Do I Really Need To Say Anything Other Than “Purse Giveaway”?

Leigh at Speaking Thru Me sells adorable purses to help support her speaking ministry. We’ve planned to do a giveaway for the last couple of months (I mean, who doesn’t need a super cute bag for fall?), and oh have mercy, the day is finally here.

So, if you’d like to be eligible to win one of TWO Scripture purses that Leigh is giving away, all you have to do is 1) hop over to Leigh’s, 2) take a look around (she has even more cute purses that you can find through her sidebar), and then 3) come back here and tell me which purse is your favorite.

It’s oh-so-simple.

And, even better – you will look oh-so-sassy carrying your new bag.

I’ll leave comments open until next Tuesday.

Have fun, y’all!

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  1. If it has polka dots or checks, I like it! My favorite would have to be the pink polka dot w/ black, white & pink dots. A close second is the black purse w/ polka dots & a check lining, along w/ some cute bows.

  2. I really like the black and white polka and toile purse. Oh how cute. She is so very talented.

  3. I love me some polka dots, The brown with the scripture “I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me.”
    Thanks, Amanda

  4. Plaid and polka with the beaded handles – oh my word, those are some CUTE bags! I’m saving her site so I can go back and buy one if I don’t win! Thanks for pointing her out!

  5. I love the brown fru fru bag. Too cute!

  6. Well my goodness I love them ALL. If i had to pick one I would pick the very first one that is brown and pink. I love all the paisley bags also!

  7. The brown polka dot bag that says “I can do all thing through Christ…” Love it!

  8. I love the brown one right at the top. Hard to choose though. All too cute.

  9. dallimomma says:

    This is tough but I do like the polka-dot patchwork looking one.

  10. I love the little black/checkered/beaded handle purse with “With God All Things are Possible” embroidered on the front.
    These really are quite cute.
    Blessings, kim

  11. Ooohh, I love the pink & black/white polka dot one where she said “Let’s make someone smile.” I love the energy!…a beaded handle on it too! Just adorable!

  12. Love the hot pink that says With God All things are possible.Cute and spiritual!

  13. Oh, I just luv the brown with the fuzzies and Phillipians – strength, boy do I need that right now after moving to Michigan (nothing against MI, just not home and my daughter and grandson are still in TN. Such cute purses! ALL of them!!

  14. I liked the patchwork one…speaks to the hippie in me.

  15. I love the black tote with the bow
    and writing in green.

  16. I think the black toile is cute. I wish I could make purses that cute!

  17. I love the pink and green toile with polka dots and lots of pockets!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  18. Oh my goodness, these are the CUTEST purses I have ever seen… I tend to like anything brown, so I’ll go with the brown polka dot one with the Phillipians verse… LOVE IT!

  19. I LOVE almost all of them!!! I especially liked the dark brown (kinda velvety looking) that she mentioned would make a great Bible carrier. It had a matching wallet. I will be visiting her site often!

  20. Wow! What a treat…I love reading your blog. I love the pink toile/green polka dot one. Neat!

  21. These are great and I subscribed to her blog so we can keep up with them! I think my favorite is the tan and black check with the beaded handle..although I also love the tan with the brown polka dotted trim and the fringe. :)

  22. I like the black and white polka dot/checked one. They are beautiful.

  23. My jaw drops at how many comments there are on these contests! I really love the child size backpacks…it is a challenge to find a backpack that does not overwhelm the size of my little they are so adorable!

  24. They’re all adorable, but I like the last one; the larger brown “I Can Do All Things” bag that she said some ladies use to carry Bibles. I’m just not bold enough to carry something with fringe on the top and polka dots…my friends would laugh!

  25. I love the black and white toile. It’s lovely…and sassy!!

  26. I love the purses with the quilt pattern and the fringe thinga-ma-bobs. They are all so pretty!!

  27. CUTE! Love the ones she calls “faithful bag” and the “fru fru” bags!

  28. I like the black polka-dot/check ones. I also think the summer styles are totally cute. Too bad I didn’t find this until fall!

  29. Would love the diaper bag b/c I’m expecting a little one in February. :)


  30. Okay – my favorite (especially for fall) is the tan bag with brown and white polka dot fabric on the bottom. It also has brown fringe all around the top. They are all great!

  31. I like the “With God all things are possible” – beaded handle, polka dotten and gingham bottom. I’ve seen her purses before. They are great!

  32. Oh my! So hard to choose. I love the Black and White Toile/Polka Dot one. Or the Pink and Brown Polka Dot one. Or the Green and Brown Polka Dot one. Or the cute summery one she like the best. And the key fobs…oh, I could go on and on!!!

  33. Janet (aka JT) says:

    I am overwhelmed at the number of comments you have here…but I am pitiful, pregnant, and in serious need of a diaper bag. I liked the pink polka dot/toile bag that was photographed beside the brown polka dot/toile bag. I would happily take either, but pink is my fave.

    Did I mention that I’m pitiful and pregnant?

  34. I love the top picture with the brown/white polka dot mixed with the brown/white plaid. It looks like the edges are frayed. They are all adorable!

  35. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!! I need, I want, I must have one of the pink, lime, or black paisley purses that has the polka-dot ribbon on it. Seeing as my daughters name is Paisley…. this is one of those “must haves” really, it is.

  36. I love the faithful bag! So beautiful!

  37. I love them all!! My top favorites are the brown with white polka dots and the bow and flouncy stuff on top. Or the one with tan on the top, then black with white polka dots, with the beaded handle.

  38. alaskalark says:

    Very sweet bags. I love the toile and plaid.

  39. “Lime green toile and polka dot – lots of pockets” would be my favorite one.

    Although they are ALL adorable and I have a lot of other ones that I really really like as well. The backpacks ran a VERY close second for me.

  40. I’m having a hard time choosing, but I guess I’d go with the pink with the fringy frillies on top, even though it’s so not what I’d normally pick out. It’s a bag that screams “FIND ME”, which I need, since I often put mine down at events and can’t remember where. I guess if I won this cool new pink bag, I’d just have to head out and buy myself a cool new pink outfit to coordinate!

  41. I love the brown with the polka dots, too cute!!

  42. Whoo! I’m LOVING all the bloggy giveaways! Thank you. I really like the brown quilted bag at the bottom of Leigh’s main page.

  43. Love the brown and white bag and the black and white one in the first picture. Very nice.

  44. Just looked through all the purse blog postings – so many cute bags! I really like the paisley and toile purses, although I saw a diaper bag in there that would come in handy. :)

  45. I must be polka girl because I liked both the Polka and Toile Purses and the Plaid and Polka Party. Couldn’t decide.

  46. I love Leigh’s purses, and in fact, I’ve bought two from her already :o)

    I like the tan and black one, beaded handle,bow, polka dots, “With God all things are possible”. ’nuff said

  47. Oohh… I love the polka dot “all things through christ who strenghthens me” purse!

  48. Anything with beads and boa fur is a must for me!

  49. The Phil. 4:13 brown polkadot one, for sure!

  50. The pink and black is the greatest! Of course, coming from a house of boys, pink is always a precious color! Thanks for hosting this!

  51. What CUTE purses! I like the hot pink/black polka dot/gingham w/ beaded handle. And the khaki one just like it.

  52. Love the patchwork/polkadots (first ones shown), but you can’t go wrong with toile, either!

  53. I think I like the pink and black purses best, but I might change my mind by tonight.

    Very cute – all of them.

  54. I love the tote bags. The turquoise is prob my fave. But they’re all cute. Thanks for counting me in!

  55. I adore the one with the polka dot bows and the beaded handle and the check print bottom, too adorable!

  56. I just love the brown and white polka-dot, ‘With God All Things Are Possible’ bag.

  57. My favorite is the brown and black “faithful bag”. However, all of them are just gorgeous!! What wonderful work she does.

    And what a fun give away!!

  58. I luv that green paisley one with the bamboo handles. Just too cute!

  59. Lime green toile and polka dot one is my favorite!

  60. Oh…there are so many adorable ones! My favorites are the tan with black.

  61. I like the plaid and polka dot ones. Either brown or pink. Those are oh so cute!!

  62. I love the pink paisley that is in the sidebar to the left. Too cute!

  63. Love the Phil 4:13 brown polka dot one.

  64. I love the brown polka dot one. Super cute.

  65. I love the brown and black with the polka dot bow one!!! I think it says I can do all things through Christ or somethin’ like that!

  66. The backpacks are great… as well as the pink polka dot purse!!

  67. LOVE the black, pink, & white paisley one!

    Oh my. I have been reading your blog for a while, and so many times I have wanted to comment on something and I don’t. On important topics. Real substantial things. I’m just feeling a little bit shallow at the moment realizing that the first post that gets me to actually reply (immediately, even!)is about a purse giveaway. That’s me. Superficial purse-loving me. But seriously….love your blog. Keep it coming!

  68. Boomama,

    I LOVE your blog and find you to be hilarious!


  69. I love love love the black paisley!

  70. I too like each of them. I already own one of them that someone gave me recently as a gift. They are precious!

    I like any of the brown ones…I am a brown freak! But, I’d be pleased to receive any of them!

  71. I like the black one under the backpacks on the sidebar. And I love Leigh’s blog, too. :)

  72. I LOVE the pink paisley one with the bamboo handles!! :) Great give-away! Really luv those Scripture handbags!!

  73. JewelsHud says:

    I love the brown polka dot purse with the I Can Do All Things Through Christ . . . absolutely great products! I love this giveaway – please enter me!

  74. My two favorite purses are the brown and black quilted looking jobbies with those wonderful cross things on the handles, with Phillipians 4:13 on them. I’d be happy with either one, but my preference would be the brown one with the pink lettering on it. Ta for now BooMama!

  75. I really like the black one at the bottom of the pictures with Phil. 4:13. My second favorite is the backpack. My little boy would love carrying that around.

  76. LOVE the backpack (what fun for church!!) and the brown polka dot purse!! But I’m thinking it doesn’t bode well when you’re almost number 300!!!! :)

  77. I adore the chocolate brown polka-dotted bag that says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” and has the little chocolate ostrich-like fringe along the top. C.U.T.E.!!!

  78. I love the second one in this picture
    – thanks for the wonderful contest!

  79. My favorite is the pink with black polka dot and gingham but the practical side of me says that I would get the chocolate brown polka-dotted bag with “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” adorned with brownish ostrich fringe along the top.

  80. Oh I love the black square quilt bag, but i guess I should look at purses, if that’s the case I love the brown/tan one with poka-dots and frills around the top. :) they are all so cute

  81. Black Toile!!!

  82. I have a Phil. 4:13 purse with polka dots and bows. I can’t tell you how fun it has been to get comments when I carry it around. A great conversation starter!

  83. I love the brown with the poka dots at the bottom and the fro-fro stuff at the top. Too cute!!!

  84. Lovin’ the black toile! :)

  85. Those are so gorgeous!!! I love the cute summer purses..and the brown ones with polka dots..

  86. I like the brown top one – I can do all things through CHrist who Strengthens me.

  87. I like the green square quilt one!

  88. They are all so very cute, but I keep going back to the pink Plaid and Polka Party one…too cute. I also love the brown polka dot one too…

  89. I love the hot pink one with “With God, All things are possible” My girlies would adore mommy to carry a pink purse!!

  90. Eva Fuell says:

    The green one that says ‘I can do all things’ because it looks like my daughter would like it

  91. Retro Mom says:

    Definitely brown polka dots at the bottom…oh my goodness that is SOOO cute!!!

    Retro Mom

  92. Hi,
    I love these purses! I especially love the “I can do all things…” in tan, black and white check and black and white polka dot bows with the beaded handles. Of course, anyone would be wonderful!


  93. These bags are great and super cute… I especially like the brown polka dot one with Phil 4:13!

  94. Pink, pink and more pink!!


  95. I love these bags!!! I love them soooooooo much I can’t decide which one I like best… but I’ll try (no I can’t!… but I’ll try). There’s one picture that has 3 purses on it, a black, pink and green one in the middle a black one with “insert your photo “on the left and on the right…. the one that I really really love.
    I want to ask something though (I feel very impolite doing this). Does, “great room” mean it is big enough to carry something in it that has these sizes: 297 mm x 210 mm?… that’s kinda important to me, cuz if I win (not a chance, but still) I want to use the bag for university and all my uni stuff is that size.

  96. I love all of them but if I have to choose the first brown rag one is my favorite.

  97. I found a black and white one with polka dots and bows on her site that is adorable! I also liked the purple and green striped one and the one that was pink and brown.

  98. I love the summer style ones for sure. What a great give-a-way! Thanks

  99. I love the side bar ones with the the little geckos or the backpack her daughter is wearing. I love anything pink or green! Aloha from Hawaii!