In Which Dave Barnes Gives You Free Music And Food


One of my favorite singer/songwriters in the whole wide world is Dave Barnes. This information comes as no surprise whatsoever if you’ve been reading here for awhile, but if you’re newer here and haven’t heard me speak of Dave Barnes, then let me just assure you that he and his music are THE AWESOMEST.

Totally a word, by the way.

(And if you’ve never heard the soulful musical stylings of Dave Barnes before, you can listen up right here or right here.)

So today Dave Barnes is releasing a new EP called “You, The Night & Candlelight,” and as a result of that I am doing a giveaway so delightful that you will not even believe it. Or maybe you will believe it. But still. This giveaway is a TREAT, my friends.

Here’s the deal.

The very talented (and funny!) Dave Barnes has generously offered to give away ten copies of his new EP (I assure you that it is chock-full-o-musical treasures) AND a very special grand prize.

What is the grand prize, you ask?

Well, it would be my pleasure to share the details.

The grand prize is a copy of his new EP PLUS a personal Valentine’s Day phone call from the Dave Barnes PLUS a $50 gift card so that you and someone you love can enjoy a night on the town. A night with candlelight, hopefully. Because I think y’all know how much I appreciate consistency with a theme.

So, if you’d like to be eligible to win one of these fabulous prizes, here’s what you do:

1) Leave a comment and tell me who you’ll take out for dinner if you win the $50 gift card.


2) If you’d like more than one entry in this giveaway (which will close on February 14th, by the way), then head over to Dave Barnes’ website, register to win a free iTouch, and then come back here and leave ANOTHER comment telling me that you registered. That’ll get you a second entry.


3) If you’d like a third chance to win, then mention his new EP or (no need to mention my blog – just Dave Barnes’ website) on Twitter, Facebook or on your blog, then come back here and leave me ANOTHER comment. That’ll get you a third entry.

Oh, the day is filled with many winning romantical possibilities, is it not? I mean, a $50 gift card can buy a lot of bacon for you and your loved one at the restaurant of your choosing. And I think you’ll agree that bacon is certainly the most romantic of all the meats.

Have fun, everybody!

p.s. If you’re hoping for the gift card but don’t want to wait on the music, you can buy the EP for only $3.99 on iTunes right now. Oh, it is a bargain. And did I mention the songs are very romance-y? Because they are very romance-y indeed.

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. i love dave barnes. thank you for introducing him to me :)

    what a great deal! food and music?! :) i registered for the ipod touch on his site.

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway! I’d be taking my sweet husband out with that gift card, yesiwould.

  3. I’d totally take Mr. Frog to dinner. I can’t even tell you the last time we ate without the tadpoles hanging around.

  4. Registered for the Ipod!

  5. I want this! Can’t wait to see him in Bham on 3/13!!!

  6. I’m actually going to see Dave Barnes in concert for the first time on Thursday night – I’m REALLY excited!

    Considering I don’t have a significant other at this time, I’d likely take another fabulous single female out to dinner as we wait on our Mr. Right. :o)

  7. Registered for the ipod!

  8. I’d take my very carnivorous hubby out on the town with that there gift card. And, ya know, feed him red meat! :-) It’s how I assure this heart continues to throb for me! :-)

  9. I would take my sweetie, Pastormac to dinner.

  10. I registered for the iPod! Cool giveaway.

  11. I twittered about this greta giveaway!

  12. I would take my husband, my Valentine. It’s our 8th anniversary today!

  13. Registered for the iPod Touch…that would be so cool.

  14. i would take :the future hubs: to dinner…..he deserves it!

  15. I would take my hubby for sure!

  16. I forgot to say I’d take out my hubbie :) I linked to you on my facebook!

  17. i registered to win the itouch

  18. I would take one of the girls that works for me in the dorm!

  19. I registered to win an iPod Touch (how cool!).

  20. I registered for the iTouch too! His cupid video today is hilarious!

  21. i twittered about the dave….

  22. Of course I’d take my man to dinner on that $50. It would be a pleasure to receive the cd prize :) thanks.

  23. My husband!!!

  24. I would go out with my Husband. Being a Mom of a toddler doesn’t get you many nights out with the Hubbs, as I am usually collapsed into a heap of exhaustion by 8pm.

  25. Amy in AL says:

    Dave Barnes rocks!! I’m so excited about the new music! Oh, and I’d take the hubby to dinner – somewhere without a drive-thru or playground, no less!

  26. Shannon P. says:

    I would take my husband–who works fulltime and is in school fulltime–out to dinner at a place of his choosing to thank him for his hard work on behalf of our family.

  27. I twittered “Zaankali Check this out! Register to win an iPod Touch.”

    I think that covers the bases now I will cross my fingers (and toes).


  28. My husband would be my dinner date, of course!

  29. I’ve never won one of these things, but I’ll keep trying :)

    I would take out a bunch of friends. And we’d eat too much and talk just enough :)

  30. Dave Barnes is one of my favorites too! I would take my husband, Steve to dinner.

  31. My husband and I are really complete opposites, but the main thing we do have in common is that we like to eat, so it will have to be him.

  32. I love David Barns! I’ve seen you mention him before, but have honestly been too lazy to take the 3 minutes to check him out. That is so the kind of music I listen to!

    I would definitely go out to dinner with my husband. We’ve only been on 1 date in the last 3-4 months, so this would be a welcome opportunity!

  33. Amy in AL says:

    Registered for the iPod! Thanks!!

  34. And I just did all the other stuff too! Rock on :)

  35. I signed up for the I-touch!

  36. My husband would love a free dinner for Valentine’s Day. He was so romantic last year… I’d love to return the favor!

  37. I would take my husband out to dinner for his birthday/valentine’s day. I registered and am posting a link to your site and his site right now.

    Thanks BooMama!

  38. I would take my hubby, Ricky.

  39. I would definitely take out my husband. Easy question! :)

  40. If I even thought of taking anyone but my hubby, I’d be in trouble! Besides I don’t know very many people here yet. LOL

  41. Love Dave Barnes. A couple of years ago the social club (Baptist college word for sorority) paid Dave to come sing just for us at our banquet! It was great!

    I would take my husband, huge DB fan, to dinner with me!

  42. On my facebook:
    Kimberly would like to win Dave Barnes new EP “You, The Night, & Candlelight” and by mentioning it here I get multiple entries in BooMama’s giveaway. 8:07pm

  43. Registered for the iTouch!

  44. Lauren Sterling says:

    Hi. I would be taking my new husband to Dave Barnes–we both love him and listened to him a lot in Hawaii on our honeymoon!

  45. I would take my husband out for a romantic dinner.

  46. On my twitter! (jfrancis1)

  47. i don’t watch the bahelor, not because i don’t like it , because i work nights and am never home, and no…i have not joined the 21st century and gotten ti-vo or some other recording device with which to savor all the night time goodness on tv :) however i know i can always “see” it here and feel that i am getting all the best parts anyway! so if i won the gift card i would take my husband out, we have been married for 8.5 years, and this april been best friends for 17 years (we met when we were 10) so i would take my true valentine out without worrying about the cost of the place:) thanks for being generous!

  48. Lauren Sterling says:

    AND…I registered for the ipod.

  49. Will give this my best 1-2-3 chances. And would take my husband to dinner, IF I could get him out of the house:)

  50. I’d definitely take my wonderful hubs out for dinner!

  51. ok, i went to his site and registered to win, so this is chance #2 for me :)

  52. Registered for I-Touch:)

  53. Stopped by Dave Barnes site as well!

  54. Something fun you might want to do and pass along –

    My friend tagged me…and i thought this would be fun. so, here’s what you do:
    1. go to your 4th folder where you store your photos.
    2. select the 4th photo (no exceptions).
    3. post the picture with an explanation.
    4. tag 4 people to do the same.

  55. And I updated my status on FB to send everyone over to his site to hear his music!

  56. And as easy as 1-2-3 referenced the I-Touch giveaway here:
    Thanks and blessings always,

  57. Of course I would take my hubby! Especially since he’s been gone 5 days and 2 days remain before he returns…

  58. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!
    I would be taking the love of my life, my husband Jon!!:)

  59. i would take the hub……going to register for the itouch…..if I won, then I would be cool!;)

  60. I would take my husband… he deserves it!

  61. I’d take hubby, and leave the little one home with a sitter :)

  62. Thanks for introducing this guy!

  63. I went to his site, listened and joined the i phone contest!

  64. I’d take my husband out for romantic – but delayed – V day dinner. He’s in Iraq right now, so we’re saving up the holidays!

  65. I would love a romantic dinner with my husband! Thanks!

  66. oooo . . . i would take my very handsome husband on a fan-cee date! oh, what we could do with $50 and no kid!

  67. I registered for my chance to win the IPod touch (which I really would love to win. I broke my IPod).

  68. registered for the iTouch

  69. ok. put a link in my blog to dave barnes (and one to you too) thanks for so many chances to win! never heard dave barnes before!

  70. Patty Grimm says:

    I would take my husband out, of course! And I would give him this CD, it’s great.

  71. Oh, my hubby, HANDS DOWN. I have been in isolation from him & my babies for a week b/c of cancer treatment… I return home on the 8th, but still won’t be able touch him or my babies. On Valentine’s Day, I can hold my hubby again, but it’ll be one more week until I can hold my babies again. It’s achingly painful to be away, but the reunion will be so sweet. :)

  72. Patty Grimm says:

    Registered for the iTouch as well….

  73. I would love to win… I haven’t had new music in… well forever!!! My husband and I would LOVE dinner out together – maybe even without kiddos!


  74. I registered for the iTouch as well…


  75. I would love to take my handsome husband on a date and leave the kids with the grandparents!

  76. I just entered the giveaway so that makes my second entry.

  77. I would take my hubby out and since we are newlyweds it would be nice to actually order anything off the menu I want and not worry about the price:)

  78. I registered to win the ipod!

  79. I just entered his giveaway…

  80. I would totally take my best friend of 20+ years……..i still love to spend time with him~

  81. I would definitely take out my hubby – we don’t get many no-kid outings!

  82. Oh, I’d take my husband. :)

  83. Definitely the hubs. Right before the hockey game I’m taking him to. Aren’t I a good wife? :)

  84. Thanks! Would definitely have a much needed night without kids with my husband!

  85. I want to win! I’d definitely take my husband–we danced to “On a Night Like This” at our wedding.

  86. Registered to win on Dave’s website. Thanks!

  87. I registered at Dave’s page = second entry! Yippee :)

  88. I would use the gift card to take my husband out to dinner…I might even let him choose the restaurant.

  89. I would take my husband; we love Dave Barnes’ music!

  90. I’d take my sweet husband of 37 years out to dinner. He always takes me out. The old switcheroo would be nice!!!!

  91. I registered to win on his website–thanks so much for being a great hostess!

  92. What a smooth voice!! If I won, the obvious choice for dinner would be my husband of nearly 23 years.

  93. I registered to with the iPod Touch on his website. Thanks for the link!

  94. Registered on Dave’s website—second entry.

  95. I registered! And got a free song. :)

  96. I registered to win the iPod!

  97. The hubby. He’s cute. He’s sweet. And he’s a good daddy. I love him.

  98. I’d totally take my husband to dinner. He’s been the sweetest helper to me while I’m pregnant and he deserves a night off from cooking and washing all the dishes.

  99. Oh, I would have to take Mr. Michelle, of course. He is my true love.

  100. I would take the most generous man I know. Who works hard every day so I can make my dream come true of staying home and watching my two little guys grow up. He deserves some bacon since he brings it home.