Several Of You Have Asked…

…if there’s any kind of fundraiser in the works for Heather, especially in light of this most recent news.

And the answer is OH MY WORD YES.

I should have more details tonight – but I want to get everything worked out with PayPal before I get too specific. There were lots of lessons when we did the For Kelli thing, with the main lesson being CONTACT PAYPAL FIRST, THEN RAISE THE MONEY. So that is what we will do.

So stay tuned…I’ll be back with more info as soon as there’s more info to give!

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  1. Yeah! Praise God! Awesome!

    (Remember- trees lean L.E.F.T).

  2. oh, yay! I hadn’t even thought about that!

  3. Thank you dear friends of my precious daughter. Your prayers and encouragement mean so very much to us all.

    God’s Blessing on you

    Heather’s Dad

  4. Dear Boomama,
    I would like to help Heather in any way I can. Please let me know what I can do , or if you need any help. I am newer to blogging but not fund raising or the Lord…LOL and through him miracles happen. You are such an inspiration.

    In his endless love,

    Angel Mama ():) Pearls of Wisdom

  5. I knew you would!!!!!!!!!

    I read today’s update and wondered if there would be a fundraiser, and I thought “but of course BooMama will.”

    You rock.

  6. Boomama- can you please email the fundraiser info to me- I’d like to do something over on Laced With Grace for Heather…

    Tracey- from LWG

  7. Oh bless you Boomama, I’m checking in for daily (or more) updates on Heather. Her story has SO touched a chord in me and I cant wait to see God work. xoxo melzie

  8. Oh, I just *knew* you would kick off a fundraiser. I’ll try to sum up what’s going on and put the info on my blog too. Mine actually is read by 10s of people, but every person helps. Praying, doodah.

  9. Cool Beans, Boomama…I knew you’d be on it. Keep us posted…I’ll put up a link.

  10. Thank you!!! Let me know if you need any help!

  11. I emailed you, I have a fundraising idea of my own, but will need help, let me know what you think!!

  12. You are so awesome BooMama.

    I, too was wondering when the post about a fundraiser would come in. And, sure enough, you didn’t disappoint.

    Heather has touched my heart and I can’t wait to be able to help her out.

  13. Thank you isnt enough- but it is all I have :)

  14. Phyllis R. says:

    It is such a privalege to help Heather in any way possible. Thank you, BooMama, for your wonderful, willing heart. Let’s go!

  15. Great, Boo! So glad you’ve taken the reins, and will look forward to how we can help!

  16. Lea Margaret says:

    I have just read about Heather and Emma Grace. God bless them and God bless you for doing this!