Edited to add: the link to Heather’s love offering will be active at least until she leaves for the Mayo Clinic on April 25th. You can click here for the post that will take you to PayPal. And click here to see our updated totals!


How does it feel to be the most generous internets in the universe?

Because that’s exactly what y’all are.

I don’t even know how to say “thank you” in a situation like this, but that may have something to do with the fact I’m still too busy shaking my head from side to side to actually write anything coherent.

Nonetheless, THANK YOU. A million times. Over and over.

Also, you need go see Chris at Notes From The Trenches. She’s organizing another prize giveaway – and anyone who has donated to the For Heather love offering is eligible. I’m not sure what all Chris has up her sleeve, but I do know that one of the fabulous prizes is a $150 diaper bag from Cool Mom Picks.

Which, if you think about it, is a whole lot nicer than the hot pile of nothing that I have to offer you. However, I will give you my hot pile of nothing WITH LUV, which of course will make it the most special. gift. evir.

Or not.


If you’ve been a part of Heather’s love offering and would like to be eligible for some great prizes, then head over to this post of Chris’ and leave a comment – and that’s all you have to do.

Also: thanks again, everybody.

I am so thankful for each and every one of you.

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  1. I’m glad I get to be first. I don’t think that’s ever happened to me before.
    Thank you Boomama. I can’t tell you how very special you are and how much I (and everyone else I’m sure) appreciate what you have done. Your sweet spirit is woven through all of this. I am overwhelmed at the unity of all this. It is so amazing what we can do when we come together in love. I’m sure we come from very diverse lives, but the differences just don’t matter. Ah that it could be like that always.
    Thank you again. A big hug across the miles.



  3. BooMama: For someone with a hot pile of nothin’…..you sure get a lot done! We could have never rallied around Heather without you!

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you….and your willingness to go back on your promise to NEVER……NEVER….NEVER do the Pay Pal thing again. What did Shalee call you….a “Liarhead!” I think that was it! :)
    What a beautiful “liarhead” you truly are!


  4. The CD’s that you donated are not a pile ‘o nothing. And what you did here is nothing less than wonderful. You rock, Boo Mama.

  5. Thank you so much for leading us! :)

  6. The “hot pile of nothing” comment might be one of my most favorite things you’ve ever blogged. I’m going to have to steal that one to use with the kids. :)

    And hey, the conversation in the car yesterday was straight from the Glory Revealed CD that you touted, which I love more every time I listen to it. So thanks–if you haven’t blogged about it, I’d never have downloaded it, and my crying in the car would’ve been just that. Crying.

    Love you:)

  7. Oh! I forgot that my comment actually had a point: The Internets amaze me. Who would’ve thought a group of people who’ve never met somebody would help out so much?? Yay for Jesus!!

  8. I think it is so cool that a bunch a women who have never met can come together to do something like this for Heather. God is truly amazing. And by the way, I have been so blessed by reading Heather’s testimony that anything I could give her pales in comparison. Thanks again for organizing this effort, Boomama. You’re the best!

  9. Oh, wow. I just totally reiterated what Sarah said. We must have been typing at the same time. Great minds!; )

  10. Thank you!! You were terrific with keeping updates posted and everything!

    God bless,

  11. I am completely speechless and amazed. I do not deserve this- Thank you for blessing us this way, I don’t know what else to say.

    God is good…

  12. Praise God! (did you hear that with a southern accent? weeeellll, you should!)

    Isn’t it fun to love on people like that? May it bless her, bless her, bless her!

    Love ya for doin’ this!

  13. I am sitting amazed at how powerful and awesome God is!

    Thanks for being such an awesome vessel for Him, BooMama.

  14. Boomama, thanks for organizing this for Heather. The blessing is ours to be able to help in some small way and you led the way on this—like I said before, I’m EXCITED to see how the Lord is going to use this for HIS glory!

  15. Wow! I just looked at the total. How wonderful! I almost said unbelievable, but that would be wrong. Nothing is impossible with God!

  16. Bless your heart BooMama! Thanks for heeding the call! What an unimaginable blessing for this family. May God continue to shower His blessings upon them!

  17. Your Central Texas fan club has decided to unofficially name your state AlaBooMa(ma), with the last “ma” said under your breath! (So what if others stare? You are SO worth it!) Love you, lady!

  18. Reading this post reminded me that we need to compile a list of all of our family-isms.

    FANTASTIC turnout. I feel like I’ve birthed something.

  19. The sisters have once again circled up.

  20. God is good all the time! All the time God is good! Woo hoo!

  21. Whew! Boomama, you rock! I have gotten tears in my eyes every time I looked at the updated totals, and now…over $14,000! God is so good.

  22. Un.be.lievable! I’m so ecstatic and I feel honored to be a part of this straight up MIRACLE. Thanks, Boomama for rallying us!

  23. I get all tingly every time I CLICK HERE for the update- And I just Shut up! :>)


  24. Girl – I was looking at your reading list and I would swear you stole one of my bookcases! Ha! I am reading a book called “Jesus Land” – actually just starting it. It is a true story about a girl named Julia and her adopted brother, David. She is white, he is black. It appears to be a fabulous book – you might want to start your 2008 list with this one! Ha!

  25. Linda R says:

    How great the Lord is!!!! I cried to see how you have touched people. Heather, I don’t personaly know you, but you do deserve this. As BooMama said, it is time for God’s people to love on you. You do your job of going to the doctors, getting all the information you can and leave the rest to God. My favorite saying is, you do your job, and let God do His. God bless you and yours in abundance. Linda

  26. Ok, I’m glad I read the comments instead of just zipping down here.
    AlaBooMa(ma)?? That just cracks me up!!!
    I wanted to say a big thank you to you because without your link to Paypal and just makin’ it sooo easy to give, I wouldn’t have been so blessed to do so.
    Also, did y’all notice the comments on Chris’ blog about Heather?? I KNOW that I KNOW God is blowing some people away! And He is taking over the blogosphere and will bring some of those people to Himself. They will be saved for an eternity because of Heather’s faith that she blogs about, and our obedience to give to our sister in Christ. It just amazes me how He’s choosing to work!
    And I’m glad I’m on His side! ‘Cause WE WIN SISTERS!!!

  27. Boo Mama you are awesome . Thank you for setting this up and helping us all work together for Gods Glory and precious Heather.

    This is amazing.

    Angel Mama

  28. It’s amazing to see what people can do when they pull together in love, especially considering how few of us have actually met “in real life.” Thanks for organizing this.

  29. I’ve been following the totals, and I’m just amazed at what God is doing. What a tremendous blessing. Good job Boomama. And praise God. Woohoo.

  30. This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

    You are truly a kind person to make this all happen. God Bless you!

  31. Our God is greater than any need. Awesome!

  32. Wow. Wow wow wow, wow wow. I’m blown away by these numbers that keep marching up, up, up, and am so grateful to you for bringing all of these disparate bloggy strangers together for this single incredible reason. I mean, WOW.

  33. Through all of this I have been and continue to be amazed. Every time I check the updated totals, I’m amazed. We’re still spreading the word to anyone we talk to – trying to get everyone to donate.

    Thanks for what you’ve done BooMama!

  34. That is so awesome! God is so good. God bless everyone that donated.

    Thank you BooMama for making it possible!


  35. Thank you for putting this together and letting us have a tangible way of giving back to this sweet family. You are a blessing to us all! Have a wonderful weekend and take time to relax with your two men!

    GOd Bless

  36. Boomama — Thank YOU for putting this together. I really appreciate your tender heart towrds helping others out.

  37. This is INCREDIBLE! I hope the money keeps pouring in!

  38. Goodness Gracious – I keep telling my husband, blogging is whatever it is most of the time, but now and then it just totally rocks! This was one of those times. xoxo

  39. OK Girlz…I checked the total… and I have one word, DANG! OOPs– I mean praise God- what an awesome blessing for Heathers family… and a testimony to how big the body of Christ really is—- the world is nuts and bad stuff happens– but God, Good and love- win in the end;)

    ts- from Laced WIth Grace;)