Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 02.03.09

– I’ve said it (twice) before and I’ll say it again: Chris Harrison’s Bachelor blog is gold.

– I loved this post of Mary’s about her daughter’s bridal shower.

– If you’re a mom who lives in or around Memphis, you might want to check this out.

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  1. Hey now, thank you for linking to my Bible Study for MOMS. Oh how I wish you were close enough to come and join us!! We laugh and we cry ourselves silly and I think you would fit right in. Thanks again for all your kindness. We ARE family!jean

  2. LOVE Jean Stockdale! Seriously, I wish I could’ve staying in Mphs long enough to be a part of MOMS! She recently came to speak to our MOPS group and was AWESOME! I was hanging on to every. single. word! Truly an annointed woman! Thanks for highlighting her!

    OH… and I heart Chris’ blog! Who’s your favorite?

  3. OK… sorry.. I totally remember you saying that you think Melissa : )

  4. I just started reading your blog. Hi!

    Jason has a blog on, but it’s not nearly as fun as Chris’. It’s too edited.

  5. Chris Harrison needs his own talk show. I would watch that man any day of the week! I love his sense of humor!

  6. *Raises Hand*

    Excuse me, Mrs. Boo? Where is Tuesday’s AI post? I am going into serious withdrawals, my friend. Please please please post!! There was so much fodder for posting!! Please… don’t leave us hanging!