Only The World

Almost two years ago my friend NK and I headed to Knoxville, Tennessee for a Living Proof Live event. And as we traveled up the interstate, we were terribly excited about three things in particular: 1) the opportunity to soak up God’s Word for a couple of days 2) the much-needed girls’ weekend away from home and 3) the moment when Beth Moore walked on stage, because quite frankly we were dying to see what she was going to wear.

We even made predictions about one of those three things, and I bet – if you try really hard – you can guess which one.

What we didn’t expect was that there was going to be a woman singing on praise team that weekend who would blow us away. Her voice was absolutely incredible, and several months later – when we saw her on “American Idol” – we found out her name: Mandisa.

And that weekend? In Knoxville? She rocked the house for Jesus like nobody’s business. She was a revelation.

Now I don’t know if you know it or not, but Miss Mandisa has a CD coming out July 31st. It’s called “True Beauty,” and a couple of days ago I got a copy of the first single – “Only The World” – in the mail.


I just adore it.

In fact, I can’t stop singing it. And dancing when I sing. Truth be told, I think it’s impossible to listen to this song without dancing just a little bit.

Even if you’re Baptist.


Oh, I kid because I’m Baptist, too. And come on, now – you know that sometimes you just need to BREAK IT DOWN, regardless of denomination, age, hair color, or dancing ability. Don’t fight the feelin’, internets.

Anyway. Where was I? Something about a song?

Oh yes. Of course.

You can actually hear a stream of “Only The World” here. And because I love it so much, I emailed the nice people at Mandisa’s record label to ask if I could do a little bloggy giveaway. They were kind enough to agree (thanks, Amy!) – and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

SO – if you’d like a chance to win one of Mandisa’s snazzy new CD-singles (there are two songs on the CD, and I definitely want to do another giveaway for the full CD when it comes out at the end of July), all you have to do is comment, making doubly sure that your email address is accurate. And just for kicks, since “Only The World” is a perfect get-that-puppy-on-the-iPod-and-go-for-a-walk-right-now song, tell me your all-time favorite workout / let-it-all-hang-out song. What puts some pep in your step as soon as you hear it?

I’ll turn off comments Monday afternoon (July 2nd) around 5 central time, and then I’ll draw to see which fifteen people win THE FABULOUS PRIZES.

I’m so excited to be able to share this with y’all – it’s a happy little summertime treat.

And now I think I’ll go listen to Miss Mandisa on my iPod and dance a little more.

Alex will be absolutely thrilled.

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  1. ?No comments yet”? Well let me be the first! Hooray for Mandisa…I’m also waiting for one from Melinda! What a line up American Idol had this year. My all time favorite song – has to be I Can Only Imagine.

  2. There are so many songs that “put pep in my step”, but the one that comes to mind is Livin La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin. Don’t ask me why, but something about that song gets my feet going. One time that comes to mind is when I was mindlessly dancing to it on the sound system in K-mart and only realized it when several people were staring at me. Pathetic, I know…

  3. Wow, I’m grooving here at my computer. Thanks for the fun tip! I feel like fun, upbeat, NON-toddler music is missing from my life lately (because you never know what thing they are going to advertise–like, I don’t know a VACUUM CLEANER–that will terrorize my child!).
    Thanks for the tip and happy weekend!

  4. Can you mail it overseas if I win?!? :) We just recently joined the ipod world- we gave in. No, just kidding, I got hubby a shuffle for Father’s Day. So to answer the question, I’ve not used the ipod yet to workout, so I will have to get back to you on the favorite work out song.

  5. I don’t have a favorite work out song. Honestly, anything I can get my girls to “dance” with me would be my favorite. We like to “Boogie.”


  6. Oh, fun! I love giveaways! I am looking forward to reading all the comments to get some great workout songs! I’m getting tired of the ones that I am listening to now in my ipod. This is right up my alley! Hillsong’s United has some great upbeat songs…Jeremy Camp & Newsboys are also fav’s of mine right now.

    Sarah, TN

  7. KImberly says:

    Well, My ALL TIME favorite song is “Something to Talk About” ! LOL
    But I love all kinds of music and this baptist girl can nod her head right along. (I would love to dance like my husband and childern who are wonderful dancers, but unfortunately I am Baptist to the core and just don’t have the moves! :-) )

  8. I have to tell you this, because I know you will love it: A friend emailed me about the movie “Ratatouille” and said it was getting, and I quote, “Crazy praise.” I said, that if I were going to form a Christian punk group, I’d name it “Crazy Praize.” Because you know, punks like the extra Z.

  9. Something to put pep in my step…probably something old skool—dct, maybe?

  10. oh, but right now, I’m singing “The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” theme song. Hot Dog! Hot Dog! Hot Diggity Dog!

  11. Now, come on — I have to try to win my homegirl’s CD!!!

    All this and Jesus, too,

  12. I can’t wait to hear the CD. I guess I have many songs that cause me to dance, and yes, I am Baptist. I think “Walking on Sunshine” stands out the most! Hope to win a CD! :)

  13. WeevilMaw says:

    I am wat to much of a music freak to have a favorite. I have what some have called “eclectic taste in music.” Anything with a groovy beat that keeps me moving and humming along is good stuff!

    I love the title of the CD, contrary to Simon’s opinion Mandisa is a true beauty. Can’t wait to jam to it!

  14. Put me down, please!

    For rock songs, “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” by the Georgia Satellites and “Johnny B. Good”, Chuck Berry. For gospel, I love “Awesome God”, and you know who does it, and “Amazing Love” by, I think, Darlene Schecht (sp?).

    Love and hugs,


  15. Oh! I would love to win! I had children at my house actually cry when she left American Idol! Same for Melinda.
    As far as songs I can’t *not* dance too? Well, I told someone the other day I heard KC and The Sunshine Band “That’s the way (I like it)” and I almost had to pull the car over. (uh-huh, uh-huh)

  16. Danielle says:

    Ooh, I LOVE that song! I’ve heard it on the radio several times, and I definitely sing along and dance a little. I love how controlled her voice is. She knows she’s good enough that she doesn’t have to SHOUT!!

    My favorite workout song is “The Birth of the Telegram 1814” by Joy Electric. JoyE is a Christian techno/dance band (actually, it’s only one guy) and it’s SUCH a fun song.

    Also on my workout mix, because I love spreading the joy, are these favorites:

    – “Wandering Star” by Kid Beyond – check out this guy on iTunes. He does EVERYTHING with his mouth. Seriously. I’ve seen him in concert and it’s true.

    – “Take A Chance On Me” by ABBA – greatest song ever written, imo. Period.

    – “Numb (encore)” by Linkin Park and Jay-Z – far superior to the original

    – “Photograph” by Shiny Toy Guns – if I could get everybody reading this to download one song, this would be the one.
    Ugh, I love it!

    – “The Bells” by Venus Hum – another Christian techno group (everything but the voice is done on a Mac!). This song makes my soul soar.

    – “Goodnight And Go” by Imogen Heap – I hope to be a little bit like Miss Imogen when I grow up. It’s not really a peppy workout song, but she’s my favorite artist in the world, so she’s on nearly every mix I have!

    Yeah, so that’s more than you asked for, but I just LOVE music and had to share. Go listen to the previews of these songs at iTunes! :)

  17. Woohoo, sign me up!

    A good work out song, hmmm…You’ve Got to Moooove It!!!


  18. I loved her on American Idol. I can’t wait to hear the whole cd.

  19. One of my favorites is Avalon’s Testify to Love. It’s on my ipod, in almost every one of my workout playlists.

    I love a good contest. This is so fun:)

  20. Danielle says:

    Er, yeah. I totally left a long and dorky comment. I blame it on the fact that I’m Presbyterian and we are ALL ABOUT the dancing (I totally just made that up).

  21. I enjoy reading your blog so much – just found it a week or two ago. Just listened to the new single – it is so awesome! If I used an Ipod while exercising, this would be my new favorite song! What really gets us grooving in the car are the “Shout to the Lord Kids” CD’s. They are SO great!! Looking forward to what you write in the future!

  22. My favorite song right now is “Delilah” by the plain white t’s and my favorite of all time is “Thou, Oh Lord,” but you can’t really dance to either of those, so I’d say, Justin Timberlake’s Summer Love gets me in the mood to dance these days! Really anything by him is good to dance to.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  23. this is awesome!!!

    the songs I that get my Baptist rear dancing around the house include:

    Anointed’s “Revive Us”
    Nicole C. Mullen’s “Talk About It”
    TobyMac’s “Diverse City”
    Ayiesha Wood’s “Happy”

    and there are more…but this is what comes to mind…

    thanks so much BooMama for offering this giveaway…

    blessings, mamabright :-)

  24. Fave workout music: Barry Manilow (just kidding).

    I hope I win!

  25. That song is amazing. So, I geuss I’m in.

  26. Yay! I love me some Mandisa!

    Favorite workout song?? You mean people actually work out? Uh, let me think…when I was in college, all the girls on my hall at OBU would dance (yes, at a BAPTIST college, even) to “I think I Love You” by the Partridge Family. No, I didn’t go to college in the 70’s, or even the 80’s…Let me see…IF I were to work out, and on the 12 days a year that I actually do, ALL of the fast songs on Hillsong’s Shout To The Lord really get me pumpin’.

    Now, draw my name please.

  27. Sounds great!

    My favorite workout songs is Shackles, by Mary Mary. I challenge anyone to listen to that song on a treadmill and not have fun!


  28. Okay, I’m in. I LOVE Mandisa. Girlfriend can bring the house down! Anyway, my all time favorite rockin’ the house song (and hypothetically, of course, a great work out song!) is “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

  29. Call me (severely?) old-fashioned, but I don’t have an iPod (sniff, sniff). And the only thing that seems to be motivation enough for me to actually get out of bed and go for a walk is if I walk with a neighbor – so no favorite exercise song for me. :(

    But, I would love to win the CD. I love to have praise music on while hanging out with the family. :)

  30. Oh-I hope this is the bloggy giveaway that I actually win! I love to work out to Shackles by Mary, Mary–and I just saw that my friend kittyhox said the same thing! How cool.

  31. BooMama, I just went to listen to Mandisa, and there is another song there that is just BEAUTIFUL….God speaking. I have played it a zillion times and it is my new favourite song. I am off to tell everyone to go listen. The words are so simple and the message just blows me away, especially right now. Thank you for telling me about Mandisa. I have never heard of her before.

  32. I would have to say nothin’ beats a little Earth, Wind, & Fire for some boogie-ing down. Anything from Best of…really. But ‘September’ has to be one of the best. This choice may appear to be dating me a little, except for the fact that these dance classics have now become ageless AND timeless. If you weren’t allowed to dance to them the first time around, why don’tcha just go on and fire up the iPod?!

  33. I would love something to work out too. Lord, knows I need to work out a little more.

  34. Well, now that the exercise room is built and the torture chamber that is the elliptical machine is up and running, I have found that what I like to listen to best is Toby Keith – 6.5 laps – no prob. I’m 1/2 dead afterwards but willing to pay the price to rid myself of the muffin top. In particular, I like Brought To You Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (and I’m not sure if that is actually the title or not but that is the song I like). I belt it out baby but mute the cuss words. I lurve Toby Keith – use to not lurve him too much (looks like a mouth breather and it bugs me – now I’m thinking he’s on the husky buffalo side himself) but I’ve changed my tune (no pun intended).

  35. bootylicious… because that’s the whole point,now, isn’t it?

  36. OHH! LOVE the song!!! (And I cracked up at the initial part of this blog – I’m going to guess you were making predictions about what she’d wear!! lol).

    Some of my scare-the-neighbors-and-the-squirrels hand flinging (evading my baptist roots) close the mini-blinds walking Jesus music :)
    1) Victory by Yolanda Adams (GIRL – I have dead stopped my run and broke out into dance on this one).
    2) Our beloved Shackles
    3) Kirk Franklin – He Reigns/Awesome God
    4) Friend of God
    5) Dancing Generation by Matt Redman
    6) We Shine by Steve Fee
    7) Redeemer – by Mandisa
    Okay…to discontinue embarrassing myself about my Jesus break-out moments, I’ll end! Thanks for the fun post!

  37. Oh how I love a giveaway! My favorite “let it all hang out” songs would have to be Shackles and Put your Records on/corrine bailey rae!

  38. As a Baptist who needs to “break is down” please enter me in the contest!!

  39. I love many kinds of music and there are several songs that get me moving. I love Steven Curtis Chapman and the Newsboys…..good stuff.

    I’m with Elaine…..anything by Earth, Wind, and Fire are awesome dance tunes…..Boogie Wonderland and Serpentine Fire are a couple of my extreme favorites. Some of my most, most favorite tunes are “Raspberry Beret” by Prince. I was in a store one time when that song came on and I actually thought I was going to have to leave to keep from embarrassing myself. Love, LOVE the rhythm to that song. “Honky Tonk Woman” by the Rolling Stones is another guilty pleasure. I love the Temptations, too. The words to some of these songs leave much to be desired but I base dance tunes on the beat. Would really enjoy the new CD. Thanks, BooMama for bringing some of my favorite dance tunes to mind.

  40. Well, thanks for the headsup BooMama! I love Mandisa & had not heard about the CD. I think I’ll definitely have to have one of these when it comes out. I love me some music & this gal can reallllllly sing! I don’t buy all that many CD’s these days, but I can see me getting this one!

    Rhoda from B’ham

  41. “Shackles” is another one that Rocks!!
    In fact, all of them are awesome!

    Marking the calendar for the release date :)

  42. I voted so many times for her and was truly proud of the grace, humor and dignity she represented as a Christian woman on AI. Love the new song! Thanks for the tip!

  43. Judy S. says:

    Oooo…I do love “Shackles”. I just listened to Mandisa’s version but I do love Mary Mary singing it too. I love that one on my iPod, love to listen to it when I clean the house, when I walk and even when I am mowing the yard! Kinda hard to push the mower and dnace and raise my hands all at the same time, but I try! I’m sure it’s quite entertaining for the neighbors! :D

  44. My favorite music to walk to is Southern Rock and Praise, depending on my mood. I have to remind myself that people can here me singing “Shout to the Lord”

  45. I love me some Mandisa!!! :) You’re too cool to be doing this giveaway BooMama. I’d have to say that the song that gets me groovin’ is I Will Survive.

  46. Oooh me, me, pick me! Love me some Mandisa.

  47. Natalie says:

    “Oh, I kid because I’m Baptist, too. And come on, now – you know that sometimes you just need to BREAK IT DOWN, regardless of denomination, age, hair color, or dancing ability. Don’t fight the feelin’, internets.”

    You are too funny! I can’t wait to come here everyday and LOL! I am in NY and NOT a Baptist just a nondenominational, Jesus lovin’, praise music dancin’ Christian :-) In fact, when we decided to try a nondenominational church we made sure dancing was ok- I didn’t want the pastor getting Footloose on me- LOL! My fave shake my booty song at the moment is a contemporary version of Nothing But the Blood- if you can believe it. Btw, I just want to make it clear that I don’t dance in church- only at home and of course in the car!!!

  48. Oh, I just love Mandisa! When she was on American Idol we were pulling for her to win but things don’t always turn out like they should (as evidenced with Melinda this year). My favorite get up and shake it song right now is actually a song on the newest Toby Mac CD which features…MANDISA! I was so excited when I heard it.

  49. Thanks for keeping us up to date, BooMama. I’m not familiar with Mandisa (although I wonder if she was one of the singers at one of the Living Proof events I went to two years ago), but the CD sounds awesome.

  50. Hey Boomama,

    Mandisa is awesome! My favorite song to get a great pep in my step workout is “Eye of the Tiger”. I feel like I’m in fighting form! Have a great weekend!

  51. I wanted Mandisa to win soooo bad but God has other plans for her, I’m sure. I’d love to have the CD. Thanks BooMama for your generous heart!

  52. I am one of your lurker fans. I so enjoy your blog, please enter me in your drawing!


  53. When I used to run, and was training for a marathon, Stacie Orrico’s “Genuine” cd always got my blood moving for my 5:30 am runs.

    Oh- and I LOVE the Mandisa song! I was jammin to it this morning while my 19-month old daughter was eating her cheerios. I looked over at her, and I’m not kidding, she was waving her hands in the air to the beat. How cute is that!

  54. I would love this! My songs: It is a tie between “Shackles” Mary Mary and “You Don’t Know” Kiki Sheard.

  55. I am a lurker, too. My favorite work out song is “As Good as I Once Was” by Toby Keith. Something about that speaks to me…I’m just sayin’ From another Southern Baptist, unfortunately with no rhythm.

  56. I love to do my Baptist creative choreography to “Big Enough” by Ayiesha Woods and “Wherever We Go” by Newsboys.

  57. Hey girl~
    Wow – what a great contest – thanks! I’d have to say my best getcha goin’ songs would have to be Kirk Franklin’s “He Reigns” and Mary Mary’s “Shackles”.

    …Okay, that and any ABBA song. There. I said it: I. Like. ABBA.

    …take a chance on me…

    Have a good one!

  58. OH ME!!! Pick ME!!!!!

  59. Have you heard her song “God Speaking”? Brings tears to my eyes every time!!

    I wanna be a winner!!

  60. boomama!
    bring on the free mandisa!!!! sign me up!
    this is the first time i’ve left a comment on your blog – but i LOVE it.

  61. I really can’t decide what my favorite workout song is, but this would be a great one!

  62. Get down, girl.
    I must say Maroon 5 is a good pick me up, I like the whole 1st album. Also Abba (don’t laugh), because it’s got that really strong 70’s disco beat.

  63. Delurking to say I was in Knoxville too! God showed up and showed up in a God-sized way!

  64. Hi – I am a frequent visitor to your blog – seeing Mandisa’s name wanted me to want to tell you and your readers about an awesome event coming up September 1st “up the road from you” in Conyers, GA (just east of Atlanta). Luis Palau along with 104.7 the Fish is presenting Celebrate Freedom Atlanta – the artists include Mandisa, Steven Curtis Chapman, Chris Rice, Mark Shultz, Natalie Grant, Avalon and more. And the most amazing part – this all day event is FREE! Go to for more info and to sign up to volunteer. They expect more than 50,000 people to attend and through these events, tons of people come to know Christ as their Savior. How amazing!

  65. Oh, I would love this CD. Please enter me in your contest. I am one of those “no dancing” Baptists- maybe I do need to Break It Down!

    BTW, Monday is July 2nd- You have it as July 1st in your post.

  66. Leanne from Canada says:

    I’d love to win the CD…but I don’t understand the question about working out!!!! I see some others are also in my camp…I have no excuse to offer, but I do enjoy a good upbeat worship time…can’t wait to hear the whole Mandisa CD. Happy Canada Day (July 1st) to all of us Canadians…..

  67. What is this thing called “work out”? Perhaps it is something about which I should know something.

    As for breaking it down, “You Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby” …from another century and all.

    Please pick me for the modern music giveaway. Clearly I am in need.

  68. I’ve never heard Mandisa (gasp!) but I am all over peppy music. Peppy Christian music is the ultimate tuneage! I am still a Kirk Franklin fan…Stomp? Yeah, that gets you up and moving!

  69. It’s been years since I’ve listened to ADULT music. Love the twin sisters, veggie tales and hillsong worship for kids, but kum-by-ya one more time I’m gonna vomit…BRING ON MANDISA!!!

  70. Rebecca St. James had a “dance mix” CD of her songs that came out a few (number?) of years ago–I LOVE to work out to that. The beats help me keep my speed up. That and things like “Salavation” from The Passion Worship Band, or the David Crowder Band I love.

  71. Okay, I haven’t worked in ummmm…about 9 months. But my favorite music to work out to was (and shall be again soon) anything by ABBA! Dancing Queen, anyone?

  72. The song that always gets me boppin’ is Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al” (is that the real name???). I dance around that house all the time and my kids are following suit. I would love to have some great new music to groove to.

  73. Jennifer says:


    From our days at MSU, I have Carly Simon on my ipod with “Let the River Run” from the all-time classic Working Girl.


  74. I LOVE Mandisa!!!! :-) I was SO UPSET when she was voted off of American Idol, but like she said, “God had/has a plan”. :-)

    It is funny that you ask what our favorite “Work Out” song is, because I began my exercise “routine” this morning, again. LOL… Always starting over. :-) Anyway, the one song that really gets me moving faster is “Dance With Me Tonight” by the Wonders, from the movie “That Thing You Do.” :-) Unfortunatly, I don’t have an ipod, but I have an MP3 that works real well. :-)

  75. Oh, the song I would run a marathon to (assuming the marathon would not kill me) is Casting Crown’s “Praise you with the Dance”.
    Love, love, love them!! Yeah, feel my happy feet groovin’ away….

  76. oh my goodness i’m just a total goofball about music. i got the cd you blogged about before (can’t remember the title now) and had a giveaway for simply because i will buy music on other people’s recommendations. i have no music soul.

    so please enter me and here’s my get you moving music–whenever i hear the commercial that has that song rubberband man on it i feel like dancing. i told you i was a sad, sad music person.

  77. Oh how I love Mandisa! I’m glad you had a great time!

  78. Stephanie says:

    One of my faves is Footloose by Kenny Loggins (circa mid-80’s). We always used to listen to the Footloose album getting ready for dates in college to get us all pumped up =) Dating myself, aren’t I =)

  79. “ugh!” that’s what big h says when he gets his groove on. “ugh mama. you got the beat.” this songs requires the word “ugh.”

    and my kickin’ it ipod song right now…don’t laugh. get your head in the game from high school musical soundtrack. life with a 3 1/2-year-old basketball star wannabe.

  80. Hands down best song to get your praise on is STOMP by Kirk Franklin! It is an oldie but truly timeless! And yes, i do dance at church!

  81. I LOVE me some Mandisa! Same experience… Beth Moore conference and then AI; I went crazy. I’ve even blogged about my girl Mandisa!

  82. Veronica says:

    Love me some Salvador…Breathing Life, Shine…and let me be the 156th person to say that I get my groove on listening to Shackles.

  83. Oh I love your giveaways!!! Please enter me!

    And pep in my step…give me some Toby Mac! Anything Toby Mac…how about a little “Diverse City”!!! Love it!

    Pick me, pick me!

  84. Well, I have never actually used these songs to work out. I prefer to watch Oprah and have a good cry during my workouts. That is when I actually DO workout.

    ANYWAY, if I were going to pick some songs to listen to while I was “working out” (that phrase is just so unpleasant, isn’t it?) they would be…

    Sing To The King by Passion (I love the part that says “Satan is VANQUISHED and JESUS IS KING!” Just typing it makes me want to get up and shout “woohoo”!

    Lifesong by Casting Crowns (I love this whole CD…I often listen to it when I’m cleaning)

    Lemonade by Chris Rice (This is a fun song, and I love Chris Rice…he is witty, smart, and I LOVE his lyrics)

  85. When I was jogging (ahem, was is the operative word), I had “Shackles” on my MP3 player. I thought it was way cool that Mandisa has recorded that one too and it has always been one of my favorites to “cut loose” to!

  86. “SHACKLES”

  87. How fun!! This was my first year to watch AI so I hadn’t heard of Mandisa.

    If I need a punch to stay awake on roadtrips..Bobby Mcgee by Janis Joplin. I know, I know. But if I’m singing around my house with no fear of falling asleep at the wheel…Casting Crowns

  88. Hello? The perfect workout song is Eye of the Tiger. heheh.

    Also, have you heard that joke about how Baptists don’t have sex because it could lead to dancing? That was a funny one when I was in college. harhar.

  89. I am one of the many who do not have an ipod. But in my car I sing to Aaron Shust “My Savior, My God”,Salvador “David Danced” ” I could sing of Your love forever”, Nicole C. Mullen “Redeemer”, Jeremy Camp, Third Day “Cry out to Jesus” “Tunnel”, Shaun Groves “After the music fades” a cool down song. Newsboys “He Reigns”, Mark Schultz “You are a child of mine” Chris Rice “the other side of the radio” . Then there is the song “Walking on sunshine”. I guess I am open to all genres of music.

  90. forgot to include my blog spot

  91. Ooooo…this is fun!

  92. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Thanks for the link to the new Mandisa songs….I love them!!! (And loved her too on AI – that was my first season to watch it). Can’t wait for her CD to come out!!

    Um, favorite workout song……uh, is it totally sad that the first song that popped into my head was “Two Princes” by the Spin Doctors…..from a MIX TAPE I made for my WALKMAN….when I worked at a summer camp run by my college during the summer of ’93?!? (And back then, I was a steadfast Steven Curtis Chapman/Michael English kind of girl!)

    Clearly, it’s time to get back in the groove….in both the working out and the music departments!!!

  93. Low Rider by War, and don’t even begin to figure out why, and Jeremy Camp “Would you take the place of this man” (might not be the right title) makes me break out in goose bumps just to write that.

  94. We have a Playlist mix for my three year old that includes “Real Gone” by Sheryl Crow (from the soundtrack for Cars, which I have seen a ba-dozen times…:) My two girls and I grab whatever seems to be an acceptable microphone (must be long and fit well in the palm of your hand) and we GROOVE IT!! :) We also shimmy to “Who Let The Dogs Out” by the Baha Men (cmon, you know you’re singing it in your head now!:)
    Not the most spiritual, but these are the “danciest” two I can think of without having to list a Wiggles song! HA!

  95. Ohmygosh! That song is about my life. (If you don’t believe me, go to my blog and read about the hard one, bad one, tough one, and sad one.) And I know I’m not the only one who can say that! This song puts it ALL in perspective. THANK YOU BOOMAMA, for sharing with us internets!!!

    By the way, Sweet Home Alabama gets me going like nobody’s business every time.

  96. Hey Boo Mama,
    Lovin it lovin it lovin it! Thanks so much for sharing this! Lately, I rediscovered my Mary Mary Shackles CD and I just can’t sit still to that song!
    Blessings, Dellie xxx

  97. I LOVED Mandisa!!!!!!!! I was ticked she got booted. Song that gets me goin? Cliche, yes, but I LOOOOVE Eye of the Tiger.

  98. Hall and Oates-You Make My Dreams Come True. Some songs make me want to dance with their lyrics and my soul soars also, but this one makes me dance just because of the beat. I finally had to buy it on iTunes after all these years. Isn’t music awesome!

  99. Love the new single! And that Mandisa is one Hot Mama on the cover of her CD. She looks great! I would have to say my favorite workout music (or just get up and shake my booty music) would be just about anything Toby Mac collection!

    Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

    Georgia Mom

  100. our get us movin song is anything by bon jovi…yes i am dating myself a lil bit(anyone else remember what a BIG deal it was when he rode his motorcycle across country during the New Jersey tour)

    tho my 4 year old had me groovin pretty big the other day to Trace Adkins the one about ladies love country boys
    we dont do the mic bit, but flyswatters make great guitars for lil hands