Friday Fifteen Minus Six

All my brain can piece together this morning are random bits of information. AREN’T YOU EXCITED?!?!?!?!

1. One of you science-type people needs to conduct a study on what would no doubt be called The McDreamy Effect. Because just like phone usage shoots to its highest level on Mother’s Day, phone calls and emails – at least on my end of the world – seem to drop to all-time lows between the hours of 8:00 and 9:00 CST on Thursday nights.

You don’t call, you don’t write….

2. And I may be a little late to this particular interweb party, but did y’all know that you can watch full episodes of your favorite ABC shows (assuming that last phrase isn’t an oxymoron) FOR FREE? By going here? I had no idea. I don’t watch a single one of the shows they have listed, but now that I can watch them on the interweb FOR FREE, I just might have to start.

3. A few weeks ago I got an email from Folger’s – and I know some of you other bloggers did, too – asking me if I’d try a new product of theirs. I agreed. I was expecting to receive three single-serving samples, sort of like what you might see in your hotel room next to a little 4-cup coffee pot. But a couple of days ago the coffee arrived, and I had not one, not two, but THREE full-sized packages of the New Coffee Product. Haven’t tried them yet – but tickled to death by the Free Stuff.

4. Our house is eerily quiet without Alex running around. Something tells me that my mama and daddy are having a completely different experience right about now since our little Chatty McTalkerson is staying with them.

5. My to-do list for today and the rest of the weekend is ginormous. Our house won’t officially go on the market until next week, but OH MY WORD at the work we have to do. Oh my word.

6. Even though we have tons of work to do, I am happy happy happy that D and I will have a whole weekend to ourselves. It’ll be like a little vacation at home. A vacation where we get to paint trim and put out pinestraw and plant pansies and I’m really not using any of those phrases as a euphemism. I’m being quite literal.

7. My TiVo is going to explode, I fear, with the sheer volume of unwatched programming that it’s storing. I haven’t watched anything all week long – not even my beloved “Dancing With The Stars” – so hopefully I can watch it today while I make my way through the list-o-chores.

8. Yesterday an elderly gentleman was telling me something I thought he intended to be funny, so I laughed, but he was actually being quite serious and not wanting a laugh at all, and when I think back on the sheer awkwardness of it all (D and our realtor were there to witness my cringe-worthy performance), I really think it would have been preferable if the floor had just opened up and swallowed me whole.

However, D seems to enjoy being able to tease me with comments like “before you insulted the elderly gentleman” and “when you laughed at the man who was telling you that his brother died,” so I guess in the interest of comedy, it was all worthwhile.

9. I’m off to organize closets now!

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  1. Not only will you find there is the McDreamy Effect, as of last night McSteamy is back – you NEED to start watching – you won’t be sorry!

    LOVE your blog!

  2. I love that site – I watched the entire season of “Commander In Chief” there :)

  3. McDreamy, McSteamy…I am not typically a bandwagon-er either…but seriously, you are depriving yourself of an un-wholesome, but scandalous addiction…ESPECIALLY considering you have Tivo. Once you have been inducted to the club you’ll also enjoy reading the writers’ blog where they explain what they were thinking as they wrote certain elements of the plot.

  4. My word, Boo do have alot running around in your head…!!
    sorry about not calling or writing…
    have fun this weekend!
    I remember selling our house (and I have 4 kids…) I made their beds (bunk of course) and made them sleep on sheets on top of the made bed…and I packed most of their toys and put them in the garage (mean mommy) and when I got a call that someone was coming over to see the house, I put all our dirty clothes, dirty dishes and trash cans in the garage! We had a really, really small house and I didn’t want it to look cluttered, like it usually did. so anyways, my point is-use your garage for hiding things, that is what it is there for. Kind of.
    have a good week,
    Jenny in Ca

  5. In all your busy-ness this weekend, be sure you save time to put up some pickle as well.

    Couldn’t resist.

  6. If you have a hard time finifhig the coffee, send it over I’ll do the review for you. I know, you don’t have to say it. That’s just the kind of friend I am.

    When you’re all done paintingt trim and putting out pinestraw and planting pansies, will you take pictures? Skip the pickle pictures, please.

  7. “finishing” seriously that’s what that word was supposed to be

  8. The insulting the elderly gentleman whose brother died comment made me totally laugh out loud! I love awkward funny ~ when it is someone else for a change!
    Love you blog :-)

  9. I just want to know how to get a hold on those Folgers people… Don’t they know that coffee runs in my veins?!

    Sorry about the floor not swallowing you up when you insulted the elderly gentleman. That was such a Southern faux pas. But maybe you can take him a nice cake and help to esponge the memory from him…

  10. The floor should only swallow you IF it swallows your Tivo with you, then spits you back out whole after you’ve watched your back log of shows. . .

  11. Well, I went to the link . . .for a brief second I saw your choice of tv shows and then this came writen all over them like a “void” over a check:
    “Only viewers within the United States can watch these full-length episodes.” :*(

    So, FYI you out-of-country-ers.

    The rest sounds good. And with all you have to do I am tickled pink that you have taken the time to jot down some random stuff. Really don’t know what I would do without a daily dose of Boo.

  12. OH MY WORD!! You missed out on GOOD stuff on Dancing!

    Let me tell you those rule-breaking boys could make a sister stumble!!

    YOU MUST watch!!!

  13. Free Coffee! Didn’t that make your day? Maybe all that caffein will help you accomplish all the things you need to do.

  14. yeah, something about moving makes busy mamas kind of daft–okay, maybe that was my experience LOL. Here’s to a productive weekend, and hopefully at least a little rest :)

  15. Well if it helps, you made me laugh. Some people are harder to read than others (or have no sense of humor at all).

  16. Ooh, I can’t wait to hear about the Insulting of the Bereaved Elderly Gentleman!

    Have fun planting those pansies:)

  17. Do the prospective buyers know that they will be touring the home of a real live celebrity?! I mean, this is BooMama. :>)

  18. I’m sure this isn’t helpful, but I’ve noticed that the times my house was at it’s worst (didn’t get notified in time that the realtor was coming) is the time they decided to buy!! Think of all that work I could have saved.
    Have a good weekend. I really hope it sells quickly.

  19. Well, a nice weekend with hubby and many, many chores to do. Exhaustion is fun to share sometimes….and a nice long bath…….??? ;-o

    Hope the housing market is HOT on Tuesday and yours is the FIRST to go! Whoohoo!!!!!!!

  20. I guess I am missing out on the McDreamy world as well. I’m too addicted to too many shows to add another one to the mix. :)

    It is so hard to keep a house showcase-ready at all times! Hope you get lots done this weekend.

  21. Thank you so much for the link to the ABC thing! I own the first two seasons of Lost and I will be watching every Wednesday night (The only thing I watch on TV) but I can watch other stuff For Free if I just feel like vegging.

    I’m really surprised nobody watches Lost. It is so awesome. I bet people think it is some sexy love fest of goodlooking people stranded on an island. Not that AT ALL. It is mysterious, spiritual, religious and very intellectual. It is so touching and endearing. I recommend it highly. Probably over Gray’s Anatomy ;-)

  22. Well, with Alex being gone, when you and D are done planting daisies (not a euphimism my boodelay), maybe you can read the obits for a chuckle or two. Freak.

  23. I like your new stream of consciousness style of blogging. :)

    Tell me you at least watched Project Runway!

  24. I just wanted to thank you for the link to watch McDreamy! I missed the last episode, and I do NOT have Tivo, so I appreciated the limited commercials!

    I love your blog and am a daily visitor. Thanks so much for some great laughs!
    God Bless!

  25. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have turned me on to the best innovation on the Internet: watching my favorite shows! I just saw the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. If it weren’t so late, I’d watch last Thursday’s too. I will watch it tomorrow. How AWESOME! I have church stuff on Thursday nights, so this is a true Godsend. Really. He’s looking out for me! You, Boomama, are an instrument of God. Bless you!

  26. OK, did Shannon say that? Nah.’cause don’t most of us have our pickles put up by now? I mean, for this season?

    Really. Isn’t this a seasonal thing?

    Obviously I should be finifhig my coffee and not commenting about pickles tonight.

    (Love you, Lauren)

  27. My Tivo is about to explode for the same reason! :)

  28. I got the free Folgers too! My post is up about it right now!! I loved it girl! Go bust that stuff open and try it! Morning Cafe is my favorite!!