American Idol, Top 5

Tonight’s episode of American Idol brings us the music of the Rat Pack. I feel this theme is a much better than, say, music of the Brat Pack, because quite frankly I’m not so sure that Rob Lowe or Ally Sheedy really ever sang anything that would merit repeating on national television.

Which reminds me: what in the world ever happened to Judd Nelson?

I do digress. I beg your pardon.

Anyway, on with the show (and seriously, I have high hopes for tonight – such fantastic songs, you know?).

Kris Allen – “The Way You Look Tonight” – Here’s the best way I know to say it: THAT WAS DREAMY. I loved the arrangement, loved that he put a little spin on the song in the last half of it, and loved that he flat-out rocked his suit. I don’t think it was his strongest performance, mind you, but it was mighty fine indeed.

Allison Iraheta – “Someone To Watch Over Me” – I was excited to see that she finally dialed it down a notch or nine, because when I first heard tonight’s theme I had visions of her doing some rock-it-out version of “Luck Be A Lady Tonight.” But I actually really liked her performance – she showed her range in a way that she hasn’t before, and she also showed that she’s capable of being a little bit more restrained. Well done.

Matt Giraud – “My Funny Valentine” – Raise your hand if you’re surprised that Matt broke out a fedora for Rat Pack week. No hands? SHOCKING. I think this was a good song choice for him, and while his vocals weren’t as solid as, say, Kris’s, they were good. Also: he didn’t try to break out the falsetto in strange places, and that was a welcome change from the last two weeks. HOWEVER. The husband just said that Matt’s version didn’t come anywhere close to Melinda Doolittle’s version of this song a couple of years ago, and yes: EXCELLENT point.

Danny Gokey – “Come Rain or Come Shine” – First of all, I TRIPLE LOVED his suit. Just for the record. And as for the singing: MY WORD. That was hands-down my favorite performance this season. I had goosebumps all the way down to my toes. He had a sparkle in his eye when he started to sing – like he had a vocal trick or two up his sleeve – and good grief, did he ever deliver. So, so great.

Adam Lambert – “It’s A New Day” – As Corky St. Clair might say, this was a little dramatical for me. Something about the white suit and the black shirt and the walking down twenty two stairs at the beginning of the performance. I really liked what Adam did last week, but this was back in Rocky Horror-ish / squawky mode, in my opinion. It was all very odd. Nothing nuanced or subtle about it.

All in all, this is the strongest top five ever, I think. I have no idea who will go home tomorrow night, but I’m guessing it’ll be Matt or Allison.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to watch Danny Gokey sing about forty-four more times before I go to bed. SWEET MERCY HE WAS PHENOMENAL.

What did y’all think?

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  1. I agree with the Rocky Horror (oh the horror) with Adam…I can’t take the drama.
    I got enough drama with a 7 year old daughter.

    And, Danny….OH Danny Boy! How I love him!

  2. I pretty much could have saved up the 13 calories I burned typing my post and just sent everyone here… I agree on all counts.

    Danny blew my mind. Blew it.


  3. LOVED Danny tonight! LOVED! That was a pleasant surprise! Loved Allison and Kris too although I admit they were both somewhat forgettable in light of Danny and Adam. And you and I will never agree about Adam, and that’s okay. :-)

  4. Absolutely loved Danny!!!

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only person thinking of Judd Nelson tonight. For awhile he was on that Brooke Shields sitcom, “Suddenly Susan”, I think.

  5. Adam belongs on Broadway. I’m thinking he’d make a great Mama Rose.

    My two favorites were Allison and Danny. I must love raspy, throaty voices.

  6. I’m for Danny and Kris. (WOW performances tonight.) I think Matt is going home this week. And I just don’t GET Adam.

  7. And PS: the years they have not been so kind to Judd.

  8. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Danny. American Idol is such a guilty pleasure. Both my kids went down at 8p and I ran to my DVR to watch it. I am worried about Allison because of Simon. I hope she stays on.

  9. Last I saw Judd Nelson he was in that sitcom with Brooke Shields. I think. What WAS that show?

  10. I just think Kris Allen is dreamy. That is all.

  11. danny was brilliant. adam was(for me) creepy, as usual. though i did dig the way he walked down all those stairs. and you nailed the word for kris tonight…dreamy. love the show. love your recaps. laughing about judd nelson.

  12. I might have a little crush on Kris. And I thought Jamie Foxx was the best at actually helping the contestants so far this year. He actually had real suggestions, and they seemed to be truly helpful. But yeah, best top 5 ever for A.I. I’ll be sad no matter WHO goes home from this point on.

  13. I love love Kris, and couldn’t agree with you more. However, I just don’t get the Danny love…. he bores me. I mean, while all of you loved this performance, I was genuinely bored. How is that possible?

    I’ve noticed that blogging moms generally love Danny and dislike Adam. What’s with that?

    My rock-fan husband loves his theatrical drama more than I do, but I still think he’s amazing.

  14. Yea! Totally agree! Danny was amazing! I am not on the Adam bandwagon. He’s always screeching to me… he sounds like a cat on a hot tin roof! Geesh!! He belongs in theatre, people!!


  15. I am Danny’s girlfriend and as always he! was! awesome. I don’t get the whole Adam thing but he can sing. Kris gave another WOW performance. And, I think Allison WILL go tomorrow.

  16. I can’t help liking Adam. It isn’t just his voice (which is amazing) but it’s the fact that he already seems professional. He has stage presence and whether you love him or hate him, you want to see what he does next. I think he’s really shaking it up this season!

  17. I love adam. Have from the start. His big theatrical self just wows me every time. :) Maybe I should be on broadway? :) I want to like Danny….but he bores me. I am so suprised to read how much you liked his performance tonight. Good pipes, tho. The rest…eh. Not so much.

  18. Melanie K says:

    I love Adam. I don’t know why people don’t. I would love him on Broadway, I would love him at a concert and I would love him on a live televised performance. I don’t care who goes home, but I think Adam will win despite the odds from these comments being for Danny.

  19. Oh, my word the RAT PACK – that’s it. My quilting group tuned in late and spent the whole show trying to figure out the theme. Unfortunately most of our guesses can’t be repeated in polite company. It was a feisty night of quilting, let me tell you.

    I thought Allison was TERRIBLE,physically painful screeching. She sounded like a pet store purchase gone horribly wrong. And “Someone to Watch Over Me” is a Cole Porter song, not a Rat Pack song. If I’d known the theme, that would’ve put me against her in the first place.

  20. It was actually a very pleasant evening, but that might be because I watched all the songs online, minus commercials and commentary. So THIS is what you DVR-folk get every week? Niii-hiiii-hiiice!

    Those gents in the dark suits looking fiiiine indeed.

    And I loved, LOVED Allison’s muted style tonight. The hair was better, outfit better. I’ve always liked her voice, but I tend towards the gritty low-voiced shouting kind of gals.

    I think Matt will go home.

    You know, Adam is quite talented, very theatrical, and I can totally see him winning. But who’s voting for him? None of us! (middle-aged blogging housewives)

  21. After tonight, I’m a Kris girl all the way. If I could see a Danny/Kris finale? I’d be a very happy girl, indeed.

  22. Danny is back on top! I loved Danny tonight and I think he was the best, hands down! I pretty much agree with your assessment of the show tonight. Adam though extremely talented, was a little too broadwayish for me. I actually really liked Allison tonight. I have a feeling Matt will be going home.

  23. D Gokey is DA BOMB. Dang.

    He had a nice jacket on, too. Although…it wasn’t THAT nice…just good.

    My name is Daniel Semsen, and I. Like. Jackets.

  24. I sure wish Adam would go home. I’m so sick of the theatrical screaming. every. single. week! He gives me the willies. *shiver*

    I would love to see Kris or Danny win this thing!

    I think Allison or Matt will go home.

  25. Allison will go home I think. Danny was amazing… I liked Kris as well. I am not a fan of Adam at all. Matt did better than I anticipated.

  26. I am so with you on the whole recap. I love, love, LOVE Danny. Sweet mercy, he is good! I’m not a big fan of Adam, but he is GOOD.

    All five are excellent, but out of all of them, I think I’m ready for Matt to go.

  27. AGREED! Danny was THE BEST of the night!

  28. i completely agree with all of your assessment and would like you to know that i also rewatched danny performance 44 more times… also just as a side note that i felt you would enjoy… my husband asked last night when adam was singing if liza minelli and steve tyler ever had a love child?? just a thought… we like to “facebook” it out with some other friends when AI is on…they disagree with us and we likewise with them…its pretty funny… let me know if you would like to join the fun :)

  29. I had a really hard time last night because I liked everyone but Matt! I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t seem to jump on board for him.

    I really hope that he’s the one that goes this week…

  30. I miss Melinda Doolittle. Now that was a girl who could sing. Of course, I do agree about the strongest top 5. No matter who wins this year, I’m gonna be heartbroken for a favorite!

  31. Right there with you on all of it. If Adam is that theatrical now, what on earth will it be like once he goes big? It was a bit Liberaceish for me, and the white suit just creeped me out. Danny – he just gets better every single week and I’m loving seeing this guy with a genuine sparkle in his eyes.

  32. I don’t get to watch AI, because our DVR is recording Biggest Loser and we are not home to watch on another TV. But I keep reading recaps anyway. I am weird.

    Yea for a Waiting for Guffman reference! Love that movie.

  33. The Corky St Clair reference made me laugh really hard.

  34. Where IS Melinda Doolittle now? I always liked Allison, even though she sings songs that are beyond her years. She will get a record deal whether she wins or loses. I just can’t say what will happen besides a Danny/Kris/Adam sing-off! Exciting stuff! OH! And ya gotta love a Waiting for Guffman reference – SWEET!

  35. I clapped when Danny had finished singing! I thought it was just that GOOD!

    Adam is an interesting character. I could definitely see him on the stage–with that maniacal expression, I do believe he’d get the part for the devious, bad guy in “Arsenic and Old Lace.”

    As much as I’d like to say who is going home tonight, I do believe that it could be any of them with all the talent displayed last night.

  36. Adam has the same haircut as Kate Gosselin. I guess I am old, but I don’t get him. I love Danny and Kris. Either one winning would be great with me. I agree that Matt and Allison will be the bottom two.

  37. Um, I think Judd Nelson actually did a forgettable Christian movie a few years ago. I think my husband and I watched it and I can’t remember the name.

    I think the consensus is that people either LOVE Adam or just don’t get him. I just don’t get him and don’t understand why the judges are so in love with him. I think they’ve basically decided who’s going to win and set the bar for every other contestant by comparing them to Adam. And that’s a shame.

    I loved Danny last night! I loved the grow in his voice. And I’m a big Kris Allen fan as well. Although, I missed his performance last night because it was first. I’ll have to watch it online today.

  38. And could I have put any more “I think…” statements into that post? I don’t think so. Haha.

  39. I’m not sure why i’m not on the allison bandwagon…She’s a cute, and my-goodness-amazingly-talented-girl…but her phrasing and sore throat sound just put me off, I think.

    I have room in my heart for Adam AND all the rest. :) Kris was amazing. I’m actually happy that I don’t really care who wins because I’m so ding-dang proud of all of them.

  40. Except for Paula.

    Even my 10ager kept saying, “What IS Paula wearing?”.

    Wait, my last comment sounded a bit Paula-esque. Sorry.

  41. I have to agree with Gretchen, who is dressing Paula. Really Lavender Lipstick and a Red dress.

    Anyway I think the bottom 2 will be Matt and Allison.

  42. DANNY FREAKING GOKEY!!!!! I have never watched an AI video over and over so much in my life. I mean…dang.

    And how funny, my husband thought it said Brat Pack as well and I thought, are we going to hear 5 versions of St Elmos Fire?!?!

  43. My top three are Kris, Allison, and Danny, in no particular order. Matt just doesn’t do it for me. I couldn’t believe last night when Simon said he was the best of the night. Whaaa? And Adam, well, yes, Randy said it best when he said it was “too Broadway.”

  44. Agree…Matt or Allison. And that’s too bad because I really like Matt, but his voice is just not as strong as the others. Go KRIS!!!!

    Gretchen…I do believe Pauler was wearing two red dinner napkins. You just never know when you’ll need to wipe your hands, or your mouth, or your nose…

  45. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks Adam is weird but would have a great career on Broadway. I think that his is the only CD I wouldn’t be interested in buying. Danny and Kris, though, have mercy! Love them.

  46. I love Kris and Danny – they could not be any cuter or more talented. Which, dare I say, is a winning combination :-)

  47. What an amazing night of singing!!! I LOVED it!! And Danny rocked it! Did my heart good.

  48. Terry thinks Adam needs to just go sign a million dollar contract and be the next Wayne Newton on the Vegas strip. I’m really starting to agree with him.

    I like Danny, but I’m really starting to root for Allison.

  49. Okay, this has nothing to do with American Idol but have you seen this?
    It’s just way cool or totally rad or whathaveyou. Thought you’d enjoy.

  50. I have just asked husband if we could please leave MN and move to the south. I want more sweet mercy and y’all. And sweet tea. Southern Belle wannabe.

  51. Boomama, I used to be a faithful reader of your blog, but thanks to Busy Life, I now I just stop by every once in a while.

    I have caught the most recent 2-3 of your American Idol reviews and noticed that you thought Kris was an artist you saw yourself buying music from. I thought you might enjoy hearing some of his original music. Here is a link to a blog that posted my favorite of his:

    That song is based on his mission trip to Thailand. One of his fan sites posted a story about something he did there if you’re interested in the story, here is (yet another) link:

    I hope posting all of this isn’t a problem to be doing on your personal blog. I just really love Kris and his music and enjoy sharing him with others. Hope any interested get the chance to check a little more Kris out!

  52. Oh, Boomamma! I can’t believe you have an AI meme… ha! You know what got me last night? The way Ryan had Adam move to the side he thought he should be on, then to the other. Way tv drama. I so hate that!


  53. I always know that if I can’t quite put my feelings about a contestant into words, you will express it for me. In a fluent, hysterical way. :-) I am with you on everyone of these.

    And as I read this on Thursday night, I am so so so so so HAPPY that Matt is gone. Annoyed the guts out of me.

    Can’t wait for your analysis of next week. And I think if Randy or Paula decide to step down next season, they will know who to call…..

  54. LOVE Kris and Allison!

  55. I agree that Danny was phenomenal but the real question (even greater than where is Judd) is WHERE IS MELINDA DOOLITTLE??? The crime that was her not winning still leaves me bitter, and I cannot find her. WHY DOESN’T AI LOVE HER? WHERE IS SHE NOW??? You know, just curious… ;P

  56. Adam Lambert creeps me out. Can I say that? “Dreamy” was definitely what Kris was and I would like to put Danny in my pocket.

  57. Danny has been my absolute favorite from the start – that VOICE! I’m glad to see from other comments that I’m not the only one creeped out a little by Adam & I love Kris, too. I enjoy reading your weekly comments about AI.