Let’s Call The Whole Break Off

Because I stink at the bloggy break. STINK, I say verily unto you. At least while in the middle of the moving process. I think I must need the diversion right now.

Plus, I’d better do all the blogging I can while I can since I don’t even know when they’re setting up the internet stuff after we move. But let’s all picture me if there’s no internet after, say, day four in the new house. I’m seeing lots of pacing. And the obligatory twitching, of course. That goes without saying.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m exhausted. I spent the entire afternoon and night in our kitchen, packing up and cleaning out our pantry and laundry room. I also cleaned out underneath our sink, and I found not one, not two, but THREE bottles of Brite floor cleaner, which I don’t even use, two bottles of Murphy’s Oil Soap, which I certainly should have used more frequently, and two bottles of something called Oops!, which is supposed to get gum and sticky residue off of anything, and I apparently I liked the idea of this product so much that I bought it twice.

In addition, I had lemon Pine Sol and lemon Mr. Clean…if I weren’t moving, I might do some sort of multi-purpose cleaner showdown, really just as some sort of last-ditch effort to prove that I have absolutely no life at all. And way too much time on my hands.

In other cleaning-related news (didn’t I say a couple of paragraphs ago that I’m exhausted? why am I still talking? about cleaning products? it must be all the fumes), I have decided that my favorite cleaning product of all time is this one. And this stuff – the coriander and olive tree scent – is divine and will definitely be making the trip to the new kitchen. Emma Kate’s sister gave me some as a gift, and I spray it in our trash can every time I change the bag. Love it.

Now that I’ve bored you to tears with talk of cleaning products, I’ll move on to another scintillating topic:


I’m going to bed.

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  1. At first I thought I had missed a whole lot more days of blogging than I thought. I mean you had so many new posts up! Then I realized that this was really just the most active bloggy break known to man!

    Love your new look, Heather did GOOD!!!

    Wish I could help you move, and watch the cleaning stand off. My money’s on baldy!

  2. You crack me up–you’re about as good as “breaking” as I am:)

    (Oh, and Oops really does work. It’s amazing stuff.)

    Happy cleaning:)

  3. Well, I always wondered what that Method stuff was like. So there you go, this post was just for me.

  4. WOW!!! You look soooooo pretty in your fancy new dress! This place is gorgeous!

    I checked out those cleaners – hmmm…look good.

  5. Be so good when you get settled into your new house
    and as for no internet I would be pacing too and getting withdrawl symptoms LOL

  6. Really? Method? I threw all my cleaners away about a year ago to buy only Method, but I was disappointed in the scents. Every cleaner has a different smell, and I was so overwhelmed by all of them when I cleaned the bathroom. Choke, choke.
    If you are tempted to try the laundry soap, my experience was that it bleached my beautiful red towels.
    I think I may try the other spray you reccomended. Something about spraying Ocean breeze in my kitchen weirds me out.

  7. Wow, I love the new look! And frankly, when I read your idea ’bout taking a bloggy break, I really did think you were serious, but knew it would be sooo hard, ‘specially since you’ve got so much to blog about. So, I say, blog on, sister, and keep us updated on the moving progress. I’m going to check into that kitchen spray….sounds like a great idea to me, esp. to spray in the trashcan….don’t you just HATE trashcans?????

  8. that’s some fancy cleanin’ stuff, there Boomama.

    But, heck, you sold me; I’ll try it!


  9. I feel ya on the bloggy break/no bloggy break – so much that I just don’t even announce that I’m breaking – I just take a random picture and blog about it instead of actually thinking of a topic.

    ooops, I just gave away my secret :)

  10. I go away for the holidays…little to no access to the Internet. And, I come back to CHANGE. Change is good, right? You’ve sent me into a catch-up tailspin. Thinking about ya and praying for smooth move.

  11. First, not to offend you, but yes, you do stink at the whole bloggy-break thing. But I’m happy about that, because I always enjoy a BooMama post. :)

    Second, when we moved (about 1.5 years ago), we filled a good-sized dumpster with stuff we really and truly did not need but that had been taking up room in our house. It’s so much easier to throw stuff away when you’re moving – that way you don’t have to actually move all that stuff!

    And third, I had horrible Internet-withdrawal when we first moved. The company that was supposed to be “promptly” connecting us had some difficulty and it was almost 6 weeks before our connection was up and running. It was torture. At first, I made many trips to Panera to take advantage of their free WiFi. Then, I gave in and got a dial-up account for a month – just to ward off the nasty withdrawal symptoms. :)

    Okay, I’ll stop hogging up all the comment space now!

  12. I hope you don’t take tooo long of a break. Your blog and my morning coffee make my day! you ROCK girl!!!!!!!!

  13. Yes, you have successfully completed the worst break in blogging history…but I completely understand.

    The addiction must be fed.

  14. Did you take a break? Because I’ve sort of been on a three day break without meaning to so yours must have been shorter than mine. I’m just stopping in real quick to tell you I love your new look. Good for you moving to WordPress.

    One nice little virus later, our computer is such a mess I’m afraid to even move to beta blogger!

  15. I am majorly chemical sensitive. I usually use my steam cleaner for my bathrooms and such. But sometimes it is a pain to drag it out just for a small clean up. I’ll have to check the Method stuff out. I’ve also used the Seventh Generation stuff with good success. It’s pricey but at least I don’t spend the rest of my day itching and having problems breathing.

  16. We have been cleaning out our storage area and it looks like we are moving too!!!

  17. You are officially my role model. Whenever people mention the absolute need to take a break, usually around the 1 year mark, I think, “Oh no! I hope that doesn’t happen to me.” Three months into my bloggy frenzy, I couldn’t even take a break during our summer vacation. We had wireless and while I didn’t post daily, I did blog right along. I have gotten much better in my 7th month, and can take a couple of days off (if I am physically restrained from my computer) without batting an eyelash.

  18. Cleaning products are NEVER boring, my dear!! :)