Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race For The Cure

If you too are trying to figure out how you can get a Schrute Farms Beets t-shirt, then we may need to chat in the comments.

Because in all honesty I was a little worried about a season premiere let-down, but oh, tonight’s hour-long episode of The Office did not disappoint.

I’ll put my favorite moments in the comments – and I’d love for those of you who watched to chime in.

If you’re not too busy trying to raise money for rabies awareness, that is.

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  1. FYI, a lot of times at televisionwithoutpity.com, they have tv-show related t-shirts. If you give them a few days, you may have your shirt.

  2. 1. “It’s just Meredith.”
    2. Jim and Pam in her car.
    3. Angela’s cat clawing the bags of frozen French fries.
    4. Dwight firing the real gun at the 5K.
    5. Andy’s chafing issues.

  3. Here’s the shirt:


    We liked that the check was written to “Science”. Oh, and I didn’t realize that rabies creates a fear of water…

  4. 1. The kiss in the car. Duh.
    2. Michael’s biker shorts under running shorts.
    3. Michael squeamish at the hospital.

  5. 1. Jim & Pam holding hands (Praise the Lord I’ve been waiting 3 years to see that)
    2. Michael holding up Pam’s new lamp at the finish line.
    3. The Nurse
    4. Michael telling the office it was a good thing he was there when Meredith got hit.

    I could go on all night. Boomama, you may need to discuss how fashionable it would be to wear a beet farm shirt. Do you wear jeans or capris?

  6. 1. Michael and Jan’s domestic ‘bliss’.
    2. the check to ‘science’ given to ‘elizabeth’
    3. jan threatening pam
    4. the cat clawing the bags of frozen french fries–poor thing.

  7. You can get one here. Hope that worked! I wish I could preview my comment. I want the Support the Rabid T-shirt!

  8. 1. It’s in a better place now. Oh, and that place is your freezer.

    2. I’m not superstitious. I’m just a little stitious.

    3. The kiss and the holding hands and all the smiling!

  9. I too am wanting a Support the Rabid bracelet or t-shirt or something. Poor Andy needed some Lansinoh. PBJ forever!

  10. Loved it.
    Every part was my favorite.
    Support the rabid…it does not get any funnier than that.
    And when Michael thought a 5K was 5 thousand miles??
    And I so would’ve been in the group that took the taxi to the restaurant and then back again to the end of the race.

  11. 1. Hands down my favorite part was Meredith getting hit by the car. My co-workers and I had to re-wind it 3 times to keep seeing it- thank you Jesus for TIVO!
    2. Angela hip-checking Dwight.
    3. “all” the bags of frozen french fries in Angela’s fridge.
    4. Dwight firing the real gun.
    5. Kelly at the finish line.

    Great episode! :)

  12. Oh! I so want to participate, but I cannot even read the comments, as the episode is still waiting on my DVR. Mr. Brownstone had one of his tri-weekly XBOX nights with his buddies because the new Halo 3 game came out, and of course, the episode actually aired right in the middle of kiddos’ bedtime!

    If there is really a Dwight Schrute shirt, though, I’ve GOT to get it!

    Love your blog!

    Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife

  13. Did you watch Private Practice last night??? It was even better than I expected!

  14. 1. Ryan as Michael’s boss.

    2. Michael taking credit for Ryan, his “prodigy.”

    3. Kelly saying if there was a God she and Ryan would still be together.

    4. Stanley.

    Only one gripe. I wish NBC would not start the shows 2 minutes early. Unless I remember to record the end of “Earl” I miss the beginning of The Office. Ooohhh that makes me so mad!

  15. I watched it twice in a row…without stopping.

    1. “I’m not superstitious…I’m just a little stitious.”
    2. “I don’t think you understand how jeopardy works.”
    “Oh. What is, ‘we’re fine?’ ”
    3. “I’d like for you to take a look…at the face…of rabies. That should scare you. It scares me.”
    4. “I’m not depressed. I’m grieving.”
    5.(knock on door)
    “Come in.”
    “May I enter the room?”
    “Yes. Or, come in.”

  16. I missed it, but I can’t wait to catch up online! The cool thing about that show is that even after reading all these “spoilers” I still have no idea what happened AND it’s still gonna leave me wheezing with laughter.

  17. Michael laying on top of Meredith in the hospital in an attempt to get a hug.

    “I’m gonna puke. I’m gonna puke.”
    (Michael trying to get the IV plug back in)

    Our Target has “Office” trinkets in the $1 aisle…funny pens, notepads, refrigerator pads, coffee cups!

  18. Darryl: I’m Presbyterian.
    Pam: Me, too! Hey, same religion!
    *high five*

    That made two Presbies in Brandon, Mississippi, laugh hysterically. ;)

  19. 1. “I’m not superstitious. I’m littlestitious.”
    2. “I don’t know what your deal is, but he is MINE.”
    3. The chafing remedy
    4. “PBJ” (with the all-knowing look by Kevin)
    5. Simply seeing Stanley shake his head. I’ve missed that man.
    6. “So you went back and got your degree!”
    7. Meredith’s face on a giant poster

  20. Dwight: “You left your t.v. on. And your cat’s dead.”

    (A: How did she look?)
    Dwight: “Like a dead cat.”

    And of course, Pam & Jim! FINALLY!! :)

  21. I laughed and laughed through the whole thing. I love how Pam and Jim were encouraging him to get the big check and the “nurse”. And then Michael: “Oh, I remember you. You got your degree?”

  22. 1. Superstitious – a little stitious.
    2. PB&J – Pam Beaseley and Jim
    3. Double Jeopardy
    4. All of it really. It was PRICELESS!

  23. Angela: “Dwight, you don’t understand. Cat heaven is a beautiful place…unless you’ve been euthanized.”

  24. 1.Angela to Pam: “Did Roy ever kill one of your cats?”

    2.Michael: “Oh, so you went back to get your degree!”

    3.Kevin: “PB&J”

    It was a fantastic season premire and did not disappoint! Yay for Pam and Jim!

  25. “What is Double Jeopardy?”

  26. *can’t. breathe. laughing. too. hard*

    Why do I love visiting BooMama? Because she’s interested in all of life’s most important things, just like me. Jeans? Check. Music? Check. Shrute Beet Farms T-Shirts? Check. I knew as soon as I watched the episode I wanted to get one of those for my dh…and now I have (and a MSDMSMPMCRAPAFRFTC shirt for me!).

    Thanks, BooMama, for being on the same page! :) “It’s just Meredith.”

  27. I loved Meredith’s face on the poster and how, when she woke in the hospital, said, “Oh, you all came to see me AT THE SAME TIME”…LOL

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that show!! Our Target also has The Office stuff in the $1.00 section. I almost got my husband a notepad for work…lol

  28. Jim and Pam FINALLY together, that was hands down the best.

    “No on INSIDE the car was hurt…”

    Creed being a follower and a leader of different cults – when you’re the leader, you make more money. :)

  29. I don’t know the exact quote, but something about “don’t you want to run another race for a disease that already has a cure”? lol
    This morning when we got in the car to leave for work, there was a squirrel 6 inches from our car and we just looked at each other and laughed hysterically.

    I also loved at the end of the race when Michael starts “foaming” at the mouth.

  30. It was all hysterical, but the part that had me laughing the loudest was when Pam walked in on Michael while he was changing in his office!

  31. The whole show was amazing for me. I laughed so hard at Andy’s “nipple” protection.

    I MUST HAVE a “Schrute Farms Beets” shirt!!

  32. One of the first things I did today was look up how I could get a “Support the Rabid” bracelet :)

    I know it is wrong but I actually laughed out loud (and snorted just a bit) when Angela said her french fries in the freezer had claw marks in them! LOL! Poor Sprinkles!

  33. Oh! Also loved this…

    Michael Scott: Kelly, you’re Hindu so you believe in Buddha.

    Kelly: That’s Buddhist.

    Michael Scott: Are you sure?

    Kelly: No.

  34. Creed asking Meredith what painkillers she was taking! And Jan sleeping! And Michael throwing up! And how the camera crew interrogated Pam and Jim about the kiss footage, they are now involved!

  35. Hubby and I were howling last night!!

    Some still-chuckling faves..

    1. Jim popping up with his shirt in his hand asking if this wasn’t a nudist beach in France rather than a workplace..

    2. Michael’s babbling descriptions of the different kinds of pagan animal-parts sacrificial idol in the boardroom..

    3. there’s others that I can’t remember but I’m laughing anyways!!

  36. You are making me rethink my Survivor commitment. I may have to pledge my DVR to The Office.

  37. tying the ballloons onto meridith’s iv.

  38. Remember your post about the Tivo not recording American Idol? That was me last night when mine didn’t record the Office.

    I’m quite vexed, terribly terribly vexed.


  39. My favorite part was the end when Michael was in the hospital for dehydration and offered Meredith his “used” lollipop!

  40. Michael – “Maybe I volunteer too much. Maybe I hit people with cars sometimes. So sue me. No…wait. Don’t sue. That’s the exact opposite of the point I was trying to make.”


    And for the record, having a dish where you can get the same show at five different times is PERFECT for nights when you HAVE to watch The Office and Survivor. And put the kids to bed. I don’t know how I ever survived before!

  41. I was certainly NOT disappointed in the opening of the new series. I cackled during the entire hour.

    1. PB&J (I’m so glad they are FINALLY dating).
    2. The three taking the taxi.
    3. Dwight telling Angela her precious Sprinkles was dead (I AM a cat lover, but Dwight just cracked me up). I certainly felt Angela’s pain.
    4. Pam walking in on Michael.
    5. Creed asking about the pain killers and telling about being a cult leader–they make more money.

  42. As someone who has actually gone through the rabies series (along with my kids and my dearest, I might add and thanks to my wonderful HyperDog who attacked a rabid racoon which then we all accidentally touched the foamy saliva) I fully support rabies awareness ;)

  43. 1. The Sprinkles t-shirt that Angela wore during the 5K.
    2. PB&J
    3. Michael exposing himself to Pam. And then later demonstrating how to enter a room.
    4. DWIGHT, DWIGHT, DWIGHT explaining how farmers know how to deal w/animals.

    LOVE that show. NEED the t-shirt.

  44. I laughed out loud at so many parts!

    Really liked the following:
    1. “Michael complained of hitting a speed bump on the expressway a few months ago… I wonder who he killed then”.

    2. Support the Rabid bracelets

    3. Michael refusing water because “rabies victims have to live with an un-imaginable fear of water for their entire lives”.

    4. Michael’s explanation to the office of Meredith’s accident – where you think that she is dead until the very end; then Stanley’s “What is WRONG with you”?!?

    5. The guys getting a taxi and having a beer during the race

    6. “Michael, 5K means 5 kilometers, not 5000 miles!”. (I am still laughing out loud at this one).

    7. The whole Double Jeopardy conversaton

    5. “Where are we?” “I don’t know, somewhere 5 kilometers from the office”. “Oh. They couldn’t make the race go in a circle?”.

  45. Gosh, just one more:

    How about when Michael heard the news about Sprinkles?? He was clearly devastated.

  46. Once again your blog brought a smile to my face!! I (& my husband) LOVE THE OFFICE! Infact, every night we watch a few episodes of The Office DVD.

    My favorites:
    1. PAM & JIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Karen is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. oh so many have been listed, i won’t repeat them all. since i don’t like cats, i laughed when dwight said they provide nothing valuable…like milk or wool.

  48. PB&J all the way!
    Poor Andy…I could feel his pain…LOL
    “so sue me…no, wait…don’t sue me”
    Target is my #1 destination tomorrow!

  49. Love, love, love the Office. I ditto everyone else’s comments. The show is a classic, just like BooMama’s blog! Have a blessed weekend.

  50. I laughed myself silly watching this episode. I’m wondering how my pregnant belly would like in a Shrute Farms Beets T-shirt!! :)

  51. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I knew I loved BooMama, but an entire post about the office!!! Hubby and I settled in to watch it and we cracked up the entire hour. Oh, that the whole season would be hour long episodes.. it’s just too good for 30 minutes! Favorite part? EVERYTHING! Jim & Pam’s kiss and then getting busted by the camera crew… them stammering around and then Pam finally just bluttering out, “we’re dating!” WOOHOO!!!!

  52. YOU CAN get the BEETS Farm, Pervert, and Rabies race t-shirts and our site: http://www.donkeyTs.com ..Free Shipping to :)

  53. i am a boo mama too! my sister and i look forward to the office all week. the only tele show my husband and i sit down to watch together. i think michael trying to hug meredith by crawling on top of her in the hospital was to funny.