A New Development

I don’t normally post pictures of me on my blog. I guess I’m a little paranoid that rogue government agencies will spot my picture here on the interweb and then attempt to kidnap me in hopes that I will reveal my plans for the Top-Secret Nuclear Warheads that I design as a little sideline business while Alex is napping.

Seriously, I have had some concerns about privacy…I guess that I still do. But when His Singer mentioned in my comments that she pictures me as a tall, thin woman with long-ish hair, I decided that it probably wouldn’t hurt to share a picture or two. Mainly to dispel all those pesky rumors that I am actually Heidi Klum.


So here’s a picture that D took at Alex’s Thanksgiving program last week. After his class finished singing their songs, the little man came off the stage and wanted to sit in my lap. And we were really happy to see each other.


And here’s my unsolicited photography tip: strategically positioning oneself behind one’s child magically eliminates┬áthe appearance of all unsightly flab. It’s genius, really.

Also, please do forgive the bags under my eyes. It had been a bit of a sleepless night.

However, I do think those bags will come in handy when we move.

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  1. I love seeing your sweet face–I totally pictured you with cool glasses and a warm smile that conveys you are sweet, sassy & hilarious! I was right!

  2. Excellent idea re strategic positioning. My son is a little too large at 6ft 4. Or maybe not….. I could wave a finger over his shoulder, couldn’t I? And i am also very glad you had the shortest break in blogging history!

  3. You look very pretty! I rarely post pictures that I’m in because I think I take terrible pictures. I totally agree with you on the strategically placed child. I do it all the time and it works. Also try standing sideways. My husband took a picture on Thanksgiving of me taking the turkey out of the oven and yes, I was bending over in it. Thank goodness for digital cameras. That one will definately get deleted. I could have thumped him….what was he thinking?

  4. Ah! There she is! I think you are adorable and I soo pictured you with glasses!

    Thanks for sharing you with us!


  5. I love knowing what you look like, because your words will mean so much more to me now. Because I’m a visual kind of person. Now if I just had a sweet Southern voice to put with your face, I’d almost felt like I’ve met you! So do you sound like the Designing Women or what?????;-)

  6. Excellent idea for strategic positioning of child on lap but what do you do when you’re children are almost 17, almost 15 and almost 12?

    Nice to see your whole face! I always picture you with the half face of when you had that picture in the van.

  7. Looks like you’re not as described in the comments but I think I like you much more the way you are!! Glad to finally see what you look like. It’s always nice to put a face with a name : )

  8. Awww, it’s so nice to put a face to the sweet, witty “voice” I’ve been reading the last few months. :)

    (And I have lots of experience with the strategic placement of other people when having your picture made — you did good. ;)

  9. You are just precious. . .as we already knew you were!!!!!

  10. Well, you are so cute! And really, you look alot like I pictured you.

    The only strategic placement that works well for me is to put the child completely in front of my face because I am so unphotogenic. Seriously.

  11. Awww…I KNEW I liked you!

    I like your new look around here too!


  12. Lyndy in GA says:

    Oh so glad to have a face to go with the name. I too am one of those visual people. I am in the minority though, because for some reason I never pictured the glasses but they are adorable and so are you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Phyllis R. says:

    Awwww…..you (and that cute boy) are well, SO darned CUTE!!! Love the glasses, love the smiles and love the makeup (on BOTH of you!) : )

  14. So adorable…..just as I pictured you! My glasses are very similar, so now I like you even better. On top of that, I am the master of using my kids as body-blockers.

  15. I am so glad to finally see you!! I don’t know who is cuter you or Alex!!!

  16. You are just gorgeous, and an amazing writer, and I have those very same glasses!

  17. You are just as cute as I imagined!

  18. AT LAST!!!

    The invisible BooMama becomes visible!

    And all, I might add, due to me? I’m so very flattered!

    And just because of that, I’m actually thinking about adding the photo of moi to the webblage page. Yes, you heard it here first! However, I’m wondering if the 1975 vintage will do…or should we try the 1957 vintage? Hmmmm….that’ll take some small amount of thought…

    Pleased to meet you, Ma’am!

  19. lovely photo of the two of you

  20. you look FABULOUS dahling, simply fabulous

  21. Frankly, you are one of the MOST beautiful women I’ve ever known. Not simply because of your gorgeous crystchal (YES-grin) blue eyes or that infectious laugh but, because GOD so richly blessed me with you as my friend, sista (in so many ways) and role model. If we all could be so precious as you Boo! Love, E :)

  22. Elise, you made me cry.

    I miss you.

  23. Shannon @ Rocks in my Dryer says:

    You are adorable, just like I knew you would be!

  24. You’re radiant. And you look just as friendly as you sound on your blog. Nice child placement.

  25. okay, I am furiously reading your sight to find out how I, too, can convey that I am tall, thin, and well, I don’t care about hair length, over my blog.

  26. Too cute! I’m glad you shared. I’m the same way about the privacy thing, too – it took me a year of Hubby’s encouragement to even start blogging. And I’m glad the bloggy break didn’t last – I really like your site because you seem so friendly and real.

  27. Oh, I am so glad you posted a pic! I have always wondered what you looked like. I did not picture the glasses but I did picture you and Alex looking alike. You are just too pretty! Thanks for posting!

  28. WOW!!!! YAY!!! I am totally blown away – I totally didn’t picture you properly – you are totally prettier than I could have pictured.

    Love – yuor bloggy stalker… ;-)

  29. Elise, you made me cry too (and I’m at work).

  30. Just as I imagined…and I agree with all the other comments…would you hate me if I asked if your hair colour was natural?!?..Its just so pretty and just how I want mine!! Please forgive me if its just how God made you!!

  31. I admit, when I first found your blog, I poked around it and found a photo with a small glimpse of you — taken in your car, towards Alex in his seat… so I already had an image of you to refer to.

    I guess I am the only one who stalked around on your blog looking for you ;)

    And you are one lovely mama!!


  32. I must concur, you are adorable, and I am also visual so it drives me crazy when I cannot put a face to the writer. (Now are you tall or short lol) Thanks Boomama for blessing my day. Could you give us an update on Elise and her boys? I know its the holidays and I have been praying for them and would like to know how they are really doing? Thanks.

  33. I love your picture! You are adorable! And…so is your little boy! I love the new look of your blog,too! Thanks for sharing,now I can put a face with all your wonderful posts—that have me laughing usually.

  34. Oh, BooMama! Could you BE any cuter!?! I have been quite the regular lurker for a few months now, love reading you, and now am so happy to put a face with your voice! Had to de-lurk to let you know!

  35. You are beautiful and you look like you have the best laugh ever! Thanks for giving us a face to go with the fun.

  36. I don’t know why, but you look EXACTLY like I had you pictured. I love your “sassy” haircut! And you are absolutely the most hilarious person in all of Blogworld! I love your posts! They always cheer up my day!

  37. So happy to see you again!

  38. I feel like I got a sneak peek, since I’ve already seen Robin’s pictures of your weekend together–look how many sweet comments you got; you should post pictures of yourself more often!

    And Alex is super-adorable! I love him:)

  39. Lovely! And I understand the strategic placement of the offspring so as to hide any unsightly flaws or ketchup stains. ;>)

  40. Great pic!! However, I kinda pictured you as a short Hispanic lady, with big brown eyes and long dark hair, but that’s just me. oh my nothing what I expected, haha. Do love the glasses.

  41. BooMama,
    Thanks for finally letting us visual people see your cute face! I can totally see your sassy face with your sassy pants on!
    I think Alex looks so much like you!
    I also love the new look on your blog.

  42. You look great! Love the glasses. And the advice on strategic positioning – I’ll have to utilize that advice next time someone near me whips out a camera!

  43. Hi! I am officially delurking today. I finally decided to give blogging a 2nd go and wanted to let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed stalking you! You are a great person and beautiful, too. I, too, am a bit concerned about privacy, but I am very new to this! Anyway, I am out now and you will see me here more often! Thanks.

  44. All the teachers at the school today said they wanted pics only of them WITH the kids piled on thier laps in order to minimize unsightly areas. Okay.

  45. That’s a lovely picture! All I knew is that you had serious muscles in your calves, because you divulged that in an earlier post. :-)

  46. Y’all are SO cute!!! Your child is the spittin’ image of you! Adorable.

  47. What great smiles! I love this picture. Alex does look just like you. No wonder he’s so adorable.

  48. Well, I remember the half-face shot in your van, with Alex behind you, and I know that Sister said Alex looks just like her and you both, so I had a fair idea of what you look like. It’s nice to have a full face picture so I can see you mentally as I read your posts.

    I would like to see a good shot of your “christ-chal” blue eyes, though. My Daddy pronounced crystal the exact same way, Elise, and it brought back some bittersweet memories. More sweet than bitter, though. :-)

  49. You are beautiful!!! Lea Marg. told me your picture was on the web site!!!! I love your smile — and cute glasses!!! God Bless YOU!!

  50. Ah, so nice to see that beautiful smiling face again! And of course Alex is as adorable as always, love the make-up!

  51. I totally pictured that you like like Bonnie Hunt, and by golly you do. You are adorable!

  52. What smiling, beautiful eyes!

  53. What a nice surprise. I’m so glad you came out of the closet and showed all of us what you really look like. You look pretty much like I’ve always pictured you – happy and sweet and endlessly cheerful. And that child is just beautiful. Both of you are.

  54. As always, love seeing your smiling face! (And Alex’s too!)

    Looks like you should post more pictures of yourself…there is a lot of “de-lurking” going on over here at the BM blawg! LOL!

    Miss ya sweetie…

  55. More than a day late, dollar short, but I finally ran across this, and it’s nice to put a face with a heart. Both are lovely. xoxo