The Good News Is That My Eyelashes Are Not Sore At All

Last week I was catching up on Vicki’s blog, and I saw that she’d issued a bit of a challenge to her readers: 30 days of 30 Day Shred. And for reasons I have yet to fully understand, I immediately thought, “Okay. I’m in.” AND I SIGNED UP FOR IT.


So I bought the DVD and decided that today would be Day One.



However, in a delightfully unexpected turn of events, Melanie and I realized today that we both had committed to Vicki’s 30 Day challenge. I cannot overstate the importance of this discovery because HELLO, ACCOUNTABILITY, NICE TO SEE YOU. We also realized that we were both planning to set aside some time to “shred” this afternoon, but we were sort of blase’ about it because the workout only lasts 20 minutes, and how hard could that be, right? I mean, I can do all sorts of things for 20 minutes: I can lift the fried chicken off of my plate and put it into my mouth, I can repeatedly mash the buttons on the TV remote, and I can also send and receive countless text messages while continually sipping an ice cold diet Coke.

You may be picking up on why the aliens seized control of my mind and convinced me to sign up for the challenge in the first place.

So this afternoon, when there was not another living soul in this house, I turned on the DVD and got ready to feel the burn. I even wore my brand new lavender leotard and hot pink leg warmers.

Oh, I kid because there was a time when I really did own a lavender leotard and hot pink leg warmers.

I will spare you all the details of my initial foray into shredding, but suffice to say that within the first five minutes of the workout I was thinking Not Nice Things about Jillian and her perky fitness compadres. It didn’t help that Anita – who was quickly becoming my new BFF since she was in charge of showing us the “modified” moves, aka The Moves For Those Of You Whose Primary Form Of Exercise Has Been Pointing Your Toes While Typing – had abs so defined that I thought at first they must surely be the creation of some subtle airbrushing, only to realize that OH, those abs are totally real, and MY WORD, they are spectacular.

However, I moved past my bitterness, soldiered through the workout (does it tell you something that I was actually relieved when it was time for the ab segments because that meant I got to LIE ON THE FLOOR?), and y’all, when those twenty minutes were over, my leg muscles were so exhausted that my very first thought was I’ll never walk normally again.

Sure enough, I spent the next forty-five minutes trying to figure out how I was going to walk without looking like some straight-from-the-boondocks contestant on America’s Next Top Model who is trying to impress Tyra with what she thinks is a fierce runway walk. The only way I could manage to keep my knees from locking up was to lift my the tops of my legs to a forty-five degree angle with my waist, then sort of kick out my leg until my foot hit the floor, and later, when Melanie and I were laughing until we cried about The Day Jillian Nearly Killed Us, I described my new walk as something along the lines of what you’d expect from a demented clydesdale. In other words: it’s very sexy and now.

So tomorrow Jillian and I will meet again, and I don’t really know what to expect since I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to move my legs at all. However, I have decided that if I am not in fact mobile, then I will track down some sort of beige marker and spend my twenty minutes watching Jillian tell me to WORK HARDER and PUNCH IT OUT while I draw ab muscles on my stomach in an attempt to replicate Anita’s rockin’ six-pack.

Certainly I am climbing to new heights of fitness!

Or at least I will be.

Just as soon as I can, you know, stand up.

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  1. I hate to tell you, but I was sore for at least 3 days after my first “Shred” experience. Seriously couldn’t get out of the car without making a fool of myself. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! I recommend Aleeve before Day 2:)

  2. “I was thinking Not Nice Things about Jillian and her perky fitness compadres”

    i seriously cannot read your blog at night when the family sleeps. all the laughing and snorting and such really is going to wake them one of these times.

  3. Omigosh, you are scaring me! I have this DVD (part one of my workout will be to get it out of its packaging)and planned to start May 1!! I will be checking your blog to see if you end up in the ER or feel fabulous…

    I, too, thought I could do anything for 20 minutes, I mean, I went through 36 friggin’ hours of natural childbirth thankyouverymuch!

  4. Oh, the “fried chicken” line. I LOVED it.

    I can’t even LOOK at Jillian’s abs without feeling a great deal of hate.

    While I was reading to the kids today, they decided to lift up my shirt to see my “Play-Doh.” (Yes. They’ve named my belly fat.) My 2YO quickly decided to beat on my belly like a drum, and the 7YO said, “Mom? Your belly makes a nice hollow sound, thanks to that big DIVET you got going on there with your belly-button.”

    Pass that beige marker to me when you’re done. Along with a slice of Humble Pie.

  5. Oh my…

    Jillian is due to arrive at my house T.O.D.A.Y! And I have to tell you that as I was reading your post and knowing that her ETA is around 1:00 — because that is when UPS drives up in my ‘hood — I was planning all manner of “Home Alone” tactics against my poor unsuspecting “Man in Brown” whom I’ve come to know and love because he is the bearer of all things Amazon…and I’m usually happy to see him…

    …but not today!

    Dreading the burn,

  6. The biggest problem in doing the 30 Day Shred is Day 2. Because, if your eyelashes aren’t sore on Day 1? Just wait. They will be. Along with your teeth, toenails, and hair. But oh, how it’s worth it. Pounds? I haven’t lost so many of those. Inches? Oh yes, thank you Jesus and Jillian. I am back into clothes that I thought I was going to have to give away. So keep on shredding, BooMama.. it really does work. And some day? You might even be able to walk again.

  7. My hubby and I went away for the weekend two days after my initial shred experience.

    I was so thankful that we ended up being in a handicap suite because I needed the handle just to sit down and use the bathroom. :)

    I also made the mistake the first night of going downstairs to do laundry. And it took me forever to get back up. :)

  8. I now look like a racoon, after crying with laughter while I read this. Oh my….I need to get this DVD too. And the beige marker sounds like an excellent idea. And Jolanthe and the handicapped handle nearly finished me off for the rest of the day.

  9. Oh yes. Exercise. That’s why I don’t do it. Mind you, I should but I admit that I really hate formal exercise. I run after my kid, I scrub the house. Isn’t that exercise enough?

  10. Michele says:

    Day 2 was easier – I knew what to expect and got through more of it than Day 1. Day 1, Jillian killed me as well.

    Yesterday was my Day 3 – and it was harder than day 2 for me – maybe the beauty has worn off…and my legs still hurt.

    Day 4 today – hoping it is EASY – not!

  11. It gets easier! I promise! Maybe not Day 2 or 3…but it does get easier.

    It might be killer, but it is amazing how great of a workout it is all packaged up in 20 minutes!

  12. Mary Lou says:

    I feel for you I truly do. I watch the biggest loser and Jillian really pushes them so hard. You should have known that the DVD would be rentless. You paint such a wonderful word picture. Thank you. You are so gifted by Him. So thankful that you are letting Him use you in so many ways. Blessings on your day as you “meet” with Jillian.

  13. Oh my goodness, I think I got MY workout from laughing at your post! I’ve heard about that video and am not brave enough to try it myself…! Best of luck with the 30-day challenge. My husband and I are doing a weight-loss challenge as well, so I feel your pain…

  14. I bought the Shred yesterday and shall begin the soreness to end all soreness on Wednesday. Love to read your experience to get me excited….or freaked out. Whichever…:)

  15. This brought me out of Lurkdom. I hope you can walk tomorrow. I doubt you will…..

  16. I started shredding last week and couldn’t get through day 2 until day 3, then I took the weekend off so I could actually make it to church without needing the wheelchair ramp. Back at it this week with a flicker of hope in my heart that it has to get easier.

    I was right there with you and sighed audibly when we got to abs and could lie down on the floor for what Jillian affectionately calls the “recover” period of the work out. I needed to recover and think I may still be doing so.

    Keep it up, Sophie. It IS good to know we can encourage each other this way and know that others are “feelin’ the burn” right along with us.

    Praying for your sweet self today! It WILL get better. Maybe that could be our mantra.

  17. Katherine says:

    HILARIOUS! I can just see the “demented Clydesdale” walk, and imagine the sound that your feet make when they land! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I so almost bought that! so, would you say you recommend it? do I need to buy equipment too? I’ve often wished Jillian would come to my house and order me off the couch so maybe this is the closest I’ll get. Hmmmmm…maybe I should buy it, eh?

  19. OH MY GOODNESS. You crack me up! Sorry you are in pain, by the way. Truth is I have an 8month old baby, and have been avoiding all forms of exercise, with the excuse that it may interfere with my milk supply. I think it’s time.

  20. Pleeeeezzeeee…pretty please tell me that I’m not the only one who couldn’t make it thru every singe movement? Please tell me others HAD to stop…to you know…remember that their lungs require air…PLEASE…

  21. Oh my! At least you DID it…my bff and I have bought workout videos, dressed up, moved furniture then watched them from the couch while debating whether or not we really wanted to do it…usually that was the extent of our dedication. The times I HAVE done those crazy things, I’ve found the worst part…um…not to be indelicate, but…getting up and down from the potty. Something about the muscles you use at about the halfway-down-to-the-seat mark…I don’t know, they just give way and I end up plopping. So pleasant. Anyway, maybe I’ll get the shred so I can attempt to be a svelte mother of the bride by June 13. Or maybe I’ll sit on the couch and shop the internets for an a-line dress…

  22. you crack me up! I took the challenge too. I feel your pain! after I finished the first work out, I couldn’t carry my son to bed. my legs were literally giving way under me!!! anyway, keep goin girlfriend! I finished day 5 (gave myself a day off in between each workout) and I am not as sore and feel much stronger!

  23. Oh my word!! I totally understand! I bought it too, and blogged about it, and just did a give away and the lucky winner won this dvd. It’s crazy hard!! I’m so excited that someone else is feeling the pain too!

  24. Hmm- that’s really weird because I got the video a couple of weeks ago and I’m not sore at all… Of course, it’s still nicely wrapped in the cellophane wrapper waiting for me to commit to it. Maybe I’ll wait a couple more days.

    Hint – BATHTUB -that’s how I survive all my exercises maladies

  25. Heather says:

    Oh, BooMama, I’m feeling your pain, literally! B/c yesterday?? It was my Day One, too! I can not begin to tell you all the manner of pain I’m feeling right now! And I’m exhausted to boot, b/c I was in so much pain, Tylenol PM wasn’t enough to knock me and it out at the same time. I can tell you I have no idea how I’m going to even attempt to do it again today. But I will somehow.
    Best wishes to you. :)

  26. I’m so sorry BooMama, but hopefully it will get better. I’m going to shred by chasing a toddler today, does that count?

  27. “Are you feeling it, buddy?”

    I have never in my life praised the Lord for abdominal exercises until this experience.

    Good news: You will be able to walk again by Day 5. (:

  28. p.s. The title of this post makes me lit’rally LOL.

  29. I heard the term shred and saw the cover to the DVD that everyone is talking about and walked right past it. I don’t know that I can handle the pain. I had enough of that when I was in labor with my two kids!
    Good for you, Boomama that you’re sticking with it. You just go show Jillian you’re determined to succeed!! I’d even send her a letter when you’ve finished your last workout session!

  30. I’m impressed!

    Does reading the blog count as a workout? Through osmosis (sp?)?

  31. I can so relate to this post! I just finished day 5 of the 30-day shred this morning and I am still a quivering mess :)

    But it is so fun to know we are all in it together. Keep us posted on your progress!

  32. Hysterical…..but TRUE! Makes me feel better that someone else is feeling like me on the mission! I shake for a good
    hour after the workout. Maybe that’s why
    you are supposed to lose so much?? Loved
    Jolanthe and the handicap rail….EXACTLY
    what you wish you had!!

  33. I think the word “shred” is the first clue that it is NOT going to be fun.

    I don’t envy you.

    I love watching Jillian torture others from my couch, but not so much wanting to be one of them.

  34. That title is fantastic! Totally made me crack up [smile].


  35. Good for you, Boomama. Keep with it. If you don’t, you may have to start Irish dancing. Great for the abs too.

  36. Emma Kate says:

    First of all, SO PROUD OF YOU!!! Started the p90x 10 minute workouts myself last week — doing 2 in a row– couldn’t sit on the toilet for the next 2 days without wincing! We’ll lose it together! Love you!

  37. I’ve done this workout b/c we have Fitness On Demand through digital cable, and when you have hundreds of channels, all the cool kids go straight to Fitness On Demand, right? Nope, just the nonfit-but-too-afraid-to-go-walking-after-dark-but-that’s-the-only-time-I-have-to-workout ones.

    It is NOT easy. And that’s coming from someone who hasn’t done it in awhile, so the endorphins that make you forget the crazy pain so you’ll workout again one day have apparently done their job well. Maybe I’ll join in the 30-day challenge, too!

  38. I have the exact same reaction when it comes time for the ab work, “Thank goodness I can rest a second here.”

    And your first foray into Shred-land was much better than mine. My dog was totally freaked out over the fact that I was MOVING and refused to let me continue. She barked every time I did a jumping jack and then proceeded to lie on top of me while I was doing the ab work. I gave up after about 12 minutes and just watched the rest of it.

    That totally counts, right?

  39. Oh, great – I started this very DVD Friday. Not that I’m happy you’re sore – no, indeed – but I am happy that I’m in good company.

    I was quite sore Saturday morning and Sunday. Today is my third day at it. At which point does one move up to Level 2?? I’m kind of afraid.

    Please keep the 30 day shred updates coming!

  40. In a fit of hopeful optimism, I too bought the DVD after reading Vicky’s post. I haven’t started it because I’ve been afraid of, well, the pain. I’m starting to rethink this whole work-out thing…


  41. I purchased some workout videos from Lifeway on New Year’s Eve. They were on sale for $5!! Who could pass up such a great buy? Now, I suppose I should really take them out of the package…

  42. Mary Helen says:

    I have the 30 Day Shred DVD also. I got it a couple of months ago when a coworker recommended it to me. Ha! The first time I did it I thought I was going to pass out. Then my husband tried to do Level 1 with me and decided that he hated Jillian before it was even over :) It does get easier over time, so hang in there. Way to go for signing up for the challenge! I am looking forward to hearing more from you and Melanie.

  43. I’m thinking about just not getting on this train. Ba-Bye!

    The only thing I like to shred is CHEESE and I’m ok with that…

    And this–“does it tell you something that I was actually relieved when it was time for the ab segments because that meant I got to LIE ON THE FLOOR?”–is hilarious!!

    Love you!

  44. I am laughing so hard! My legs hurt sooo bad for days after my 1st meeting with Jillian. Can’t wait to hear how day 2 goes!

  45. I love this. My sister and I debated about getting the Biggest Loser DVD that all of the instructors or the 30 day shred.

    As it turns out, luckily, we chose the one with all three instructors.

    Our decision makin process was very scientific… included narrowing down the fact that we were scared of Jillian and that Kim(?- I think that is her name) was actually having a bad hair day on the cover and THAT was something we could relate to.

    Wish us luck!

  46. Apparently I should proof read. “that HAD all of the instructors”…


    decision making, not makin. (Although we probably actually pronounce like the latter)

  47. OH!~ I meant to mention that I have enjoyed our Wii fit quite a bit. It’s really bad when you begin to box and your husband says, “Looks like you’re enjoying that way too much.” And the truth is that I am.

  48. OH MY HEAVENS, she makes you sore in places you didn’t even know you had muscle.

    The soreness is intense for the first three days or so, but after that, it’s really not too bad. Then you bump up to Level 2 and you want to die all over again.

    I laughed out loud about the being relieved to get to the ab section. YES! Totally.

  49. My day 8 was today and I’m trying not to be mad at you for making me laugh so hard. My abs (that you can’t see yet for the still there flab) are revolting against me and that mean ole Jillian.

    Hang in there. You’ll still hate her 7 days from now.

  50. I ordered my DVD after I read that Annieblogs had signed up for Vicky’s challenge. Mine should be here today. I think Vicky had even said she was doing it just 3 days a week. So maybe that’s what I’ll have to do is day 1, then skip a day to lie completely still, and then attempt day 2 the following day. It’s my plan at this point. I’ve worked out before where it’s difficult to maneuver up and down from the commode and that ain’t fun!! I have a feeling that’s where I’m headed again! Continue to keep us posted!

  51. I feel certain Jillian’s people will be calling you to do promos for her next workout video! This post made me want to just eat more chicken and brownies! Exercise? Why? Do I really want to live to be THAT old? And what in the world is wrong with the plus size clothes? Nothing — not a thing…..

    My DVD should arrive Thursday — I’m NOT looking forward to this.

  52. Oh, BooMama, read this:
    YOU MUST TAKE A DAY OF REST (at least) when starting a new excercise plan, so your muscles can repair themselves. Do NOT, I beg you, try to excercise again today! I speak from experience, remembering my screaming thigh muscles after the first time I did lunges. Sitting down on the commode the next day . . . not to mention getting back up . . . was not pretty. :o)
    — Nancy

  53. I am always SO sore after the first few days of working out, which is why I never continue with it. But I can never make it sound as funny as you do!

  54. It will get better!! After about the third day, I wasn’t that sore. Today will be day 11, and I’m going to try out level 2. The ibuprofen is on stand-by.

    And while Vicki uses the five pound weights, I discovered that there was NO WAY I could start out with those! I started out with 2 pound weights and have moved up to the 3 pounders. (Except for those shoulder raises. Still need 2 pounds for those!)

  55. Girl I started this last week….and I have NEVER hurt in some of the places I hurt!!! BUT….my daily walk upstairs just wasn’t cutting it anymore. :)

    Hang in there,

  56. Gosh girl, you make me laugh. Glad you and Mel are joining me in the Shred challenge. I hearby crown thee an official Shred-head. Peace be with you…and a bottle of Advil to boot.

    See you at the end of the summer celebratory pool party. :)

  57. be so glad that your boy is old enough to help you put your shoes on for the next 3 days.

    or just wear slip on shoes till you can move again…

  58. Shred is going to be the answer to my baby weight. I bought it a few weeks ago and I’ve done it a total of once. But you have encouraged me to find 20 minutes a day to do it. Or I will be wearing my winter clothes all summer so I don’t have to bare my body.

  59. I’m off to buy this DVD today. I’m SCARED! But determined!


    I have had this video on top of my entertainment center since January. It has not helped me at all….since I have yet to take it out of the package! I am not sure if I want to now, I’m scared.

  61. the shred is tough! i did it for 3 weeks straight, and then fizzled for the last week. maybe i should try it again! just wait until you know all the words, “don’t phone it in”! i have been able to stay faithful doing leslie sansone dvd’s though.

  62. I’m tempted to go and buy it. As I was running this morning,and dying because it was hot!, I thought an indoor workout sounded right nice! I’m a little scared of it though. I may need to install handicap rails in the bathroom…

  63. A demented clydesdale? Oh my word I cannot stop laughing!

  64. I didn’t actually “sign up” for it on Vicki’s blog, but I did order it when I saw it there:) I am on day two and even though I was in soooo much pain I did it this morning and it was slightly easier! Don’t give up! I say this even though I can barely stand up now and too am doing the funky walk;)

  65. I did it three days ago and today is the first day that I feel like I don’t need a handrail to sit down on the toilet.
    I seriously thought I was going to pass out when I had to squat down and pick something up the other day.

  66. dude. buz and i have been shredding for about five days now. and his response last night when we finished? “you know? this is actually the first night i haven’t felt the need to vomit or faint.”

    i am so sending him this link.

    and whoever commented that she had the handicap suite with the handlebars? hysterical.

    we will not be heading to level 2 anytime soon. and inches? nope, they’re gone. but the sleep i’m getting at night? well, would it help if i told you big h had to wake ME up to take him to school today?

    press on, sister. i am.

    (and by the way, this was by far one of the funniest things i’ve read in FOREVER.)

  67. I can’t stop laughing at everyone’s experiences (only b/c I know I would be at least as bad off!), but I AM convinced I need this video. I need someone to shred up my belly fat and I guess that someone might as well be Jillian!

  68. i meant the inches are NOT gone. but i’m hopeful.

  69. Demented clydesdale? No doubt you are channelling Rosemary. :)

  70. I have been doing this for 22 days and I can just say….KEEP IT UP!! It starts feeling better and you will see a difference in your body!! (in a good way)
    If you think level 1 is tough, just wait till you get to level 2 and level 3!! I have done 2 nights of level 3 and my legs hurt sooooo bad!! and abs are dieing!!
    keep Shredding!!!

  71. I’m starting to Shred on May 1st. I’m weird and have to start things on even numbers and the 1st sounds better to me.

    I’m so stinkin’ scared of this 20 minutes.

    Please don’t say anything else about how sore you are or how hard it is. I can’t handle it. I’m afraid I might die.

  72. The beige marker’s killin’ me.

  73. Wiping tears from eyes with the laughter…too funny! It would appear that the word “shred” refers to all the tiny little muscle fibers that now no longer work properly! More power to ya girl!

  74. I’m giving the 30 day Shred away on my blog!!!

  75. I’m cracking up over your post. I saw Vickie’s site too, ran out to buy the dvd and that’s it…it is still in the package…I’m too scared to try it. Thanks for the laugh!

  76. Oh gracious, I know exactly what you’re saying! I had rented 30 Day Shred from Netflix (because I was too cheap to buy it before I knew if I liked it) and that thing is harsh! I am used to doing Tae-bo and things like that, and I thought there was no way a 20 min workout would do anything. I was so sore!

  77. Well, I didn’t know about the challenge, however, I did order the WAVE from the makers of The Firm…got started this week and now have two very tights knots in my tail!!! I think that means I had a good glute workout, but all I know is I have wanted to quit everytime I pop in the DVD…but I am making it through…hopefully anyway.
    Thanks for the cheer and encouragement to keep up our temple. I have let mine go for a while…time to get my butt back in gear and do this thing…

  78. I just bought this video and have yet to try it. I’m hoping it is not so hard on me since I already workout for an hour and a half daily. My abs definitely need the work so hoping this will be a good addition to what I’m already doing at the gym.

    Please let us know how you do.

  79. I read Vicki’s post about this and ordered it that very day off of Amazon, overnight delivery no less! I did it 5 days in a row and was barely able to walk, but feeling really good about myself.

    Now I’ve discovered that I’m pregnant and will have to put it on the back burner for a while. But, as soon as this baby comes, Jillian and I will be enemies once again.

  80. Excercise consisting of “pointing your toes while typing”!!!! I laughed so hard and LOUD that I made my dogs bark!!! Your humor can SO make my day!!

  81. Ooooh, I too have shredded. I too had the mistaken thought of “I can do anything for 20 minutes.” I tell you, my friend, that it is true…pride does come before the fall.

  82. Oh how fun! Another fitness DVD for me to display on my shelf! I could put it right next to the Yoga Booty Ballet that was going to totally revolutionize my life.

  83. YOU make my abs hurt! Thanks for the laugh!

  84. I love that video! In fact, I’m planning on giving one away this week, I like it so much. Way to go for doing it for 30 days in a row!

  85. My DVD came today as promised. As I was reading the back cover it says 2 minutes of warm up and 2 minutes of cool down which leaves only 16 minutes of torture. That’s positive thinking!

  86. Oh my heavens. This made me laugh hard. I have mentioned before that I go to “Praise Aerobics” at my church . . . which may or may not be a little like jazzercise. I’m not sure because that was a little before my time. Anyhoo – our instructor made us run suicides this morning. seriously? that’s the reason i quit soccer in high school . . . and haven’t run them since!

  87. Ok girlie, I did Day 2 thru TEARS (that was Sunday) because I felt like I was supposed to, but I’m thinking it was a bad decision.

    I ended up taking Day 3 off (yesterday) and feel a TRILLION times better today, so I shredded.

    All of that to say, if your body needs a day to recover from the shock of the h-e-double hockeysticks that we are putting it through, then allow yourself one day of rest. It makes a HUGE diff.

    It is a KILLER, but we are all going to look awesome by Summer, huh?

    Love to ya…

  88. The first thing I noticed when I did that video was that I very clearly needed a sports bra. The second thing I noticed, later that day, was how many stairs there are in my house. Seriously, I can’t go to bed, do the laundry or go potty without going up or down the stairs. Thankfully I could just stay in the kitchen, which may be part of the problem in the first place. Starting again May 6th!

  89. Oh I can not wait!
    I have ordered the DVD as well
    and signed up on Vicki’s blog too
    I am ready!
    So easy for me to say now right ;)

  90. I have done this DVD and can testify that what you have written is no exaggeration. I never managed to do it every day; the soreness was just too much. And technically speaking, it’s confusing to me that she recommends doing it every day when a standard rule of strength training calls for resting the muscles you’ve worked for at least a day so as not to overwork them.

    The pain will be worse tomorrow, just so you know. Just think of how you’ll feel 29 days from now, though!

  91. i am cracking up! i bought that dvd last week and started this week as well, though i had no idea about vicki’s challenge thingy. i have never really exercised until last november, but i was looking for something to supplement the gym when i couldn’t get there. i remember doing it the first time and thinking murderous thoughts about jillian. so, we’ll go through it together, huh? and i am totally glad to have someone else suffering along with me:)

  92. With all the talk about this video I am no even more anxious (and by anxious I mean scared out of my mind) to try it. I’m glad I went with the 2 lb weights, I couldn’t decide between 2 or 3. Thank goodness for the 2’s.

  93. Oh my word! That’s absolutely HILLARIOUS!!! I clicked over to catch up on your last few posts while I was on a really exciting conference call at the office. I got to this one and had to double and triple check that I was indeed on mute because the laughter would have been enough to get me called out in a New York minute! Thanks for a good start to the day – and maybe even for passing along a little encouragement to do my own time with Jillian. But I’m still thinking about that one.

  94. Oh, Boomama, you just bought the DVD because there is a verb associated with cheese in the title! Good luck.

  95. I’ve ordered my copy this morning. Thought the least I could do is know we’re all hurting together!!! Should we take before & after pictures? HA….
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22


    “demented clydesdale”

    Pure comedic gold, woman. Laughed until I wheezed.

  97. I read your pose & Melanies and decided that I had to give it a try. I just finished Day 1 and I’m not sure I can walk up my stairs to go to bed. I’m sure my husband will find me just sleeping at the bottom of the stairs when he gets up in the morning. Maybe we should move our bedroom to the basement!

  98. I’m starting today and posting “before” pictures. Come on over and enjoy my shame!

  99. she-she says:

    My friend and I have read yours and bigmamas blog about the shred so it is time, we’re in. We hope we live to tell about it. We are excited to finally hopefully lose weight although we havent got the video yet… We are trying to get some more friends to go in with us for moral support or to pick each other up, but unless we serve donuts no one will join…Good luck to you and us!!!

  100. I knew nothing about a challenge, but alas I bought this video last week- and yes, it is a butt kicker.