That is so sweet. My daughter has a little roller suitcase that she packs with her friends in it. I have learned not to tell her too early that we are gong to Memama’s house. She gets it ready and sits it by the door, then keeps saying,”WHEN are we going, Mommy?!!” I pack her clothes, but she thinks it is neat to pack her own bag (I also check it before we leave the house!)

  6. I really miss living close enough to my mom and dad for the kids to stay with them more often. That is the one thing I would say is bad about them being of school age.

  7. Ok that is very cute! I am not looking forward to the day that I will have to sell my home! :( For that very reason.

  8. This is the Boomama I loveeeeeeeee. I love your sense of humor, but when I see your heart, that is a special treat.

  9. My friends always called me a hick because I would always tell my kids to give me sugar! I still find myself asking for some sugar, (which means kiss for those who think im nuts)
    I am so glad Alex will have grandparent time and you can get ALOT done Im sure. Breaks are so wonderful!

  10. Both our sets are out of town. The same weekend. My sons 10th birthday weekend.

    I’m about to stage a riot!


  11. No doubt about it!!!!
    They rank way up at the top….
    Thanks for sharing…

  12. Make no mistake…grandparents don’t have to live far away to exhibit this sort of behavior. My parents live less than one mile from us, but can barely go 2 days before they’re desperate for a little boy fix. They also cater to his every whim. Don’t cha’ love it?

  13. my little nieces moved from to NY and the littlest one called her Nana and said “Come get me, my bacation is over” poor thing

    I missed her just now when I read your post.

    But I hope you have lots of time to sparkle your house for selling.

  14. I wish my mom would come and get our kids sometime. I bet he’s having a wonderful time – as are they!

    Good luck with the showings!

  15. There is nothing that makes C happier than a night of complete indulgence with her Mimi and Bops.

    Of course once she comes home it’s like deprogramming a cult victim, but it’s worth it to see the love.

    Hope A has a fabulous time on his vacation. I bet those cheeks will get plenty of sugar. :)

  16. Oh, that is just the sweetest thing ever!!

  17. Awww. Grammie and Granddaddy just left our house after a 5-day stay. My 3-y/o was saying she missed them even before they left. The love between my kids and their grandparents is just too sweet for words.

  18. AWWW! That brought tears to my eyes! I know he is going to have the most wonderful and exciting 4 days a little boy could have!

    Living on the other side of the world from grandparents is the hardest thing about being in Korea. My oldest was 3 1/2 when we left and she always looks forward to our trips home because of her special sleep overs with Mommom, Papa, Grammy and Gramps! It is SO special!

  19. So maybe he could marry Addison? Because I love him to pieces. Having you for a co-mother-in-law wouldn’t be too bad, either!!

    I woke up to Caiden’s entire bedroom in the hallway, all excited to go spend the night with my brother and sister-in-law tonight. He’s been asking since 8 a.m., “Is it night yet? Huh? HUH?”

    I had to explain to him that we don’t really need to bring all 27 library books to Uncle D’s house, really.