Saturday Afternoon

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My little man with my daddy.

They’re good buddies, those two.

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  1. Am I the first commentor?? Say it isn’t so!!! What a cute picture.

  2. boomama,

    howard will be so very grateful that you took that picture of him with his “pawpaw” (which is what my kids call my daddy, i am uncertain as to what he is called in your area).

    how very precious! you are truly blessed with an absolutely gorgeous child!

  3. Oh, the magic of the riding tractor for grandfather and child. :-)

  4. Preciousness. :)

  5. What a handsome man your father is, Boo Mama. I think. OK, he definitely has a nice forehead and like everyone else in your family, he has great hair. Cute, cute photo.

  6. he so cute… how do you keep from chapping those cute cheeks with kisses??


  7. When I saw the caption the first time, I thought it said your little man and HIS daddy, and I thought, “Huh. So BooMama’s got a May-December sort of thing.”

  8. That’s a picture that’s sure to steal hearts!

  9. There are no words….

  10. Definitely a picture that needs no words to describe it!

  11. My father in law always let the kids ride the mower with him too…brings back memories. Once my oldest threw him off the back :)

  12. Oh the sweet memories….

  13. Aww, very sweet.

  14. Great photo, great grass in the background, but what does your daddy’s DRIVEWAY look like? ;)

  15. Very sweet. Grandpa’s are heaven sent.

    Smiles and hugs

  16. Okay, BooMama, you finally got to me… This week I have bought BOTH Monk & Neagle AND Glory Revealed! After reading and reading about your LOVE for theses CDs, and the fact that finally I was in a Christian book store (my little town doesn’t have one), I gave in. I haven’t listened to them yet, I was too busy praising to Travis Cottrell on the way home…

    Oh and adorable men in your life!

  17. So sweet!

  18. Precious! Nothing like a riding lawn mower with Grandpa…nothing at all.

    BTW, your hair looks beautiful, Sophie…I am enjoying via blog what a great hair-do looks like!! It is one of the things that has been pruned from my spending right now :( Someday again, I will know the joy. Until then, I will rejoice that my beautiful friend got a pretty new-do!

  19. Aww. That’s awesome.

  20. That picture is a treasure.

  21. A little boy, his grandaddy and a tractor who could ask for more?!!

  22. What a beautiful picture. Hunter adores tractors… or “trackies” as he calls them. The only way we could get him off of ours was to tell him it had to go night-night. Then, he walked around the house with his finger on his mouth, saying “shhhh — trackie sleepie.”

    Ahhh — the sweetness of it all.