Christmas Tour Of Homes Button Code

Just in case you want to put a button in your sidebar….

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  1. It’s such a cute button! Put mine up already!


  2. Going to put it up now! It’s so cute!!!

  3. I put the button on my sidebar. I’ll hope you’ll join in on the Ornament Exchange! Enjoy Casting Crowns! They are awesome!

  4. Once I can figure out TypePad I’m on it.

  5. Help! I need bloggin’ for dummies to get this on my blog.

  6. Aren’t you just the creative queen? You are so talented Boo Mama. Love the button!!! DAng, this means I must clean!

  7. I’m off to add this adorable button to my blog and then I’ll start my holiday decorating plan :)

  8. I’m late gettin’ here because I was out shopping for new decorations. It’s all out there already and I got the pick o’ the litter. Yippeeeeeeee! Going to add my button now! It’s mighty cute.

  9. Again…I’m not exactly sure what the “Christmas Tour of Homes” involves, but if BooMama’s doing it, then I’m IN!

  10. Just put it in! Thanks!

  11. I have never participated in one of these but would love to do the Christmas tour, how do i go about getting the button code on my blog?

  12. Love the button, but I don’t know how to put it on my blog. I’ve GOT to get this figured out so I can participate.

  13. do you have any suggestions for taking attractive photos of an apartment?

    Maybe I can drive around until I find a cute house with lovely decorations and ask to borrow it…



  14. Ok – I am totally gonna be in on this, but a self-imposed rule doesn’t allow me to add the button until after Halloween! :)

  15. Okay…it’s up! And it’s cute!

  16. Hi – just added my button – my first christmas decoration!

    Just recently discovered your blog, but really looking forward to sharing my Northern Ireland decorations.

  17. Yes, I noticed the button yesterday. Absolutely adorable!

  18. One I can’t figure out how to add this to my blog, two I don’t have a digital camera and therefore can’t download anything to play along, and three this requires some decorating skills and effort I currently don’t possess. But I’m looking forward to seeing y’all knock yourselves out in christmas-y ambition.

  19. It’s a done deal.

    Praying for you to have a wonderful day, Sophie!

  20. That is a beautiful centerpiece!

    I’m thinking about doing the tour . . . we celebrate Hanukkah, and now that I finally had a mantle built (you can actually see a pic of it on my blog), I’ll have even more decorations to show . . . but Hanukkah will be just about over, I think. Guess I can take the photos at the beginning of the holiday . . . let me think about it!

    Love your blog, btw . . . this is my first visit! I’m bookmarking it!

    Have a wonderful day.

  21. Just wondering if there is a list for this of who is participating?

  22. Ok…NOW it’s time to officially think about Christmas!!! Yippee! Grabbed the cute, cute button and did my first decorating of the season!

  23. I would love to join your tour…sheila from downunder.

  24. Joining the fun! This will be the impetus I need to actually decorate this year! I have all the goods, but with the kids gone, not a lot of motivation. Thanks for hosting!

  25. if anyone is reading this…can you tell me how to link this? what’s a button? do i copy this on my WHERE?