American Idol, Top 11

So last night during “24” I saw promo announcing that tonight’s American Idol is country music night, and as I watched the promo I couldn’t help but sigh just a little bit, mainly because there are few things as painful as listening to somebody butcher a Martina McBride song – unless it’s listening to someone offer up a disingenuous version of “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk.”

But I’m trying to go into tonight’s episode with a positive attitude. And I’m praying that Anoop doesn’t sing “Chattahoochee.” Because that would just be wrong.

Michael Sarver – “Ain’t Goin’ Down ‘Til The Sun Comes Up” – If the country genre favors anyone, it favors Michael. This was a really good song choice for him in terms of showing off his personality, but the words in the verses got a little jumbled – something that Garth Brooks, oh God bless him, always managed to avoid. I think Michael showed that he can perform, but I’m not so sure that he showed that he can sing.

[By the way, we’re now fast forwarding through anything that Paula says.]

[I just couldn’t take it anymore.]

Allison Iraheta – “Blame It On Your Heart” – I loved this song when it was first released, and I love it now. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Allison’s version – a little more on the rock-n-roll side but still true to the country roots. She sounded a little winded in parts (nerves?), but her big voice served her well tonight.

Kris Allen – “To Make You Feel My Love” – Okay, here’s what I loved about this performance: he took a country song that’s over ten years old and turned into something you could hear on pop radio tomorrow. So many times ballads translate as boring on TV, but I wasn’t bored for one second. Absolutely beautiful. And I’ll be downloading it from iTunes on Thursday.

[Hey! Do y’all see the guy playing the piano in their rehearsals? That’s Matt, New Marti‘s brother-in-law.]

[Hey, Matt!]

[Of course, Matt doesn’t actually, you know, read my blog. But still: hey, Matt!]

Lil Rounds – “Independence Day” – Oh mercy. Lil decided to break out the Martina. And while she definitely has the voice for it, I felt like she lost some of her Lil-ness in this performance. It just felt watered down, and I think it would’ve been great if she had put some R&B spin on it. I’m just afraid that she lost the most unique part of her voice by doing such a straightforward version of this song.

Adam Lambert – “Ring of Fire” – Has anybody noticed that Adam and Kate Gosselin have the same haircut? Anyway, in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell y’all that this performance MADE ME WANT TO STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STINKIN’ RING OF FIRE AND LET IT BURN ME SLAP UP. It all felt very overwrought and overly theatrical and borderline obnoxious. In my humble opinion, of course. It just wasn’t my thing, but if you loved it then I am delighted for you.

Scott MacIntyre – “Wild Angels” – So Scott decided to break out the Martina, too. I liked his spin on the arrangement, but I thought the vocals were rough. He doesn’t have the strongest voice in the competition, and that weakness was especially evident tonight, I thought. Plus, the song morphed into some strange sing-along (now! with the orchestra!), so the whole thing felt a little disjointed to me.


Alexis Grace – “Jolene” – I think this is a brilliant song, but when she started singing it almost sounded like the arrangement was in a key that was way too high for her. I guess I expected for her to hit a total home run with this one, but it felt like she never really got comfortable. I think a lower key might have suited her better – and enabled her to do her “thang” a little bit more.

Danny Gokey – “Jesus Take The Wheel” – Was he wearing a Members Only ski jacket? It totally looked like a Members Only ski jacket. Anyway, I was a little bored when he was singing the verses, but he was able to hit his stride on the chorus. I guess my main concern is that he can’t stay in belt-it-out mode all the time when he sings, and this performance actually showed us some weaknesses we haven’t seen from him before. He dealt with the verses like they were a means to an end – and they totally fell by the wayside as a result. In the end I’m just not sure it was the best song choice for him.

Anoop Desai – “You Were Always On My Mind” – Perfect song choice. Best vocal from Anoop so far this season. Absolutely wonderful. LOVED IT A MILLION TIMES.

Megan Joy (Corkrey? Where’d the Corkrey go?) – “Walkin’ After Midnight” – She looked gorgeous, and I got a kick out of the old school arrangement. It was a quirky and fun and interesting – she did a great job.

Matt Giraud – “So Small” – There is a quiet confidence about this guy that I adore. Loved this performance and especially loved the humility behind it – he is so incredibly talented. He made a Carrie Underwood song completely his own, and I thought it was phenomenal. Not only would I buy Matt Giraud’s CD – I would go to one of his concerts.

So, to sum up: Kris, Anoop and Matt were my favorites. Adam was my least favorite. What did y’all think?

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  1. Adam’s performance tonight gave me a bad case of the heebie jeebies that I’m still trying to shake!

  2. Kris and Anoop were my favorites too. And I thought the same thing about the ones wanting to talk back to the judges…on occasion, it is witty but most of the time, I cringe.

    We were afraid when Adam sang.

    Hi Matt!!!!


  3. Oh dear… Am I the only one who loves Adam?

    I think I might be. But I do. ;)

  4. Johnny Cash looked down from heaven tonight and he felt sad.

  5. I agree with you on 2 of tonight’s top 3. Anoop earned his spot back and Kris proved he’s more than just a guy with a guitar. But I loved Danny more than Matt. Even with the member’s only jacket!

  6. I’m totally with you on Adam. (And pretty much everybody else) What in the world? This is a really good season.

  7. Megan Joy dropped the Corkrey from her name b/c she is getting divorced, at least that’s what I read in US Magazine today. I was curious if it was true or not tonight!

  8. I think Kris and Matt were my favs tonight. (Kris is an AR boy – go hogs)(I think his wife was U of A’s homecoming queen I heard) and I also think that Paula was quite possibly high tonight. She kept jumbling her words – it was weirder than usual.

  9. Oh Adam…don’t even get me started on that one…

    I also thought Danny’s jacket was a Members Only. And I thought Kara looked very Jacklyn Smith/ Charlie’s Angelsish tonight.

  10. Anoop, Matt, and Kris were awesome tonight. I would buy any of their CDs right now.

    I was sad Danny and Lil didn’t do better tonight.

    And on the topic of Adam, BigMama said it best.

  11. I was a little disappointed with Alexis’s rendition of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene.’ Of course, if she had chosen Dolly’s ‘Coat of Many Colors,’ it wouldn’t have mattered how it was done… the lyrics to that song make me sob, and I would have stayed up past my bedtime voting for her.

  12. I have one word for Adam: EEEEEWWWWW!!!!

    And one funny story: As Paula was yammering on and on about who knows what, my eleven-year-old daughter innocently asked, “Mom, what do they have in those cups?” I about fell off the couch laughing!

  13. I’m loving that you’re loving Matt! He goes to my church, so of course I’m a huge fan, but not totally objective. I’m happy to see it’s not just me.

    What was up with Simon calling Lil “Little”? Someone please tell him it could be short for Lillian or Lily…

  14. Kris and Matt were definitely my faves tonight.

  15. OK- Kate and Matt part on different sides. That is the ONLY difference.
    And do you think Randy Travis is sick? And those teeth? He’s just a little off, but was so nice. His time with Adam was priceless. You can’t pay to see that kind of awkwardness just anywhere.
    Kris was awesome. I heart him.
    Poor Megan can’t dance. She has 2 moves: hand on hip and weird little wrist shake.
    I still heart Danny. Even if he’s going skiing after the show.

  16. Megan Joy WITH THE FLU singing like she did… yay her. She did great.
    And she looked great.
    I looked like poo and couldn’t ask my kids to even bring me a kleenex when I had the flu. Much less sing to them (they had it too)
    Fun Times.

    (and if I’d had that dress on when I had the flu you can bet it’d be pretty darn wrinkled cause I shore wouldn’t have gotten out of bed)

    Anoop was awesome.

    Danny Gokey. Danny Gokey. Danny Gokey.
    He’s the one.

    (I hope he wins!)

    and jacket shmacket, Simon. If he came out looking the same every week, we’d get bored with him (well, I wouldn’t). Love his story, love his voice, love his love for Jesus… he can wear whatever they tell him to and still do fine by me!

    (agree with you on Paula! she sounds intoxicated every week.)

  17. Adam scares me a tad. Ok, more than just a tad. And I’m sure Kate will now want to get a new hair cut- like tomorrow!

    Am I the only person that thought that Alexis should have possibly sang Reba’s “Fancy”? It just seems like it might have been a better song choice for her.

    Thought Anoop was amazing tonight! Good for him!

  18. In regards to Adam…Big Mama said it best. Unfortunately I am going to apply this to MeganJoy’s performance as well as Alexis.

    There are just some songs that are UNTOUCHABLE.

    Anoop…I love you! Matt…I Love you! Scott…I still love you too! Kris…you made me cry so now I love you too!

  19. Matt, Danny & Anoop are my top 3. The only thing Danny was missing with that jacket, which I thought also had a little nod to Elvis with the white and the popped collar – was parachute pants. I’m just saying… I’d imagine the song Johnny Cash was singing was one of his last ones, “Hurt”. Pretty good night overall, though.

  20. As many others have already stated, Adam creeps me out! There’s unique….and then there’s just weird. WAY TOO ‘Boy George’ for me (and most of America, I’m guessing). Am I seeing things or does Megan Joy have a nipple ring to go with her full-arm tatoo? If you recorded tonight’s show, go to her post-performance ‘interview’ with Seacrest and look carefully at her left breast….

  21. Okay, I only saw a short clip of that guy singing “ring of fire” and I thought that if Satan himself sung that song, that’s how he would do it.

  22. Doesn’t anybody else think that Megan OVER-E-NUN-SEE-YATES everything? She drives me batty.

  23. HATED Adam’s rendition–felt like he was almost making fun of the genre, you know?

    Megan and Anoop were my two favorites. And I got all teary during Kris’s performance, because that’s the exact song I sang as a lullaby to my second boy. *sigh*

  24. Alexis looked a little low on energy tonight. Hubs said, “PMS.” (Probably right.)

    Oh, Scott the Blind Guy. He sings like Maranatha Man, and I. cannot. abide.

    I was overly distracted by the top half of Megan tonight. It was a little shaky and unsupported, shall we say. But her hair was DOPE, shall we ALSO say.

    I also enjoyed watching Randy Travis and All The Awkwardness. Bless his heart. (And wasn’t Randy on that house-builders show one time?)

    Looking forward to the Randy-Carrie duo on Wednesday. Love me sum-uh-dat Kuntry! (As long as Carrie doesn’t sing “I don’t even know his last name.” Ugh.)

  25. Frydaddy says:


    You are funny.

  26. Thanks for the Linky Party. I enjoyed your take on tonight’s show. I agree with so much of it!!

  27. Thank the good Lord for Angie Smith’s link to you. I work nights and CANNOT remember to tivo Idol for the life of me. However, you not only fill me in on everything that goes down, but you add your sweet southern charm…. ahhhh I miss the south. My co-workers actually have me read your recaps out loud! (you know.. it’s just not the same without that southern twang)Thanks for making my life soooo much better! :)

  28. Adam = SO ANNOYING.

    Allison: her vibrato got on my nervous tonight.

    Michael = going home. Talked back too much to the judges.

    Boobs McGee (Megan) was not great-sounding.

    Danny is still my fav.

  29. Angel S. says:

    Nice breakdown of the show. I’m thinking it is probably Michael’s last night. Going on tour seems to be a pretty big deal. Maybe they will take the top 11 – ha! My fav’s are Anoop, Kris and Alexis. Oh and Danny. And don’t forget Matt. I actualy really like Allison. Lil is a power house. Dang – I think I like them all!!

  30. Just stopping by to say, “Hey.” Blessings.

  31. First of all, the Danny/Kate haircut comment made me laugh out loud!

    His performance made me want to slit my wrists. Or jump in front of a bus and/or off a bridge. And I’m not a suicidal person. All the fire in the background with his face in the flames felt a bit devilish to me. And the high-pitched moaning?! I thought the Lord was going to strike him with a lightning bolt right there on the stage. It gave me the willies. And nightmares.

    Anoop totally redeemed himself. I still like Danny, but Kris definately stood out.

    I think FOX needs to have mandatory drug-testing for the judges before they go on the air. Paula was even forgeting how to pronounce words. She leaves me shaking my head every week.

  32. OK so here I go

    michael sarver – please. I have heard enough of the roughneck. I don’t think he is nearly 1/2 as talented as many of the people left on the stage. He has an OK voice (by OK, I mean better than Scoot) but he just doesn’t do anything for me. I had to FF through him – and anything Paula and Kara said.

    Kris – WOW! I loved his take on this song. I loved the song when Garth did it years ago, but he made it fresh again in 2009. Loved it. He moved way up on my list.

    Lil – my favorite part of this whole performance was when Simon called her “little”. HA! It made me laugh out loud. I know she can sang, she has just failed to show that in the last few weeks and she better bring it soon or the people that vote will forget her. Sorry – I know she is a major favorite. Just not mine.

    Adam – Um, ok. So I thought he did a bang up job and his vocal abilities are SICK. But I almost felt naughty for watching him perform. Dirty somehow. He did a great job to me, but it was a little much. I personally think he is really great although he would not be someone I voted for. And… how tall is that dude?

    Scott – Ugh. Come on guys. He can play piano, but this is a singing competition. I just don’t think he measures up. He and Michael Sarver are in the bottom in my opinion. Scott has a great story and he is inspirational – but so are all the remaining contestants on Biggest Loser. You know?

    Alexis – I really think she has a wonderful voice. However, I also think she started off way too high. And then she struggled to stay on tempo. I know it is country music, but it still has a beat. In the words of a great musical mind from my past “Alexis, find the beat and stay on it”.

    Danny – OMG. Danny. 1989 called and they want their white safari jacket back. Please give it to them and promise me you will never, ever wear something like that again. So, Danny knows music. He can sing. He is a music teacher. But he is not that great to me. I felt like I was being screamed at while he sang the chorus of the song. And the verses were just “there”. He still has the “dirty” look to me and I just think he thinks he is way better than AI. And he isn’t. Sorry, Danny.

    Anoop! – LOVED IT! I think he has a wonderful voice. He finally chose the right song for the genre! YAY Anoop! Do that every week. We know you are “cool” and can have a good time, but we want to see you sing and command the viewers like you did last night. Well done Anoop!

    Megan – still love her. And I have to give a major shout out to the makeup artists that worked on her. She is a really pretty girl anyways, but dang, they did an awesome job last night. I would have never known she was sick while I watched her perform. She did an awesome job. She kept it in her Megan style and still kept me interested. Well done to you too – and get better soon.

    Matt – OOhhhh, I really love Matt. Now THAT guy can freaking play a piano! AND sing. He did an awesome job last night. He totally made the song his own and did an amazing job at it. Not many men can sing a woman’s song that well – (Hello, Scott and Danny) – but he really brought it! I loved it! One of the best of the night.

  33. I heart Anoop!

  34. You typed pretty much exactly what I thought. Right down to Alexis’ key being too high and fast-forwarding through everything Paula says. Love it!

  35. Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks that Adam sounded like Lars (Kate Beckinsale’s boyfriend) from the movie Serendipity?!?! Somebody, cue the flute…

  36. Adam and his song totally made me uncomfortable. Blech. LOVED Anoop, I was proud of him for doing so much better. But am I the only person who thinks Megan Joy’s voice is just ODD? I think she is a beautiful girl, but her voice has these strange twangs or something that I find hard to listen to.

  37. Well, happy night for us when we realized we set the Tivo to prioritize taping a show about the Great Pyramids over AI tonight – but after reading this, I feel caught up a bit more. And yes, I’ve deleted Great Pyramid taping from our ‘to do’ tivo list.

  38. I haven’t watched yet (Thank you, Lord, for TiVo. Amen) but now I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to watch Adam sing again without thinking of Kate. I read your post first thing this morning and and am just now getting a chance to come back and comment, but Oh, Mylanta all morning I’ve been hearing, “Has anybody noticed that Adam and Kate Gosselin have the same haircut?” in my head and I giggle to myself every time. Thanks for my first laugh of the day, especially since it’s one of those laughs that keeps on giving.

  39. Jennifer says:

    Adam was indulgent. I love Kris and Matt the most – would totally buy their CDs. I was cheering for Anoop and Danny, too. None of the girls do it for me this year, but that is my humble opinion.

  40. Hubs and I have hated Adam since he made it to Hollywood. Just something about him, creepy. Bad vibes.

    Anyway, LOVE Anoop, Megan, Danny, Lil… well, pretty much everyone except Adam.

  41. I’m still reeling from the image of Anoop singing Chattahoochie. SNORT!!! :-)


    Danny, The jacket…NO I was bothered for him. I still like him!

    Noop Dog was great!!

    As for Paula, when watching the show live, I just mute Paula. I can’t take it either!

    Have a great day!!

  43. i am surprised by all of the adam and megan haters out there. they are actually two of my favorites. i appreciate their creativity in a sea of more cookie cutter performances. i like that they are not afraid to add their own flavor. i understand where many people think that adam’s performance was weird or creepy, but for him to do a straight up country song would not have been true to himself at all. that is what i appreciated most about his performance.

  44. I felt like I needed to take a shower after listening to Ring of Fire…really. It was gross.

    Loved Anoop Dogg and adored Kris Allen. I will be downloading that one as well. Fell in love with that song after seeing Hope Floats.

  45. There is something creepy about a man wearing black nail polish and pancake make-up.

  46. Southern Gal says:

    I had to turn the channel on Adam. Please.

    I still can’t get past Megan’s hip swing thing. Somebody please teach her some moves that don’t involve swishing her bottom! I’ll do it!

    You are right on. Kris, Anoop and Matt.

  47. she-she says:

    Okay I’m with Holly, Adam scared me. It was just weird for me, HA! who do I sound like, I was not jumping out of my chair if I’m being honest. OK to much reality t.v. anyway, loved Kris, and Anoop. I just don’t like Megan Joy and hate the little hip twitchin thing she does, almost feel sorry for her.

  48. Thanks Anoop for bringing you game this week. I wasn’t surprised you were so good. Last week? I was surprised you were so off. If y’all would like to see Anoop before Idol go to youtube and watch some of the UNC Cleff Hangers performances. There are several videos and you can see just how good he is. So no, last nights performance was no surprise.

    I think the guys have it this year but my least favorite last night was Adam. Oh my word, I hope that boy doesn’t last much longer. All I hear from him is screeching and he’s just strange to me. He doesn’t seem sincere, only an attention grabber.

  49. Sophie, I am so glad you wrote this! My DVR skipped AI last night–got preempted by another show. Ah well, they’ll probably recap a bit tonight.

    Praying for you, friend!

  50. Adele does a beautiful version of To Make You Feel My Love. All her songs are beautiful, actually, but there are some profanities.

    Also I just can’t see Megan as anything other than a big fat phony. I just don’t see the cuteness. Am I crazy?

  51. Love Kris Allen’s song choice last night. Was so, so frightened by Adam’s! It was a little bit too much for me (but I give him points for trying to do something new with a classic).

  52. Love Kris Allen!!! Good Guy!!
    Adam, yuck, yuck , yuck!
    I like Meagan’s voice, she is awesome!

  53. girl, i thought satan was going to come into my living room out of my tv set when adam was singing. i am sure johnny rolled over in his grave a few times, trying to cover his ears, mostly. ha! loved kris, alexis, matt, and danny. ( i still can’t get over megan and those swishy hips, but she’s getting better.)

  54. I’ve discovered I can’t wait for Wednesday mornings to get over here and read your take on it all, Sophie. :-) I almost always agree with you but this time I have to say, I love Adam because he never ceases to surprise me. I thought his version of Ring of Fire was a riot. LOL

    I love Danny but I get a huge kick out of Adam and Megan because they’re both a little different.

    But then, what do I know? The last music I bought was Josh Groban for cryin’ out loud. :-)

  55. I kept telling my husband, “Led Zeppelin”, when Adam was singing. And…though I agree with you about fast forwarding through Paula, it was interesting that she felt that vibe, too. I still think he’s a showman and a (I believe the term is now) sick singer.

    Liked Megan’s song choice. Lurved Anoop–but he will never be Anoop-Dog to me. And lurved Matt G.

  56. I love Kris to pieces. He is just so fantastic.

  57. I agree about the Kate Gosselin/Adam Lambert hairdo. I wonder if that’s going to become the new “Jennifer Aniston” or the new “FArrah Fawcett” thing that all the hairdressers hear starting now: “Give me the Adam/Kate.”

  58. Kris was great, but he stole the song I was going to sing if I ever decided to try out for American Idol. Since he’s actually on the show, I guess I’ll let it slide. (PS: It was originally sung and written by Bob Dylan. Garth, while great, didn’t write it! Wish they would’ve said that on the show.)

    Also, I have a huge crush on Anoop. I love him and I loved that song.

    I loved Matt as well. That guy has skillz.

    I thought overall, it was a great night as far as performances and song choices. Some songs were much better than others, but none were terrible. But Simon was right about Adam’s performance being indulgent. Simon is right almost all the time … I wish people wouldn’t boo him!

  59. Sorry I’m not in this week. Baseball is wreaking havoc on my life and should be stopped. At least on Tuesday nights.

    Anyway, even though I haven’t watched the dvr version I did see the recaps at the end. You are so right about Adam. He’s starting to creep me out. I don’t think I’m on the fence about him anymore-it’s just a no.

    See y’all next week!

  60. Hahaha! Kate and Adam sharing the same haircut! Priceless. As for Danny’s jacket, I thought it looked like cross between something that would be worn by an astronaut or ABBA.

  61. I don’t have a reasons for this. But….

    I really like Adam.

    I know, I know. It seems to be the unpopular thing. But I do like him. Black polish, theatrics and all.


  62. Good show last night. Matt is my favorite!

  63. My post isn’t exactly a re-cap, but I interviewed Mandisa this morning and blogged about that…also included some soundbites. Does that count? :)

  64. Funny, I loved Adam last week…HATED it this week…seriously I thought Simon was right on(though I usually agree with Simon)…it was a SCARY performance in my humble opinion. I also hate when the contestants talk back…don’t they know they are supposed to be listening and learning not defending…oh my. This is ending up being more of a competition than I originally thought. Oh, and loved the “new Marti” story…too sweet.

  65. I agree with you!

    Kris was my favoritess :).Yummy too.

    Megan dropped her ex husbands last name.

  66. I actually thought Adam did a great job! Doesn’t man I like his “style” but his pitch, tone and everything else musical is spot on! Great voice control!