Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 04.28.09


Two must-reads:


And this.

And then:


Thank you and the end.

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  1. It really touched me to read Angie’s post. We sponsor a boy in Kenya, and the thing that softened my heart and pushed me into doing it was an interview on the local radio station of a young man who had been sponsored as a child. Because he was able to be nourished not only physically but spiritually and with education, he is a successful businessman who sponsors other children and passes on what was given to him. The little stone of help that we cast into the vast waters of poverty sends out ripples and touches many more lives than the one that we know about. But how great and heartwarming to see Angie with “her boy”; it just makes it all so real. I cried. Bet you did, too.

  2. Hallelujah and Amen. I’ve been glued to my computer to read what the India bloggers are saying and as you say…OH. MY. WORD.

  3. I was so relieved to see that huge smile on Angie’s face…. I’ve never been so worried about someone I don’t know.

    I’m so glad that I’ve been following the trip. I was always 100% confident that every dollar I sent to Compassion was worth it, but now I am 157% confident. That’s some serious confidence. I wish the economy would get over itself, so I could sponsor more!

  4. So I did and I did then I did!!!!!

  5. Cry…cry…and CRY!!!

  6. Not fair. Should have given me fair warning you were sending me to Angie’s blog. I got sideswiped. Her post yesterday was great too.

  7. Boo Mama-

    I just posted a blog about Amanda’s “this”. Read it if you like.

    We had a big flood in Houston today and well…it just all got me thinking. I’m so glad you and Melanie and others have made Compassion so known and real to the rest of us.

    My little boy’s name is Harsh. I just love it.

  8. Boomama-

    Hey…I just blogged about Amanda’s last two posts. We had a flood here in Houston today and it caused some reflection for me.

    Thanks for bringing Compassion’s ministry to our attention.

  9. I’m obsessed with reading all these. I want to sponsor 100 kids Sophie. Its killing me that I can’t so I’m asking God to open the hearts of potential sponsors.

    Simply beautiful.