Achievement Beyond My Wildest Dreams

This morning I decided that, since Alex was going to be spending part of the day with a friend, I was going to embrace my inner hipster and head to a local coffee shop WITH MY LAPTOP. I pictured myself sipping coffee and writing up a storm; there was not a doubt in my mind that once I tapped into the coffee shop’s trusted wireless network, I would be flooded with inspiration. I wondered if my fingers would even be able to keep up with the rapid pace of my thoughts because clearly – CLEARLY – I was heading into the most prolific five hour span of my life. I couldn’t wait.

But when I got here, I immediately decided that a whole grain bagel was in order. With a little veggie cream cheese. And a cup or four of dark roasted coffee. Your brain needs fuel, you know, and since I was going to be doing a LOT of writing, I certainly wanted to be at the top of my mental game. A few minutes later Emma Kate called, and we talked for thirty or forty minutes (she wanted to share something from her quiet time this morning, and when the Lord gives EK a Word, I pay attention. Today it was Jeremiah 1:4-7, and OH, it blessed my soul).

After EK and I finished talking I checked my email, and about the time I realized that I couldn’t send messages (which is a TERRIBLY helpful feature when attempting to communicate with others via email), D. called. He was going to be driving right past the coffee shop on his way home from a meeting, so he thought he’d stop in for lunch in an hour or so. I wasn’t a lick hungry because of the aforementioned bagel and cream cheese, but I think y’all know that I’m not one to turn down a meal, so I told him to come on.

About that time Big Mama called (RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU’RE STARTING TO SEE A PATTERN), and we had many important things to discuss, as is almost always the case. There is no topic too profound for the two of us, and if you don’t believe me then clearly you have not heard us discuss our favorite brands of candles, what songs we would sing if we were to form a praise and worship band, and whether or not there is a magical potion that might erase the new wrinkle that has suddenly appeared on the left side of my nose.

By the way, we have most definitely decided that I would sing/rap if we had a praise and worship band because I think it’s pretty clear that I’m street like that. Big Mama would play the tambourine. She has really been practicing A LOT and just knows that she will “bring glory to God with the sweet, sweet percussion.” And that’s a direct quote, my friends. Feel free to contact either of us for booking information. We still don’t have a name, but we’d love to hear your suggestions – preferably something that will sound really good being screamed IN PEOPLE’S NIGHTMARES, because I think any performance by the two of us would result in some life-altering audio trauma from which it would take years – lo, even decades – to recover.

Before I knew it D. was walking toward my table, and I just hated for him to eat alone, so I decided to make a supreme sacrifice and have a cup of broccoli cheddar soup with half of a chicken Caesar salad. It had only been a couple of hours since my bagel, but with all the talking I’d been doing I figured I needed to re-fuel. After all, there was still LOTS of writing to be done, and since the Lord was gracious enough to provide such delicious sustenance, I wanted to honor His faithfulness. You would do the exact same thing if you were in my situation, I’m sure.

So now it’s about 2:00 – and this post right here? It’s all I’ve written. I have essentially been sitting in a coffee shop since 9:45 in the morning TALKING ON MY CELL PHONE, and I keep thinking that it’s a really good thing that I came here today because I certainly couldn’t have TALKED ON MY CELL PHONE at home.

And just so you know? It’s time for me to go get Alex now. But at least I have this incredibly entertaining post to show for spending OVER FOUR HOURS in the coffee shop.

Well, the post and a totally rockin’ plan for an all-girl praise band featuring a borderline tone deaf singer/rapper accompanied by a mama from Texas on tambourine.

It’s just been an incredibly productive time.

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  1. I’m the first! No way!

    Well, too bad we’re not FIRL or I woulda called you too and I can talk for hours!

  2. Well, since you have OBVIOUSLY REJECTED the name I dubbed the both of you with a long time ago (The Mama Twins, Tweedle Big and Tweedle Boo)I offer up this runner up:

    BM: The Dew-ette

    If you need anything I’ll just be over here waiting for my royalty check.

  3. Can I join the band? I play a mean paper and comb, plus I can hum alto. Not to mention if you ever need a chicken clucking or a dog barking to accent your rapping at just the right time, I’m your girl! ;-)

  4. Cracks.Me.Up. :) Seriously!

  5. Don’t feel so bad. I “work” six hours a day outside the home. And by “work” I mean I get paid to be here in the office should someone call, such as the bosses Proctologist Dr. Hangnail, or it is one of the 4 times a year I generate, collate, and mail out reports to clients. I am up to date on all of my blog reading, and have tackled the Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Adventures of Moll Flanders that was so thoughtfully delivered into my email inbox a few months ago when I had actual work to occupy me. Yet I have only posted twice since Monday.

  6. HA! I don’t ever get any work done at a coffee shop either – though I did get a post written today that was 26 days in the making – of course, that’s because I started it 26 days ago and finished it at the library today in 15 minutes.

    I’m glad you had an enjoyable morning, though. If you and Big Mama couldn’t be in the same coffee shop, at least you could connect by cellular wonder.

  7. LOL! Those “super productive alone time” days always end up being the slackest days for me. :)

  8. Oh so *you’re* the one in the coffee shop talking on her cell phone while Bossy is trying to eat her bagel – er – work on her laptop!

  9. oh my word. leave the cell phone at home next time…. which will be like next year if you are anything like me.

    Glad you had some time to relax, though!

  10. Ah, P*n*r* is a wonderful place, isn’t it? Both breakfast WITH cappucino (the REAL kind) AND lunch (and maybe even DINNER)AND a wireless connection…AND A BATHROOM!!!

    I get all excited just thinking about it. Truly I do.

    And the orange scones? TO DIE FOR.

  11. Well, did you realize in all that time that you won a set of recipe cards from Barb?

  12. AMEN- sista! :) Last night the same thing happened to me. I put my daughter to bed- set aside my “ME” time to scrap book- and then the phone rings, it is my crazy sister in law announcing her (totally random) engagement. HELLO! So then after and hour and a half of wedding talk. I hang up, and start to scrap again. Then whattya know- my phone rings again- this time it is my BFF asking me if it is to soon to introduce her guy friend to her daughter….. (sigh) I threw my hands up, got a bowl of ice cream, and called it a night. I will attempt this so called “me” time tonight. NO ONE CALL ME between 7p.m. and 10:30 p.m. :)

  13. Fingers crossed that our first gig is on the horizon.

  14. Well, you should have called me.

    Not to mention that I would have booked you for your first gig.

  15. …and not as an opening act. :)

  16. I remember a post awhile back about you going to a Tim & Faith concert and how Faith was your BFF (I am not sure she knows this). Well, I can promise that when you and Big Mama hit the stage I will be there and you will both be my BFF’s.

    The Mama’s – Big & Boo

  17. That is so funny….isn’t that how it always works? Productivity is sooo hard to come by sometimes! :)

    Sarah, TN

  18. I have these dreams…

    I will deliver my perfectly dressed and matching young children to school, and then I will mosey over to the local coffee shop for a productive morning of writing, while my brand-new laptop draws envious stares from the other patrons….

    Then my two year old starts yelling and my three year old runs around singing Backyardigan’s songs, and I stare at my monstrous PC and wake up. Oh yeah, and I live in rural Oklahoma. Let me just tell you how many darling little internet cafes we have out here.

    There. I just did.

    I look forward to your first CD.

  19. How about this for a name–
    “The B-Squared Mamas”

    You know, B-Squared for Big and Boo? I know, hilarious. Really. :)

    Good luck–when you get some gigs, let us know!


  20. I don’t care what you and Big Mama are singing or playing…I would LOVE to meet both of you. Were you friends before the blog, or did the blog bring you together? Just wondering!

  21. A name for your band: A joyful noise!

    How ’bout that? I think that at least you got to spend the day away from house and cleaning…that is always a plus. And a verse ( a Word) always makes your day sweeter! And lunch with your Hubby? Definately priceless…with brocolli cheese soup–my favorite! Always room for that :)
    Have a wonderful Friday! We’ll be driving through your way on Sunday afternoon…and praying for no rain.
    Blessings on ya,

  22. Big&Boo or The Mama’s.

    Glad you had a great day at the coffee shop. Sounds like a blast!

  23. LOL! You must have a honkin’ big battery on your cell phone! Still sounds like a great morning!

  24. Well, you know all of us would be groupies standing there clapping off beat or holding up a lighter screaming ‘We love you, Hot Mamas’. Gives a good visual doesn’t it?

  25. I guess God had other plans for your time, eh? ;)

  26. I like the suggestion earlier of Big and Boo!

    Sounds like such fun going to a coffee shop and hooking up a laptop! We have PLENTY around here, but I don’t have a laptop! Anybody got a contest to give one away?? I still have the old big monitor with the tube thing in the back. Not up with 2007 at all!

  27. Do you guys need an interpretive dancer? Because I’m REALLY good.

  28. Sounds like you spent some quality me, myself and I time (with a little spared for D) at Panera Bread – a favorite of mine and one where I will confess, I have done the same thing – maybe not quite 4 hours and never with a laptop but always with a paper, a good appetite and a thrill to just sit back and relax.

  29. How about The Mamas and the (Totally Embarrassed and Hiding Backstage)Papas. I’m sure D. and P. wouldn’t mind being your roadies as long as they never had to show their faces in public again.

    I had big plans to start cleaning out closets, drawers, etc. today while my boys were in Mother’s Day Out. I started in the baby’s room and you know how much I got cleaned out? Exactly ONE basket of toys. Yes, I know, I should win Organizer of the Year. I’m pretty sure if I were getting a mommy report card, I would not have an N or U or whatever in the “Makes Good Use of Time” column.

  30. Sounds like the perfect morning to me!!

    Rap on, oh great BooMama!

    Georgia Mom

  31. Are you accepting groupies?

  32. Amen and Amen!!! I’ll book you for my dtr’s wedding in ohhhh about 15 years. Maybe the act will be on the road by then?
    You’ll have to play the Seattle area, but I’m sure you’ll have some tricked out little tour bus by then…

  33. And…BTW, my superproductive day? Well, I’m here typing, aren’t I!?? ;)

  34. Sounds like how all my plans have gone so far this summer.

  35. So much for being hip–you gave it a good try!

  36. I’ll be your agent in the Uk. For the start of your world tour. Of course. Big and Boo hit the road…….!

  37. You should call yourselves The Mama’s !

  38. WAIT! I’VE GOT IT!


    Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

  39. Not quite as funny without that s. Let’s try again…


  40. Tammy H says:

    With three girls, I’ll be booking bands for three weddings! That gives you about 15-20 years to practice – I sure hope you’re priced reasonably. This is one of my favorite posts ever. See – Time well spent! Just saying you hung out at a coffee shop makes you cool in my book. Today I hung out at the Birmingham Zoo. I did sit at a little cafe table and watch the girls play in the water. Almost like a coffee shop, right???

  41. Uh…

    This made me smile.

    When I go to Starbucks, I turn my cell phone off. ;)

  42. I vote for “The Mommas”. It’s got a certain ring to it. If you have a gig in Big D let me know. I’d drive at least five miles to hear you! ;o)

    Despite the fact that your morning was a bit less than inspiring, it sounds absolutely wonderful.

  43. You just make me laugh every time…and I LOVE it!

  44. Great day out! Please notify us of the place and date of your first gig. I’ll be there on the front row. LOL

  45. Now I’m only suggesting this name as it was in your post and it sounded (to me anyways) like a real band name (you know possibly anyways) and really, when you hear it, I think you’ll agree that it’s a name that many, nay thousands of restless teen-agers will pay copious amounts of money to go see…

    And now appearing on stage for their debut concert I give you… Audio Trama!!!
    Insert wild applause here…

  46. oh and can’t you already hear the people screaming in their nightmares, “I’ve got AUDIO TRAMA STUCK IN MY HEAD AND THEY WON’T GET OUT!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”?

  47. I am de-lurking for several reasons. First, I love reading your blog. Secondly, you are funny as ALL GET OUT. Finally – I just found out that you are a Chi O!! Me too! That MUST be the reason I enjoy reading about your life (of course the fact that you’re a strong Christian has much to do with it). anyway, this was a super funny entry. Keep it up! And I like “Big & Boo”.

  48. You…very funny!!!

  49. I take my laptop alot to coffee shops, AND I always leave my cell phone in the car!! That always works for me.
    well Boomama at least you got a post out of it! Plus food and coffee and a hubby date!

  50. Melissa says:

    My husband is in a praise and worship band and I would love to pass on to him what praise songs you two enjoy…I am serious!

  51. I’m totally drawing a blank on a name. I’m thinkin’ something along the lines of Psalms 56:1a (from Amanda’s post today)…

    Perhaps if you could cover some vintage DC Talk, then I might be inspired!

  52. I agree with Laura Peric. ‘Audio Trauma’ sounds good to me. It’s hip, edgy, very now, and very…ACCURATE.
    And I think you need at LEAST two interpretive dancers…my husband is Deaf, so I have the interpreting thing down…CALL ME…

  53. It might be risky business for you and Big Mama to get together for anything! Hilarious for all of us because somehow Lucy and Ethel come to mind. A couple of names you might consider…..”Mama Jamas” (pronounce however you like) and “Mama Mia”. “Praise and Worship” will never be the same. Christian music stores will have a section devoted to your genre. Seriously, I LOVE the idea and would be your biggest fan! You both ROCK!

  54. I love the names B-Squared and Mamas. I will book you at the Epi-Center next weekend. All are invited. Admission price is admitance that we were all secret lurking bloggers before we read BooMamas blog.

  55. Let me know where you will be playing and I will try to make it!

    Glad to see I am not the only one who gets sidetracked!!

  56. I’d love to be at that concert too!

    And for the record, I vote for Audio Trauma.

    Yet again, you crack me up! Love checking in every morning while having my coffee!

  57. I’m laughing out loud
    At the thought of a band
    With the two of you playing
    Things could get outta hand

    Groupies would surely
    Be rushing the stage
    The old ones, the young ones
    No matter the age

    With you throwin rap down
    And a tambourine, too
    I’m calling Ticketmaster
    So I can come see you two!

  58. The verse is “Make a Joyful NOISE”
    …noise is good.

    This is a rap group – can’t be “THE” Mamas gotta be “Da Mama’z” – much more street.

    …or “Two Wii Mamas” perhaps…

    And you could get tattooes to comemmorate the band…

    – and it could be a video game – just take the remote and shake it like tambourine and watch the mamas rock!

    Here’s to too much caffeine and good friends!

  59. Oh, yes… He is faithful, and I TOTALLY would have honored him, too!

  60. Yummy. That’s my favorite lunch from my favorite place. Sounds like Boomama and DG spend time the same way…

  61. Janet (aka JT) says:

    Okay, clearly the name of your praise band should be “Big Boo Mamas for Jesus!”

    And I’m totally bummed that Big Mama has claimed tambourine. I play a mean tambourine. And I was prepared to audition. I would say that I could sing in your rap/praise band, but my children have abolished any shred of confidence I once had. If you could wait until after my baby is born to tour, then I could dance…can you picture it? You up front, rapping and singing; Big Mama praising her Lord with the sweet percussion; and me, JT, doing the centipede across the back of the stage, quickly followed by a little bit of the sprinkler and then the chicken. It would be a unique, if not disturbing, worship experience for all.

    Just a thought.

  62. I’m supposed to be working too, and here I am. DaddyMan took kiddos to Library Time. And here I am reading about your band. Not good for either of us!

  63. Oh, did anyone else download the new version of Firefox? It has spell check for comments. How cool is that???
    Yes, it’s the little things that make life worthwhile.

  64. Someone will need to do a cell phone intervention before you head to the coffee shop.

    Please, post a video of your band on YouTube…you know we’d all blog about it! :-)

  65. If you and Big Mama let Diane J. join your band, I’ll be first in line to buy tickets. Hee hee.

  66. Too funny!

    I sometimes go to the coffee shop (I get hot chocolate) and try to write. I find it a bit distracting though with the loud music overhead (I must be getting looney in my old age because it never bothered me before) and the air conditioning seems to be running full blast these days… not bad if you’re wearing a fuzzy sweater.

    Now for your band… that sounds exciting… LOL! Let’s see, Boo MaMa and Big MaMa, how about the Big-a-Boo’s, all right so I’m not a stand-up comedian.

    I enjoyed your post and will have to drift around here some more. It sure looks like you have more than “ten” people interested in your site!

    Blessings my sister in the Lord.

  67. Oh you are so hilarious! What about the Trauma Mamas? I will smile everytime I think about this post for sure. So even if you didn’t get much writing done, you produced laughs and smiles around the world. THAT is an accomplishment!

  68. Okey dokey, Boo…no telling how many times you’ve gotten this award. BUT– I couldn’t NOT give it to you since I camp out at your site. Daily. I’m a Boo Groupie. hee hee :-)

    Head on over to my site for your Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award, sista.

  69. WeevilMaw says:

    Name for band= 2BMs, hahaha, interpret however you like. I just thought it ws a cute combo of the two…really I did. seriously.

    Hope you have more luck during your next “quiet me time.” Nay, don’t give up or be discouraged, this to shall happen at sometime in the next 14 years or so at least once.

  70. LOL!!

    How about Southern Mamas? Or The South Mamas? Or heck, how about just “Y’all” ? :D

    You’re a hoot. Have a great day!

  71. sounds like 4 hours well spent to me!! YOu crack me up girl!!!!

  72. Jenny from VA says:

    “NOT YOUR MAMAZ!” That has a hip/hop feel to it…don’t you think? This is hilarious!

  73. suzanne says:

    ….just mammas/no pappas! ;)

  74. OOOoooooooh. 5 fabulous hours. Alone. Just a nameless face in a sea of bagel biters. A nameless face with a laptop and internet access…

    And you took a cell phone with you.


  75. So… you’ll answer the phone when others call, but you totally ignore it when I’m on the other end… Yeah, I see a pattern here! :)

    And I volunteer to be a backup singer because you know that’s one of my dreams! And I love the thought of doing it for the glory of God. You may or may not thank me later.