Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 03.30.09

One of my favorite things in life is to laugh until I hurt. I’m talking about laughing so hard that you feel flat exhausted afterwards, almost like you’ve been running for a really long time except that you haven’t been running because why would you bother with running if you could sit around and laugh really hard instead?

Clearly this sort of logic is the very thing that stands in between me and my fitness goals.

Anyway, today I thought I’d link to some stuff that makes me laugh out loud. Because every once in awhile Mondays just need to be laughy.

At least that is my philosophy.

So, a few of my favorite “Saturday Night Live” moments of all time ever:

This Lawrence Welk sketch makes me howl. I posted it once before when my links were on a separate page, but it’s so hilarious that it’s worth re-posting.

– Three words: Mary Katherine Gallagher. Still funny after all these years.

– Maybe it’s because I relate so well to The Awkward, but I love me some Judy Grimes.

– I don’t know what it is about Amy Poehler in this funky New York style skit, but she CRACKS ME UP. YESSSSSSSSSSS. NOOOOOOOOOOO. There’s some (mild) not-so-family-friendly language in this one, so MIND THE LITTLE EARS.

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  1. you MUST check out jim gaffigan’s new special “king baby” on comedy central…he has a deep love for bacon and some fabulous views on bologna and waffle house. promise you’ll enjoy! (i think it comes on again tomorrow night at 9pm central on comedy central):)

  2. Thanks, BooMama! I needed a laugh today! Mary Katherine Gallagher and Judy Grimes were hilarious.

  3. I totally agree with your fitness philosophy!

  4. Don’t have the link, but you can imbed and watch…thought of you because of the whole bacon thing (it’s bacon doughnuts).

  5. Hmm, the code didn’t make it through cyberspace. I’ll try something else…okay, I’m emailing it to you…

  6. Oh, my goodness! This is the first day after spring break, and I surely needed a pickmeup. Thanks for the laughs. I think I can make it until Wednesday now!

  7. FUNNYYYYY!!!!!

  8. I don’t keep up with SNL, so this was fun. Thanks for helping me waste some time on a dreary Monday night!

  9. You must find the Cowbell skit from SNL with Will Farrrell & Christopher Walken.
    Arrested Development is ALWAYS good for a great laugh. There is also a youtube video “My name is John Daker”, or crank yankers, “Special Ed”. the last one is comedic gold. I love a good belly laugh.
    You have provided many in your blog. Thanks.

  10. Been watching SNL since 1976/freshman year in college. How can a 33 plus year old show still have such great scenes? Thanks for the highlights!

  11. I have to agree on the Lawrence Welk skit… we rewind it a few times everytime we see it!

  12. Michelle says:

    The Judy Grimes one is hilarious!

  13. Love love love SNL, although I haven’t kept up these last few years. The cowbell skit reigns supreme. There’s also Arrested Development for smart funny, and then there’s youtube…”My name is John Daker” and Crank Yankers “Special Ed” calls the movies. Comedic gold!
    You should be proud, you provide belly laughs on a regular basis right here.

  14. Funny!!! I think we have the same sense of humor :) Scary. I have some other videos on my blog which I would copy and paste here, but it might be easier (for me) if you just go there and click on the links! My favorite are the Barry Gibb Talk Shows! Thanks for sharing :)

    Oh, the clips are on the right side bar.

  15. I love me some Mary Katherine. I could watch re-runs of her skits all day, which is a little embarrassing to admit. So funny, thanks!

  16. Oh. My. Goodness! That Lawrence Welk skit was HILARIOUS!!

  17. JustBetty says:

    As for me and my house…

    the only thing that really works when we need a laugh-until-we-hurt moment is this :


  18. That is New York funky style!

    I CAN’T wait for A) her new show. And B) the “The Best of Amy Poehler” DVD.

    Yessssss. Noooooo.

  19. I’ll bet you didn’t realize this, but Hulu can’t be viewed outside the US. I tried to follow your links, but it wouldn’t play for me. WAH! It’s already Tuesday here in Hong Kong anyway, so it wouldn’t be the same at all, would it? I mean, you need a laugh on Monday, not Tuesday, right? :)

  20. I am totally Lizzing over Judy Grimes.

  21. Bummer… the video feeds are not available outside the US limits! I love a good laugh. Thanks for taking the time to post these links.

  22. I, too, love Judy Grimes. How does Kristen Wiig do it? I will never know. And it’s only a few more weeks until Justin hosts again! For my money, he’s far and away the best host in recent memory.

    Incidentally, one of my sister’s and my favorite laugh-out-loud tv moments is from the West Wing, when President Bartlet calls the Butterball hotline.

  23. I know I’m dating myself here, but the funniest SNL skit of all time is STILL the Dana Carvey church lady.

  24. Jamie Friedrich says:

    I’m so glad you posted all of these in one blog…all of these are my favorite SNL clips at the moment. Now I have a quick and easy place to find all of the videos in one location. You’re a life saver. :)