AI – Top 7

SURELY this week will be an improvement over last week – surely.


Also, I adore Martina McBride. To pieces.

Phil Stacey – “Where The Blacktop Ends” – I’m just so tickled that he’s not wearing a hat. I can’t even tell y’all. The first thing that struck me about Phil tonight is that the song was in the perfect key for him…he sounded really good. And I thought the ending was great. The biggest difference was that he seemed so much more comfortable on stage – and I’m proud for him that he did so well. Yay, Phil.

Jordin Sparks – “Broken Wing” – IT. WAS. FLAWLESS.

Sanjaya Malakar – “Something To Talk About” – OH I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ALL RIGHT. But what I have to say would not, as Mama says, “further the Kingdom.” So let’s just tick-a-lock and move on.

LaKisha Jones – “Jesus, Take The Wheel” – I thought she sounded great. And I actually thought it was a great song for her and was surprised when the judges were giving her such a hard time. I wanted to hug her.

Chris Richardson – “Mayberry” – It was just “a’ight” for me – mainly because he seemed disconnected, like he’d rather be somewhere else singing something different. It felt like he was going through the motions, but given the craziness and sadness of the last couple of days, that’s certainly understandable.

Melinda Doolittle – “Trouble Is A Woman” – She can sing anything. ANYTHING. Great fun. LOV-ING the longer hair.

Blake Lewis – “When The Stars Go Blue” – He was good, no doubt about it. For some reason, though, I feel like he’s doing the same kind of thing every single week – and I just wish he’d do something FUN, for pete’s sake. But another solid performance, for sure.

Who should go? – The one who wore a bandana all tongue-in-cheek-like only it wasn’t one stitch funny in my humble opinion.

Best of the night? – Jordin. She blew me away.

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  1. I also loved Melinda with longer hair. VERY cute. And your “further the Kingdom” remark? HILARIOUS! It was a real true LOL moment for me.

  2. Wife had a great comment while watching tonight: How would you feel being a backup singer for Sanjaya?! Not a high point in your life, I imagine!

  3. Love Melinda and her longer hair. She was great as always.

    But when Jordin sang? Oh my word. I’d go out and buy that CD tomorrow.


  4. Actually, my 8 yo said “Phil really needs a COWBOY hat!” and for country night, he might have actually pulled it off. He’s just so … bald. Jordin was amazing! She was my favorite too! And I do love how Simon was up front honest with Sanjaya tonight and said it’s not funny anymore and how he told Melinda to stop acting surprised. Thank you for that Simon!

  5. I love, love, love Jordin! Have all along. I was so proud of her. However, tho I have liked Melinda all along, too, I have to say that her last few performances have charmed me and I really liked the longer hair, too. I’d be happy if either one of them won this.

  6. Now that my dh and I have been drawn into the AI world, this is the best I’ve seen of Phil. Granted, it’s one of the first full performances of his I’ve seen because I always seem to miss him, but based on the recapss, this is the best. And I agree about Jordin. Awesome job. And of course Melinda. I was so glad to see the judges be straight with Sanjaya. It makes me nervous when I see some of the others not do so well. I want them all to shine so that he almost HAS to go home. I felt a bit sorry for him, but Simon was dead on! I had to log on and see what you had to say! Oh that hair! Gots to go!

  7. Loved Simon’s comments to Sanjaya, its getting embarassing to watch. I posted my recap I LOVED tonight! :) xoxo melzie

  8. Always love your comments. Thanks for hosting us. :)

  9. Ok, my 11 year old wanted me to tell ya this. While being tortured…er…sung to tonight by Sanjaya (who by the way appeared to have caught some road kill on his head enroute to the show), my dd leans over and says, “Wouldn’t it be funny if that back-up singer elbowed him right now?”.


    Said my piece.

    Also not “furthering the Kingdom” but the kid wanted me to tell you.

    I admit it, I laughed.


    Bad child. Very bad.

  10. Sanjaya has to go. I thought Phil and Jordin did awesome. I didn’t like Lakisha tonight. And Chris, considering he is from Virginia it is no wonder he was “distant” tonight.

  11. Catherine says:

    OK- I tried a new strategy tonight. I voted (many, many times)for everyone EXCEPT Sanjaya! I’ll try anything to send him on his way. . .

  12. I want to add.. I was thinking about Sanjaya last week and I suddenly felt very sorry for him. I still think that he shouldn’t be there, but I was thinking about he must feel throughout the rest of the week, hanging out with the other contestants, knowing that other people are going home before him that shouldn’t, and knowing that it’s all out of his control. He must have a very hard time. I feel bad for him.

    By the way, my mother in law sent me something about southern women today that I posted on my blog – you may get a kick out of it. :)

  13. I agree that Phil was definitely in his element tonight. Why didn’t he tell us before that he wanted to be a country music artist?!

    Jordin has always been my favorite, from her first audition. She’s an Arizona girl, just like me. I think she’s definitely the “dark horse” and she could win this thing. She seems like a real sweetheart too.

    I do think the judges were right about Kiki. She had kind of an off-night, I thought. She almost seemed to run out of breath a couple of times. And there were a few shaky notes here and there. Happens to the best of ’em.

    I’m not even going to comment on the court jester in the group.

  14. Totally agree with your comments! :) I am soo very done with Sanjaya!

  15. Hm. We had a little different take on all that. And I love the “furthering the Kingdom” comment. I’ve given up trying to be constructive. It’s just a joke. Which is so sad for the rest of them. ARGH.

  16. Blake! Love Blake! Jordin, Melinda, and Chris were great. I didn’t like Phil. Lakisha did seem a little nervous, and Sanjaya, well……we all feel the same!

  17. I am a huge Jordin fan. When you can sing Martina almost (if not) just as good as she can, um, I will buy your cd, my friend.

    Also loved Melinda and Phil. Sanjaya just creeps me out, frankly.

    Love these posts, thanks BooMama :)

  18. Oh, and I just remembered a fun story about our pal Sanj.

    A friend of mine works with the spouses of elderly patients. A sweet little lady was sharing one day that her husband had not really spoken for months (because of declining health, etc). Well she had the TV on one Tuesday and was watching AI with him in the room. After Sanjaya sang, this sweet little man (who had hardly uttered a word FOR MONTHS) out of the blue said, “That boy can’t sing.”

  19. I’m sorry but the strangest part of the night was when Chris tried telling Simon that “nasely is a form of singing, you know.”

    “It’s intentional every week that I sing nasely.”


    Um, no.

    But he was redeemed with the Virginia Tech comment. I’m glad Simon mentioned it as well. Seems wierd to carry on with business as usual after such a tragedy….


  20. Okay I actually watched AI because of readng this blog…….oh , my. Haven’t seen the show for thsi week but I watched LAT WEEK and I have to say……….what is so bad and Sanjaya ? He was the most professional, he followed the camera,some of the others might be able to sing better, but certainly not ALL of them. Hes the better performer, he gets the viewers attention. The others aren’t great, in a years time they will all be nowhere, perhaps singing at weddings or whatever…..but Sanjaya could pull this off !

  21. Melinda got my vote; I would dismiss Chris, and I have my weekly posting up about Sanjaya. Word has it that Bonnie Raitt’s voice has voluntarily leapt from her body into a black hole in the universe, considering this fate better than being linked to Sanjaya.

  22. I have a friend who has entered into the American Idol songwriting contest and if his song wins the winner will sing it as thier first single. I put my link in Mr Linky b/c I am trying to spread the word. It’s good, really good and deserves to win. Hopefully not by Sanjaya but by Melinda-it has her name written all over it! :)

  23. Rocks in my Dryer says:

    My eight-year-old, who watches AI with me but missed Melinda’s performance last night, asked me if she sang well. “Honey,” I told him, “that girl could be upside down in a cardboard box in the pouring rain, and she would sing well.”

    And yay, Phil, too. I thought the whole “Southern rocker” thing worked for him.

  24. This week was soooo much better than last week. I enjoyed almost all of them. Jordin was AMAZING!! Loved the dress, loved the facial expressions, loved the emotion, loved her voice, LOVE HER!! I thought Chris sounded really good. I do agree that he seemed like he wanted to be somewhere else, and actually he did. He wanted to be in VA checking on all of his friends. So I think under the circumstances he did great. Although I like Blake, to me, he didn’t do Tim McGraw’s song justice.

    I am a HUGE country fan. So I looked forward to this week and I wasnt disappointed. Although, I do wish Blake had done something different.

    Who should go? The person that shouldn’t have even made it to the stage.

  25. I am so tired of Sanjaya and the whole “vote for the worst” thing.

  26. Rinty, you had to have watched past performances to understand. Last week was the ONLY decent one I saw out of him. And yes, I agree that unfortunately the others did not do well. But TRUST US, it was an anomoly, not the regular Sanjaya performance. Last night was much more typical.

  27. First I have to start by saying to Rinty that Amy T is absolutely 100% correct! It is a compilation of all performances and I agree wholeheartedly that that one was definitely an anomaly!

    Second – I truly appreciate how in-depth your reviews are BooMama! Your comments are amusing and fun to read! Where I stop at a mere overview!

  28. just wanted to say LOVE your blog… you bless me each day!! and on AI.. well I need more time to write- have a 2 year old banging on the keyboard at the moment.

  29. oops.. posted my address wrong.!

  30. I think my 10-year-old daughter will have a nervous breakdown when Sanjaya leaves, but I don’t see how he can possibly last after last night (of course we say that every week). I have never allowed her to vote, so I don’t have that blight on my conscience! :-)

  31. WOO HOO! The Angina is going home!!! Are you jumping up and down and hootin’ and hollerin’???

  32. So glad you updated this week because now I know what’s going on with American Idol this week. Don’t even have to watch it :-)

  33. have to comment this week because finally (!) The One Who Should Have Been Gone Long Ago (aka TOWSHBGLA) is finally gone.
    love your updates every week. :)

  34. Yippe, you’re an AI fan. My favs thus far are Melinda, Chris, and Jordin. If I had to choose right now, I’d go with Melinda!!! Thanks for sharing about each one. I’ll have to check with you each week now. *Hugs* ;)