For Heather

Edited to add: For love offering updates, click here.

document.jpg Are y’all ready to spread a little love? :-)

Today we have such an incredible opportunity to minister to our sweet friend Heather and her family. If you’re not familiar with the story behind this love offering, you can click here to see all the details.

If you are familiar with the story and ready to BLESS HEATHER’S SOCKS OFF, click on the little “Make A Donation” button below. The minimum donation is just one dollar – but certainly you may give more if you’d like. Your transaction will be completely secure via PayPal, whether you pay with your own PayPal account, your bank account, or a major credit card. If you don’t feel led to give or aren’t able to give today, then you can still contribute by praying for Heather and her family – and I know that they will be beyond grateful for your prayers.

Also: if you’ve supported this love offering for Heather by posting about it on your own blog, by praying about it, by praying for Heather and her family, or by contributing financially, then I’d love for you to leave a comment here that says, simply, “I’m in.”

I’ll be posting updates on our progress throughout the day, and don’t worry – the donation button will stay active for a couple of weeks, at least. So if you can’t contribute right this second, that is perfectly fine…you can come back by tomorrow or the next day and still have the opportunity to give.

More than anything, may God be glorified as His children come forward to lift up sweet Heather.

Thanks, y’all, for everything – and I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. I’m in! My post is right here.

    Thank you for organizing this, BooMama!

  2. I’m in! Thanks so much for putting this together. Heather is so blessed to have a friend like you.

  3. BizzyMom says:

    I’m in and praying for Heather and her family.

  4. I’m in! Been blogging and praying and will continue!

  5. I am definitely in, may God bless Heather and her family in a great way.

  6. I’m in and will continue to pray for Heather!

  7. I’m in. I’m in all over the place!

  8. I’m in! Post going up now!

  9. I’m in! Post just went up!

    Your such a wonderful friend for doing this!!! :D

  10. I’m SO in!

  11. I’m in

  12. I’m in. And prayers are going up.

  13. Right hand in and I’m shakin’ all about!

  14. I’m in and Heather and her family are in our prayers. Praise God for you and doing this.

  15. I’m in & praying!

    Thanks for your ministry, BooMama.
    — Tara B.

  16. I’m in!

  17. I’m in. Big hugs to both you & Heather today.
    Love, Michelle

  18. I’m in! Still praying

  19. Me too


  20. Definitely in. Post is up.

  21. We are in of course. Our post is up.

    THANKS girl – you ROCK!!!

  22. I’m in from all the way over here in the UK. Thank you for doing this Boomama – you are the best!

  23. I’m in. Praying for her.

  24. Aunt Nette says:

    I’m in! And she is of course in my prayers.

  25. I’m in, and it is an honor.

  26. I’m in.

  27. I’m in! Thanks for doing all the leg work on this.
    I hope we are able to really bless her family.

  28. I’m in!

    “We should help people whenever we can, especially if they are followers of the Lord.” Galations 6:10

  29. I’m in!

    Thank you for setting this up and making it so easy to help Heather out! My prayers are with her, her family and her friends!

    We love you Heather! ((hugs))

  30. I’m in! Lifting Heather up!

  31. If I were in any further, I’d be out. Posted, paypalled and prayed. God is good. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  32. I’m in!

    Thanks for setting this up!

  33. I’m in!

  34. I’m “In”, just put up my post too. Thanks for all your work and support of Heather.

  35. “I’m in”, girl…let’s love on them!! :)

  36. I’m in – and continuing to pray for Heather and her family.

  37. I’m in!

  38. I’m in! Thanks for organzing this for us!


  39. I’m in! Thank you so much for doing this!

  40. I’m in and I can’t wait to see what happens! Prayers and hugs to you both!

  41. I’M IN!!!!


  42. Colleen says:

    I’m in!

  43. I’m in!

  44. I’m in! God bless Heather and her family. Thank you Boo Mama for giving us the opportunity to “bless her socks off”!

  45. I’m in. My prayers are with Heather and her family. Thank you for doing this.

  46. I’m in and still prayin’…..
    Can’t wait to read the updates on the lovin’!

  47. Rallying behind you all!

  48. I’m in, and I’m still praying!

  49. I’m all in, baby, ALL IN!

  50. I’m in and proud to be “in” with a bunch of God-lovin’ and friend-lovin’ group of gals (and some guys, I think)!

  51. Tara Dekkers says:

    I’m in. Praying for Heather!!!

  52. I’ve been in and praying.

    Heather, you go girl!

    Lisa B.

  53. I’m in!

  54. I’m in. And I’ve been posting about Heather’s situation for a week. Thank you, Boo Mama. I knew we could count on you.

  55. Bailey's Leaf says:

    I’m in!!!

  56. I’m in!

  57. I’m in!!!

  58. In.

    May God be glorified!

  59. I’m in.

    God Bless you, Heather!
    (and you too, Boomama, for organizing this)

  60. I’m in. Heather’s story is so amazing and our God is so good!

  61. I’m in and my post is up.

    May God Bless you and keep you dearest Heather. May you find peace in your heart and know that you are a child of God.

  62. I’m in.

  63. I’m in!

    Praying and blogging!

    God bless you and Heather!

  64. I’m in and I’m praying this will be a huge blessing to Heather and her family!

  65. I’m in! Love, hugs and blessings sent to Heather and her family.

  66. I’m in…

  67. I’m in.

  68. I’m in! I have been reading Heather’s amazing posts all week and praying for her!

  69. Thank you for making a way for others to help. Lynn

  70. My post is up! Thanks Boo Mama!!

  71. I am in! Thanks for doing this! Heather is in my prayers!

  72. I’m in :) xoxo melzie

  73. I’m in :) I am praying.

    Angel Mama ():)

  74. I’m in!
    Thanks, BooMama, for giving us the opportunity to help Heather in this way.

  75. I’m in.

  76. Im in.

  77. I have been so moved by what Heather is going through. I don’t even know her, but my heart aches for her.

    Thank you so much for doing this and allowing us to reach out in Love for her.

    She is in my prayers.

  78. Having just found Heather’s blog about a week ago, her faith and courage have touched my heart. Thanks for giving others a way to help her.

  79. I’m in! Thanks for doing this for her!

  80. I’m in, baby!

    Prayed up, posted up, clicked up…

    “Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow; Praise Him, all creatures here below; Praise Him above, ye heavenly host; Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.”

  81. I’m in!

  82. I’m in and just finished my post. Thank you for doing this. What a blessing!

  83. I’m in! Thanks for organizing this effort.

  84. I’m in. Praying for Heather and her family.

  85. I’m in.

  86. I’m in too.

  87. I’m in! Lord, show off for us today!

  88. Darn skippy Im in! I’m displaying my button proudly and will put up a post later. So glad I could be a part of helping out in what little way I can.

  89. Kelly Caldwell says:

    Thank you for setting this up. I gave and I have already been praying many hours for Heather and her family. You are a blessing to all of us BooMama! Thank you.

  90. I’m in!


  91. Praying Every Day, Posting Today – Thank you for allowing us to help in some small way, when many voices come together we CAN be heard AND make a difference!

  92. I’m in

  93. I’m in.

  94. I’M IN!!! THANK YOU Boomama for this Wonderful thing you are doing for my sister and her family! and thank you to everyone for supporting this and for your wonderful Prayers.

    “Faith will see us through”

  95. I’m in too. I will keep praying for Heather and her family.

  96. i’m in…

  97. I’m in also. I’ve posted, given, and I’m praying for them! Thanks for the opportunity to give.

  98. Totally jumping in with both feet! Thanks again Boomama for setting up the opportunity for us to help out someone in our little bloggy community!

  99. I’m definitely in.