Five And A Half


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  1. I love the light saber in the photo. So sweet! I hope I have a sweet little boy one day. :)

  2. You know he’ll probably be carrying that thing on his wedding don’t you? LOL.. :-) I have a nephew just a few months older than he is, and he never goes anywhere without his light saber. :-)

  3. Today my daughter corrected another child who mistakenly assumed that she was 4. “I’m not 4 anymore,” she says. Then to my raised eyebrows, “I’m not, Mom. I’m 4 1/2.”

    I’m just thankful I wised up before I taught her any more fractions.

  4. I love this picture!!!!

  5. He is so cute! Five-and-a-half is a BIG DEAL…….the summer that my oldest son turned 5, for months he started almost every sentence with “when I’m 5…..”. I worried that, maybe, we weren’t prepared for the big event that he thought it was going to be. We had a typical 5-year- old birthday party and he was thrilled. I was afraid that he might have thought we should have included a circus, the Goodyear blimp, etc……

    My son is now 27……..soak up every ounce of your son’s “5 1/2 year old” little self….which I know that you do….it goes by much too quickly.

  6. Oh my – I just can’t STAND it! How precious!

  7. What an AWESOME photo! The lighting is magnificent!

  8. Go get em little buddy! :)

  9. Awwww… It seems like just yesterday that he turned…

    Five. :)

    Seriously, half birthdays are exciting when you’re little… (I’ve been known to remember my half-birthday, too, and I just turned 33 1/2 — missed this year’s though…)

    He’s amazing.

  10. My son is 16 short days from turning 1, and your picture of 5 1/2 almost brought tears to my eyes. I pray that I will always capture sweet moments (in my heart as well as on film) of my boy as he grows each day.

  11. That is so sweet! I love “little men”.
    (But not in a weird stalkering kind of way, that sounded bad)
    My son is 9 1/2…

  12. Loving the light saber!! Did you take this picture? It looks like a professionally shot picture except for the fact that it so captures 5 1/2 perfectly…

  13. What a beautiful picture. As the mommy of a two year old boy, I can only imagine 5 1/2. In my imagination it just gets better and better. More sweetness, more crazy boy stuff, more everything. Happy 1/2 Birthday Alex!

  14. Oh, so cute! And it is a REALLY big deal!!!!

    My two oldest kids are already planning their birthday parties (I mean they have the lists ready. to. go!) for MAY!

    He reminds me of my little guy….who is precisely 6 1/4!


  15. That is a GREAT photo!! You should frame it on the wall just like you have it here!!

  16. The “half” makes all the difference. Great pic…

  17. 1. He’s ADORABLE.
    2. The way you framed the pic….I love it!

  18. He stands so tall and proud momma!! He is growing up and doing so beautifully! Or handsomly. ;)

  19. Cin'sforgiven says:

    That is a beautiful picture. Enjoy every moment with him. My baby boy is 18 and I remember 5 1/2 like it was yesterday.

    I enjoy your blog so much.


  20. When do the 1/2 birthday’s no longer count? Because when you’re a kiddo–they made ALL the difference!

    Oh, to be young like that again. : )

  21. Shouldn’t we all be that sure of ourselves? :)

  22. Oh how fun.

    and I think we’ve outgrown some of our light sabers if you want em.

  23. What a precious picture of that boy!

  24. adorable – simply adorable

  25. May the FORCE always be with him.

  26. The light saber is a necessary accessory to 5 1/2.

  27. He looks like he’s waiting for a fight.

    He is so adorable.

  28. Too cute! I remember when….

  29. He’s so cute :)

  30. So cute! And might I add that the background looks like something straight from Southern Living.

  31. Wonderful picture – really captures a boy that age – light saber in hand but thinking about going inside and finding some cookies. (maybe that was just little girls that age – I never was a little boy that age). Wonderful picture which could easily be beautifully framed as a gift for doting grandparents??

  32. Howard is growing up!! Precious picture!

  33. Love it!

  34. the light saber says it all

  35. Oh, my! What a handsome fella! I also know those blue eyes match his light saber quite well.

    Thinking of you today…praying for things and stuff.

  36. 5? It just can’t be?!

  37. My son has protected us from countless ninja and alien invasions. Still has all equipment from school aged years (in junior high – be mortified if he knew I was sharing this :0). Sometimes it shows up when we have younger kids visit. Nice to know we are all safe from space invadors.



  38. Wow… beautiful picture!

  39. LOVE that the light saber is in the picture!!

  40. He really is a big boy, Mom. Enjoy it!

    Hey, if his half birthday was yesterday, then he probably shares a birthday with my oldest daughter who turned 16 1/2 yesterday. Yikes!! We’re weird in our family–we always celebrate half birthdays by getting a half cake at the grocery store. They always love it–even as teenagers!

  41. Sweetness! Soooooooooooooo cute!

  42. What an awesome picture!

  43. I have a 5 1/2 year old too! This age is so fun, they are starting to be more independent and very observational. My daughter notices everything! She used to say “when I’m five” alot too in the months before she turned five. She said when she was five she would ride her bike without training wheels– and she did! I love this age because they still think that mama is the best cook, the prettiest, the smartest….. it feels good to have that kind of biased admiration :-)

  44. Promise me you’ll take him to Orlando to the Star Wars ride at MGM (or whatever it is called now). SOOOO fun. Outside the ride, kids can fight the real Darth Vader. Shelby was chosen and it was the thrill of her life to be deemed a worthy Padawan. One of our favorite family memories EVER.

  45. He totally looks like… ummm … someone in your family, I’m sure, but daggummit — he’s getting huge! A.BIG.BOY!!! So big!