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We Are Also Planning To Sing Several Medleys

In an absolutely startling turn of bloggy events, Big Mama and I have somehow managed to convince the one and only Travis Cottrell to join us on our next podcast as Special Guest Star / Resident American Idol Expert.

We’re hoping this arrangement will last throughout the current AI season. Or until Travis gets completely sick of us. Whichever comes first.

My money’s on that second option, by the way.

Anyway, as we’ve been bandying about topics for next week’s podcast, it occurred to us – BECUZ WE IZ SMARTS – that there’s really not that much AI action to discuss right now. So Big Mama and I thought that it might be fun to ask Travis some questions from the internets, and so that, THAT IS OUR PLAN.

So. We have An Elaborate Question-Asking Procedure, a procedure we decided on because we don’t want the questions in our comments, because then Travis might read the questions ahead of time so that he can “prepare,” and HELLO, THAT IS CHEATING, MR. SINGER / SONGWRITER / WORSHIP LEADER MAN, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO “REHEARSALS” IN PODCAST LAND.

(I totally just rhymed that all-caps part, by the way. Perhaps Travis would like to use that portion of the previous paragraph in some sort of worshipful anthem. Preferably something that would be used during an altar call.)

Anyway, if you have a question for Travis, would you email Big Mama or me and let us know? If the Email Me link in the left sidebar doesn’t work for you and you don’t know my email address, then just leave a comment saying, “HELLO, BOOMAMA PERSON, I WANT TO EMAIL YOU BUT DON’T KNOW HOW,” and then I will email you to find out your question.

And it will be an absolutely delightful experience.

And we thank you in advance for your questions.

Now do have a lovely evening.

A Valentine’s Jewelry Giveaway

Erica from Bonbon Charms contacted me a few days ago to see if I’d be interested in doing a giveaway with her Valentine’s charms. And because I absolutely love her jewelry and had such a blast doing the giveaway back in December, I said something very refined and elegant like “OKAY!”

And like magic, a new giveaway was born.

This one will work much like the last one:

1. Click over to Bonbon Charms.
2. Look at all the great Valentine’s charms.
3. Come back here and leave a comment telling me which one you like best.

I’ll close comments on Monday, January 28 and then use to draw for three lucky winners who will receive the charm of his or her choice.

And here’s something that I think is way cool. If you see a piece of jewelry you love at Bonbon Charms and wish your sweetie knew about it for Valentine’s Day, you can fill out the contact form, tell Erica exactly what you like and who needs to know about it, and she’ll email that person with a gift suggestion.

Because sometimes the menfolk need a little gift-giving assistance, oh God love ’em.

Finally, if you can’t wait even one second to order something before I draw for the winners, you can use the coupon code BOOMAMA through February 14th and receive a 20% discount off your order.

I think that is quite sassy.

Enjoy, y’all!

This giveaway is now closed.

I Am Easily Amused

All righty, internets.

Since I have absolutely NOTHING to write about except for the fact that my husband is suffering from a man cold (hello, congested husband-of-mine! Happy Birthday! Alex and I are going to wrap up some decongestants for you right after we finishing making you a cake from cough drops!), I thought I’d elaborate on a topic Big Mama and I discussed in our last podcast and share a little of my search engine term joy with you.

And for those of you who have asked how I can tell what terms people are using to find my blog, it’s all because of the handy little WordPress blog stats plug-in. It tracks all the terms and keeps them in a lovely little list that’s organized by date. The actual search engine isn’t specified – so there’s no way to know if the search came from Google or Yahoo or MSN or wherever – but when you’re dealing with this kind of humor, who cares?

After all, this is some serious interweb treasure.

boomama, all.the. talking
boomama, the talking, talking
boomama, always talking

I think I should probably be offended.

I mean, I know brevity is not my gift, but still.

After all, I am quiet for SEVERAL WHOLE MINUTES a day.

is it okay to use cream cheese from may

I’m going to go out on a limb and say no. Because that would mean your cream cheese is about eight months old.

And really, when you’re dealing with processed dairy items, you can never be too careful.

I are test you for internets. (OH NOSE)

Come again? (OH EYES)

don’t y’all love paula

You know, I do love her. To pieces. I just love her to pieces.

bangs scrunchies tight-roll jeans


Just say no.

listen to Cici Winans


a picture of santa under a tree

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of Santa under a tree.

However, I do have this.

You’re welcome.

Can Ash Wednesday be shifted?

You know, I think you’ll probably have to take up that particular question with God.

I’m sure He’ll be absolutely delighted to hear from you.

how long is bacon fat good for?

I have no idea, but judging from this question, I think you and I may be related.

I have medium blonde hair. I colored it


You’re going to be right at home here.

sneakers you going to feel pain

I’m certain that sneakers across the world just cowered in fear.

And they probably made a phone call to their tough and rugged boot friends.

Consider yourself warned, trash talker.

Consider yourself warned.

rap for my friend Brianna




If you insist.

This rap is for Brianna, and I’m here to say
That rap is not my thang on the best of days.
Plus Brianna is a stranger and I think you know
That it’s hard to kick it freestyle so I guess I’ll go
And eat some more fried chicken, drink a diet Coke.
‘Cause you know I love some food and that ain’t no joke.
Yo, Brianna. Yo yo, Brianna.
Yo, Brianna. Yo yo, Brianna.
Never change.


The Burgess Family

If you live in the South, you’ve probably listened to Rick and Bubba’s hilarious, family-friendly radio show at some point. And if you listen to them regularly, you’ve no doubt heard that tragedy struck Rick’s family this past weekend.

Bronner Burgess, the two year-old son of Rick and Sherri, died Saturday night in an accidental drowning at their family’s home.

I won’t attempt to recount the details; you can get more information here, and you can see a message from the family here. You can also see interviews with Bubba here and here. I think you’ll agree that their faith is nothing short of remarkable.

Please keep this sweet family in your prayers.

I Feel That A Drumroll Might Be In Order

After two weeks, over two thousand comments and at least five hundred pleas for vacuuming help from the pet owners of America, the Oreck vacuum giveaway has finally come to a close.

And we have us a winner, my friends!


Commenter #45 – Katey

Katey, I just sent you an email. If for some reason you don’t get it, email me from the gmail address you used when you commented.

Thanks, everyone, for such incredible participation in this contest!

And congratulations, Katey!

For Kelli, Again

Last year many of us had the privilege to love on Kelli by providing a love offering for her and her family. The internets came out in full force, and we were able to provide almost $10,000 so that Kelli, who suffers from End Stage Renal Disease, could continue her heath care coverage and hopefully move closer to a live donor transplant.

Over the last twelve months Kelli has dealt with medical problems most of us can’t begin to imagine. Thankfully she’s had the health care coverage that she needs. But her window for a live donor kidney transplant isn’t quite as wide open as it used to be. And Kelli needs a kidney. That’s the bottom line.

So in light of all that, if you have the time – and oh, I hope you do – here are two posts that will touch your heart:

First: Heather writes here about something extraordinary that has happened in the congregation of a church in Mississippi.

Second: Kelli writes here about the latest developments with her condition.

And if you think about it, please spread the word about these two stories on your own blogs. You never know who might be reading; you never know who might feel led to help. I figure it’s worth a shot, y’all.

And I imagine Kelli and her family feel the exact same way.