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I know that some of you are busy decking your halls – or uploading pictures of halls that are already decked – but in case you want to have your post ready to go before you hit the hay, here’s the URL for tomorrow’s post (you can change it in your button code if you want so that when people click on the tour button it takes them straight to the tour post, and OH MY WORD I’M RAMBLING, SOMEBODY MAKE ME STOP).

Christmas Tour Of Homes 2008




And barring technical difficulties, I’m planning to put up the tour post a little after midnight central time. But you can join in tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, next Thursday, whenever.

See y’all soon!

Edited to add: the permalink won’t work until my post is up. But as soon as I post after midnight, the permalink will be alive and kickin’.

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  1. Can’t wait! Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  2. I love how you prepare for all of us OCD types who want to be ready a day early. Thanks.

  3. So fun! I can’t wait to wish everyone a Merry Christmas Texas style. Thanks for doing the tour.

  4. I can’t wait. I might be late posting tomorrow but I’ll be p. :)

  5. Hi! Love your blog. Just wanted to let you know I’m hosting a similar blog party Monday and someone told me you were doing one, too, so I linked to yours in my post (I went ahead and posted Mr Linky for those like me who can’t stay awake until midnight–ha). Hope it’ll send some of my readers your way. Should be lots of fun!

    Thanks! -Julia :-)

  6. yeah! I can’t wait…I’m one of those eager beavers ready to post, but I can’t get the permalink to work. It says no posts matched the criteria. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thank you for this awesome, festive Christmas par-tay!

  7. My OCD is out of control… I’ve been working all day writing, cleaning and snapping away. The cleaning is necessary so that you can actually see what I’m taking a picture of and not the 512 toys in the floor surrounding the stuff I’m really trying to capture. ;)

  8. Oh my golly, I’m thanking the good Lord that I’m not the only crazed bird out here trying to get their home tour on before the actual day! HA! Love all you gals here making me feel normal, bless your hearts! I’m looking forward to stopping over and meeting some new friends this Christmas! Thanks BooMama! I’m so happy to have found your wonderful site! XO

  9. crap.

    central time? I was gonna wait up but now I realize I’m not in your time zone I suddenly feel quite tired.

    can’t wait!

  10. ha.

    Nester and I had the same idea. Sisters think alike. Can’t wait to link up, though!

  11. WOOT! See you tomorrow.

  12. I’m excited! See you soon BooMama!

  13. Does this mean I finally have to put my tree up? :D

  14. BooMama — all is super lovely and so homey. Thanks for hosting this again. It is so fun to look around. Hugs!

  15. love the the tour, I was looking for something different for my door too, didn’t find anything so I ended up with the same berry wreath i used a few years ago. Love the look just have a problem with the bird trying to eat the berries!

  16. Your home looks so gorgeous. I love the idea of a Christmas Card tree. Totally awesome. :)

    Merry Christmas!!!

  17. Great tour!! I love your sense of humor and the one-armed monkey stocking holder!! Things with stories are really just the bestest!! And you’re a godd storyteller, too!!
    Blessings for a joyful Christmas!