Just Because

Heather hit the halfway point in her radiation treatments today (if you don’t know Heather’s story, you can read all about it here). To celebrate, she has thrown herself a little blog party – and all you have to do to participate is to comment and tell her where you’re from.

She has over 770 comments right now – and I think it would be fun if we helped to push her over 1,000. I mean, if we can do this, then surely we can handle a couple of hundred comments. Don’t you think?

Click here to join the fun – I know your comments will make her smile!

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  1. What a good bloggy friend you are! I already left her one, so I’ll leave you one to say thanks!

  2. You are really sweet.

  3. Courtney says:

    I love reading your posts everyday. It all hits home with me. I grew up in Jackson, Ms and lived in Birmingham for nine years. I live in Atlanta now and most of my friends get a kick out of my extreme southerness! I found your blog from Big Mama. And talk about a small world. My sister-in-law is from Hollandale and is one of Lea Margaret’s closest friends. In fact Lea Margaret and I were in the wedding together. We were both VERY pregant I might add. I could not believe what I was reading when I got to the post about Lea Margaret. I kept thinking that sounds so familiar. I think I know her!So I called my sister-in-law and she knew all about you. Small , small world!

    Love your posts. By the way, you now have quite a following in Atlanta!


  4. Already done did. :-)

    But thanks for the headsup on Heather’s behalf. I hope she more than passes 1000 comments.

    Love and hugs,


  5. Hi – great idea – I left Heather a comment about 6 hundred and something but I also linked a post to her site from mine thinking surely this must be hitting a record!

    Great minds think alike.

    Regards from Northern Ireland – I read your blog quite often but don’t think I’ve commented before.