Do I Really Need To Say Anything Other Than “Purse Giveaway”?

Leigh at Speaking Thru Me sells adorable purses to help support her speaking ministry. We’ve planned to do a giveaway for the last couple of months (I mean, who doesn’t need a super cute bag for fall?), and oh have mercy, the day is finally here.

So, if you’d like to be eligible to win one of TWO Scripture purses that Leigh is giving away, all you have to do is 1) hop over to Leigh’s, 2) take a look around (she has even more cute purses that you can find through her sidebar), and then 3) come back here and tell me which purse is your favorite.

It’s oh-so-simple.

And, even better – you will look oh-so-sassy carrying your new bag.

I’ll leave comments open until next Tuesday.

Have fun, y’all!

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  1. love the paisley and love the idea – God’s Word being carried around all day!

  2. Adorable! Polka dots. I’d love to have a polka dot bag. I could have used one of these at the Beth conference (don’t tell me you don’t know the Beth I’m talking about!)! Instead I used a Larry Bag (think Veggietales). = )

  3. With God All Things Are Possible (even winning this contest!!!)

    Love the one with that verse the black white polka dot with beaded handle!

    Representin’ 205!!! ;-)

  4. Gretchen Nelson says:

    I love the black paisely purse – very cute!

  5. These are ALL SO CUTE!! :-) I have to pick ONE?! Ok, I will say the pink with the black and white polka dots with Phil. 4:13 on it. :-)

    Man, these are TOO CUTE!!

  6. I love the black ones: the toile, the dots… cute, cute, cute!!

  7. What about the backpacks? They are gorgeous!

  8. The pink ones are really cute. She is so talented!

  9. I love the all over pink bag with the fuzzy trim on top…just too cute. BTW your blog cracks me up! And the bigboo podcast is a HOOT! The part about units nearly had me wetting my pants. God Bless and thanks for the laughs!

  10. Do I even have to say, I love any of the toile ones!

  11. I love love love the toile bag and all the polka dot varieties!!!!!

  12. ok wait, i’ve changed my mind…its a woman’s prerogative(would you belive I just had to look that up to get the spelling right??? :) for real, my first top choice is the polkadot toile bag in black….I missed those the first time around, so this is my for real vote

  13. I was eyeing the backpacks myself. I’ve been carrying my son’s Spiderman backpack, and it doesn’t go with anything I’ve been wearing. :)

  14. I think the faithful bag is my favorite, but it’s so HARD to choose!

    I am seriously considering purchasing that one, and the Bible bag, or the polka dot bad, or the non fru-fru bag…so many great choices! Thanks for such a great giveaway:-)

  15. Those are adorable! I think I like the tan with brown/white polka dot ribbon trim and fringe. Her blog design is cool, too. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I like them all…anything with toile would do :)
    I cant pick just one I like the best

    what a cool giveaway

  17. I like any of the greens, I love the rag quilt look what a neat idea ::lightbulb moment lol:: I LOVE her header it reminds me of you boomama :) xoxo melzie

  18. Christy Flynn says:

    I loved all of the toile bags…especially the black and pink.

  19. ohmygosh! How CUTE! I love the patchwork black and the solid black with “I can do all things”, although that would probably end up with my mom as that verse is her mantra.

  20. I love the patchwork bags and the solid quilted bags.

  21. they are all so cute. I really like tha one with the polka dotted bow and tan bottom with the beaded handles. too cute.

  22. All you have to do is say “purse giveaway” and I’m there! I looked through them all and my fav is still one of the ones right on the main blog page–paisely with bamboo handles, but which color?? Aqua is a new favorite, but pink is classic! THIS is the purse that was waiting for me all summer… but it’d make a great start for fall too. :)

  23. I can’t pick just ONE favorite! Come on, now! They are ALL so cute!

  24. It only took me like 15 minutes to decide but I’m going with the tan with the brown and white polka dots with Phil 4:13 on the front. I especially like the like feathery embellishment at the top.

  25. I love the polka dot/quilt pattern one at the top with the Psalms scripture!

  26. TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY loving the brown polka dot with the fun fur at the top! SOOO cute!

  27. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the backpacks. I also like the black and white polka dotted ones. Very cute!

  28. Julie from Ky says:

    This is a faithful bag that will go with anything and everything. I love the back polka dot, khaki bag with beaded handles. It would make a GREAT Christmas gift!

  29. I love the black toile one. Or actually any of the toile ones.

  30. I love the big pink polka dotted bag!

  31. oooh! i love every single one of them, but my favs have to be the toile ones and the ones that have ‘i can do all things through christ who strengthens me’ i am trying to teach my kids that concept right now. and i have never won and online contest before, so… pick me! pick me!! lol.

  32. Ooooooh! I want to win….please!


  33. I like the khaki and black with the beaded handle — “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

  34. I like the pink with fuzz and a dangling cross… but in the sidebar I also saw a pink toille that was pretty. Even the black one up top with patches is cute. I like all of them.

  35. I think I’d have to pick the black quilted one.

  36. The black bag w/polka dots is just adorable!

  37. I love the quilted brown/white and black/white ones at the very top. Lovely!

  38. I am not sure it is possible to pick. It would all depend on what I was wearing at that moment, how I felt, and where I was going. Thanks for the link over there! Gotta go check them out a little closer!

  39. They’re all so cute! I think I like the black and tan “faithful bag” with the beaded handles.

  40. The large black tote bag with the two cute polka-dot ribbons. So cute!

    Thansk for the chance to win Boomama!
    Chris (ccweston40(at)hotmail(dot)com)

  41. I like the black one in the last picture. Kind of plain and simple, black with Phil 4:13 on it.

  42. The brown and tan with the fringe and polka dots is adorable!

  43. I love the purple/green striped purse with the beaded handles!CUTE purses! So many to choose from!

  44. WOW! Gorgeous bags! I love: Brown large purse or diaper bag with toile and polka dots. I am expecting my 3rd baby and this would be a great diaper bag!!!
    Also, I love love the black & pink bag that Leigh even mentioned being her favorite (great for summer and into fall!!) Sweet!

  45. Oh, I’d love one! I like the Phil. 4:13 in tan with black and white polka dots. Oh so cute!

  46. ok, I’m loving the brown and tan polka dots with fuzzy stuff on top……whatever that stuff is called!! It says, “I can do all things through Christ…..” SO FUN!!!


  48. Oh I love love LOVE the brown one with polka dots!


  49. Oh my goodness, they are all too cute! I love the black paisley with the matching wallet!!!

  50. Favorite- I hope you are kidding:-)

    Today it is the brown fringy one (first one shown)… so unique:-)

  51. I love the pink paisley with wooden handle! Of course, to be honest I love them all! Would love a price list too! The bible totes are great!

  52. I love the lime green toile & polka dot purse…it’s sitting on the chair! They’re ALL adorable!

  53. Backpack please!

  54. I love the first black and white one … so cute!

  55. Cute, cute purses! I love the pink polka dot and the toile… thanks for the link I may need to invest in some of that cuteness…and what a great cause :o)

  56. #1 polka dots
    #2 backpack for reia; she would love it

    C’mon random generator! I could use a lift since we STILL haven’t closed on our house. =)

  57. A southern gal can never have too many bags – neither can a first grade teacher! I just love the black/pink paisley. What a great idea to support Leigh – Bless your heart!


  58. I can see me carrying that tan & brown with Ps 37:4!

  59. Those are SO cute! I’m loving the black and tan with the polka-dot bow. (I am in need of Fall color, y’know?)

  60. Cute bags!! I really like the brown polka dot with the fru-fru at the top and Phil. 4:13. Thanks!

  61. One of each please.


    I just CANNOT decide!

  62. Oh, and we got our visas for South Africa today!! We leave October 16th for the mission field.

    I’m too excited and just had to share.

    To God be the glory!

  63. Oh my gosh, I was just on her site yesterday checking out her bags and fell in LOVE with her latest. The ones that look like a rag quilt (which are just my all time favorite quilts) but isn’t a quilt but a bag, how cool is that!


  64. I like the hot pink quilted bag with the fringe! But the polka dotted ones are cute too!

  65. I love the Plaid & Polka Party ones, especially the black and tan ones!


  66. As usual I can’t decide between two. I like the brown polka dot with the bow and fuzzy stuff on the top and the brown quilted bag.

  67. Because I’m not feeling very “eccentric” today…I’d say the one I would “carry” those most and would be my “fave” pick would be…

    The black or brown suede/quilty looking one at the end of the post that says…”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…”



  68. Okay…sorry for sounding so redundant with the “thanks” and for saying “those most”…it’s been a long day already and i was typing fast! :-)

  69. I love the polka dot and toile bag….so adorable!

  70. Hands down the bag with this scripture:
    ”I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…”

    These have been my words to live by for the past 2.5 years.

  71. I love Leigh! I have bought a purse from her and I love it. The one I picked out for this giveaway, the brown and white patchwork, With God all things are Possible.

  72. I adore the polka dot bags… and the black and white ones rock! Although I’m rather fond of the pink!

  73. SO stinkin cute! I love the brown/black one with the black beaded handle, 3rd pic from the top. LOVE IT!

  74. Wow, how in the world do you choose! I’m not the biggest fan of brown, but I think the verse would make it the best one! The brown patchwork/toille bag with the verse “with God all things are possible”. Although I can do all things through Christ is also a good reminder… :)

  75. They are all great! I love the solid black “quilted looking” scripture bag. (Boy does that sound like a girl with no sewing knowledge.)

  76. I am not a fru-fru type girl. I love the B&W. But I think I would want the Brown and Beige one with the fancy stuff.

  77. I love them all but prefer the plain black quilted tote. Thanks!

  78. pammiedintx says:

    I love the faithful bag that goes with everything in black

  79. I think they’re so cute and girly. If I were selected to win, I like the brown with polka dots.
    Blessings in Christ–

  80. I love the khaki with black with the fun trim around the top! How cute they all are though!

  81. They’re all so cute – but I really like the polka-dot and toile ones.

  82. dayspringdawning says:

    What a hard choice! One is cuter than the other. But I like the rag quilt one with “Delight yourself in the Lord.”

  83. Oh, what to choose from – i like the tan and brown with Ps37:4.

  84. Fun! I love the black paisley one (pictured with the same purse in lime or pink). :-)

  85. Wow! It is hard to choose but for fall I would have to say my favorite is the tan with brown polka dots and the scripture “I can do all things…” Very cute!

  86. Are those NOT the cutest???? I love the brown polka dotted with eyelash fringe…..or a gazillion of the other ones!!! You know, I have a hard time deciding on cute things!!! ;)

  87. Those are so cute! I love them all…anythin with pink and brown is my new favorite. I heart them.

  88. Melissa K says:

    I am so in love with the black and pink paisley purse. The only way it could get better is if it was brown & pink….and had a matching wallet!!!

    Her bags are all lovely! I can think of a few people who might like some of the different styles for Christmas gifts.

  89. The black paisley purse from her June 25th post is my favorite. They are all adorable!

  90. I LOVE the “plaid and polka party” collection!

  91. I love the black & white toile shabby chic one. They are all precious !!!

  92. Oh My Word! Those are darling! Love the black and white quilted looking one at the top of the pictures. Also LOVE the back packs! Great give away!

  93. I love the brown, oh such fallish! The brown and silvery tan one with pokadots and black fringe is so my favorite!
    Cute, Cute, Cute

  94. I love the toile ones! And I really like the wallets too. And the backpacks. Oh heck – I just like it all!

  95. So hard to pick just one! The “faithful” bag is gorgeous!

  96. I LOVE the black and white polka dots!

  97. I like the chocolate brown quilted one that says some ladies use them for carrying their Bibles. CUTE!

    Can I throw in a prayer request? (I know you can’t answer….)
    I have an appointment with a cardiologist this morning. I have had some irregular heartbeats and am on some medication. Please pray for the Dr. to find out specifically what’s going on and for peace for me. I’m only 46 and this scares me. Thanks.

  98. I like the black and white toile one. Anything with toile always catches my eye!

  99. I love the Pink with black and white polka dots ($35). It is adorable.

    Love it!

  100. I like the frufru one. :-) Just saying frufru is fun.