Another Exciting! Chance! To Win! (Edited With New Link)

Shannon is giving away an Oreck today over at Bloggy Giveaways.

Go in peace, my friends.

And for the love of pete, drive carefully on the information superhighway.

Edited to add:

(HOLD THE PHONE! One more right here: Boing Boing Giveaway.)

(You’re welcome.)

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  1. Twice the luck, right? What should we do if we win both?

  2. Y’all are just the souls of generosity – or would that be blogerosity??

  3. Oh my word… watch those flying elbows ladies!

    It’s just like the day after thanksgiving around here!! YIKES!!

    Wowza… thanks for the info! ;)

  4. haha….wow. this sucks. (get IT?!?!) i’m so lame. lol.

  5. oh, now this makes my day :-)

  6. So, does this mean ya’ll have hit The Big Time? Country gone to town!

  7. You are so considerate to let us know becasue I know you are secretly coveting that Oreck. hehe
    The Park Wife

  8. I really wanted to make a little comment the other day and chime in on how much I LOVE my Oreck, but I didn’t want my comment to be in the running to win one and take the chance away from someone else. I can’t believe over 1400 comments…that’s pretty cool! Whoever wins I know they will be thrilled with it. BTW, do you happen to get one free…for just hosting the giveaway??? Just kidding.

  9. No, I don’t get a free Oreck. However, I do get an inbox full of comments. And that is the bloggy gift that keeps on giving.


  10. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Thanks for the tip Boomama. I have enjoyed the blog since last week, good stuff.

    My best friend is a ragin’ cajun, and they really do have thier own language, but its very cool.

    I have given many rides in “Deeztruck”

  12. Hey- saw the weather reports for you guys and we’re praying.

  13. oh yea!!! Maybe I’ll get lucky and win :)

  14. This must be big – you broke out the exclamation points! Which, I know you use carefully. Have a great day.

  15. Queen Mother says:

    The Oreck rocks! Good luck to all.

  16. Thank you for the tips. I’ve subscribed to your blog. It’s fun.

  17. Your so funny! Does this make you three times a lady (for three Orecks)? Bad joke i know.
    Finally started a blog, prepare to be underwhelmed because I am not a techie. At all.

  18. Thanks for the heads-up. Love your blog. If you ever come to NoVA, please let me know so I can meet you IRL!

  19. Oh another thought….Do you know the Roomba people? I don’t know if I spelled that right, but do know that I would love me one of those!!


  20. Thank you! :D You crack me up!

  21. So sorry you are sick, Sophie! Beth gave you a shout out on the LPM blog and would like to bring you a pound cake :)
    Praying for you to get well soon!

  22. How is it that you are able to make a post as “common” as a giveaway so darn funny :)

  23. Good heavens, the folks are lining up for a vacuum cleaner! I’ve entered at your site and Shannons, but that third site requires WORK. You have to tell a clever story. And if I wanted to work that hard, I wouldn’t mind so much having to hand wash the filters on my current vacuum cleaner and let them air dry for days on end before I can vacuum again. Who designed this thing, for goodness sake!

  24. (haha…my work blocks that last link as

  25. diet coke and fried chicken…mmm. For my last meal on earth, I’d probably choose just such a menu. Do you have a good fried chix recipe?