American Idol Finals

It would hard to believe that it’s time for the finals of American Idol if it didn’t feel like this season had stretched out over the course of about SEVENTY-TWO MONTHS.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve enjoyed it. But it’s time to wrap ‘er up and get a move on.

So that being said, here we go.

Adam Lambert – “Mad World” – I know that I should probably try to be all objective and whathaveyou, but the combination of the long black coat and the foggy stage sort of freaked me out a little bit. Not to mention Adam’s COMPLETE ABSENCE OF BLINKING. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of falsetto. So for me it was just a’ight, but I can see how this performance would be Deeply Meaningful for Adam fans.

[Sidenote to Randy: that tie is a WINNER.]

[Seriously: MAJOR score with that tie.]

Kris Allen – “Ain’t No Sunshine” – I loved this arrangement the first time he sang it, and I loved it again tonight. As I was watching this performance it occurred to me that Kris has been so stinkin’ consistent; week after week he has walked out on that stage and delivered. This song was a perfect example of that. I would buy his CD in a heartbeat.

[By the way, I’m so glad that they’re not doing that prizefighter garbage that they did last year between David Archuleta and David Cook.]

[Because that was SUPER cheesy.]

Adam Lambert – “Change Is Gonna Come” – So Simon Fuller picked the songs for this round, and I actually thought this was a great choice for Adam. It forced him to be soulful instead of dramatic, and I thought the soulful was a really refreshing change-o-pace. Even with a wee bit of screeching, he sang the fire out of this song. And in some strange way, he reminded me a little bit of Patti LaBelle (big notes, big soul, big finish, etc.).

[Anybody have any idea what’s going on with Paula’s hair?]

Kris Allen – “What’s Goin’ On” – Adam got a big ole song, and Kris apparently got a song that they wanted him to “interpret” (please see: last week’s “Apologize” pick). He did a great job with the arrangement – as much as he could’ve possibly done, I think – but since he didn’t have a song nearly as showy as Adam’s, he sort of paled in comparison in this round.

But we’ll put all that behind us because now? Now it is time for the “Soaring On Eagles’ Wings While Dreaming Of Climbing Mountains On Top Of The Highest Clouds” portion of the evening, the part of the show when the contestants sing an Incredibly Inspirational new ballad.

Adam Lambert – “No Boundaries” – I didn’t think that this song played to Adam’s strengths at all. He seemed to lose his way about half-way through, and it was his first performance that I would characterize as “pitchy.” It just wasn’t very good. I was actually a little sad for him because you just know that he wanted to finish strong – and he didn’t.

[Simon was still MIGHTY quick to endorse him for the whole kit and kaboodle, though.]

[Go figure.]

Kris Allen – “No Boundaries” – Kris won this round hands-down. The fact that he has a voice for pop music totally worked in his favor. The song was cheesy – don’t get me wrong – but he did a lot with a little, oh yes he did.

Ultimately I don’t think tonight did anything to change anyone’s vote – if you were an Adam fan at the beginning, you’re still an Adam fan (I really do give him major credit for what he did with “Change Is Gonna Come”). If you were a Kris fan at the beginning, you’re still a Kris fan.

Which means I will now be voting for Kris over and over again.

What say you, internets?

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  1. Hey Boo Mama! We missed you last week. I’m not gonna lie… I cried a little bit.

    I just had to say that I was an Adam fan all along, but Kris stole my heart a couple weeks ago. I even voted last week, which I’ve NEVER done! I feel pretty confident about his chances. We’ll see tomorrow. Thanks for hosting this fun party every week. It’s been a blast!

  2. Kris, Kris, Kris, Kris, AND Kris. Which, after hitting redial about 42 gazillion times, is the exact number of votes I was able to cast before my fingernail broke and I took it as a sign from God that I was done. And sorry–no clue AT ALL on Paula’s hair, but it WAS a topic of discussion at my house.

  3. I personally like Kris too. Adam’s voice reminds me too much of the lead singer’s voice of Guns and Roses. It goes right through me. I will admit he’s got talent, but he’s not the best in my books. I love Kris, will be voting for Kris over and over too!

  4. I love Kris’ voice and style. The fact that he is a worship leader and is from the great state of Arkansas??? Just Cream Cheese icing on the red velvet cake!

    Love him! Voting and voting and voting! How shocked will the judges be if he wins????

  5. Kris all the way. Already voted a few times and keep trying to get through. Love that boy’s charm and voice.

    I’d buy his CD today.

  6. So, I’m hoping that All the Danny Fans will now be voting from Kris, thus putting him over the number of necessary votes to win.

    Because winning really may be everything. Especially if it means Adam and his ego get taken down a notch. In Christian love.

  7. Totally with Sturgemom on this one! I voted like the dickens for Kris and the line has been busy for the past 43 minutes and 12 seconds. I guess that’s a good sign.

    And I was too taken back by Paula’s spray tan to even comment on her hair. She was very green tonight I must say. Flashy almost.

  8. Patti Labelle? Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee!

    Now I totally wished Fuller would have picked “New Attitude” for Adam.

  9. I say… it was the most boring show of the season. :) But I still blogged about it.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Kris all the way!!!

  11. What say me? I say Kris!

    Judging by the fact that I could only vote about 3 times out of 20 tries, I’d say he’s got a pretty good shot. That, and all the Danny fans who will also vote for Kris. Hopefully he’s got it, but stranger things have happened.

  12. Just make it end!

  13. I love Kris, LOVE him. But Adam? Creeps me out more than just a little.

  14. Meh.

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s two-hour (+) finale. Just like I’m looking forward to going to the dentist to have a couple of fillings taken out. Yep, two hours of blah blah blahbedy blah blah and then? Adam will be declared the winner.

  15. I loved Adam’s first 2 numbers and I loved Kris on 1 and 3, and honestly I think I actually have a little bit o’ preference for Kris to win this thing. I do think Adam’s brilliant, but so is Kris, and Kris has come a long way. I can’t wait to see who takes it.

  16. I do believe we are a Kris Allen family. My husband says it’s just because we’re a little too southern to really interpret Adam’s eyeliner. :-) Either way, they both are awesome artists.

  17. Well, since my Danny boy went home, now I’m pulling for Kris, just because I would listen to his CD. Adam is very, very talented for sure, but I wouldn’t listen to his CD because I’m just not into his style of singing. Anxious to see who the AI will be…

  18. I think they both have their moments and both have a niche in the music industry. Adam can sing, that’s for sure, but I doubt I would buy his record. I would probably buy Kris’ recording, however. I must say, though, I totally disliked the last (Kara’s)song in general. It was also nice to see Carrie Underwood – the BEST artist to come out of AI so far.

  19. Southern Gal says:

    They’re still endorsing Adam like crazy…and I’m still loving Kris so much more.

    Hope to see an upset tomorrow night!

    Could my fave actually win two years in a row?

  20. Did anyone else notice that the judges suddenly couldn’t find words after Kris sang that last song? The looks on their faces were kind of like, Wait a minute, you are not supposed sing that better than Adam?? What is going on here…

  21. I’m already dreading the press we’re going to see after Adam is out there, he just reminds me of the biting the head off a bat guy. I think he’ll win, but Kris is going to do great no matter what.

  22. Leanne says:

    I liked both Adam and Kris in the beginning but now Adam annoys me because it’s the same thing week after week – same voice, same screaming…. he lost his appeal after awhile for me. With that said I voted over and over again (won’t say for how long b/c it’s embarrassing) for Kris. Even if he doesn’t win; he will get a record deal because he’s easy to market and seems like such a great guy; very humble. Either way, I hope he comes out like Chris Daughtry (who I love); on top.

  23. I hearted Danny, but have really enjoyed watching Kris too. I like that he has stayed consistent throughout…and just gotten better and better.

  24. Did you hear Adam say to Kara, after his performance, “Thank you for giving me that song.”?? It was a telling moment, because Kara DID, in fact, write that song for Adam, without the slightest consideration for Kris, because the judges are looking positively foolish over the way they pander to Adam.

    Not that I feel strongly about it, or anything.

  25. Let me just say they need to dispense ENTIRELY with the “MEANINGFUL FINALE BALLAD.” The words dreadful, heinous, and treacly come to me,season after season. Is this nepotism in it’s most deadly form?

    That being said, Adam will win because he is a performer that would fill a stadium and put on a SHOW. While I couldn’t take a steady diet of him, I know I would love to see him on stage, in person. Kris I could listen to all day, and invite to church. This is why he won’t win. BUT, he will sell a great many records because his talent is undeniable.

  26. Both very different artists (I learned that word from Kara ha-ha) and both good in their own right but Kris, to me, is just the real deal. LOVE HIM and HOPE HE WINS!!! Couldn’t get through on the phone lines. ARgh! Would buy his CD in a heart beat but would NEVER buy an Adam song – not even for 99 cent on the iTunes. :)

  27. So Miss Mama… I have to say that I have mixed feelings about Krs winning – only because the control of the album content he will be awarded will be much more limited and I will have to wait until #2 album by him to really hear him fly… and I’m impatient that way. That being said – I love that he is the underdog that has coming nipping at Adam’s heels – in a well deserved way. I can just see that Kara and crew are already cutting the album with Adam in mind… and, I just looked up the lyrics to Mad World out of curiosity – they are pretty depressing and morose – no wonder we were all a little frightened when he sang them with such meaning. sad.

  28. I agree that most everybody already had decided who they’d vote for. But I’m hoping that Kris comes out ahead, and shocks Simon!!

  29. Don’t forget to set the DVR to record long…Seacrest warned us!! :)

    Why do we even have judges at this point? I wonder if Kris and Adam even care what they have to say…it all seems to be a bunch of “blah, blah, blah”…KWIM?

    I think this is DEFINITELY going to be closer than the judges imagine. I learned a lot last night from the local news…such as, people send out THOUSANDS of votes! I seriously had no idea. We had watch parties all over town for Kris…can hardly wait for tonight’s results show. :)

  30. ha…yes, the above comment is from “The”…the family formerly known as “The Stain Fam”… :)

  31. Oh my gosh. I just realized that Adam didn’t blink! Do you think he’s a Vampire?? And I totally agree with this point in the competition your fans a pretty much set. Whoever is going to vote for Adam will vote for him no matter how good/bad he does. Same thing for Kris.

  32. Glad you’re back for the finale! I, too, voted for Kris-for almost 2 hours. (Should I be embarrassed?) A first in our house. I just can’t see Adam winning. Yuck.

  33. First of all let me say that I have enjoyed your American Idol recap posts each week. Especially since you too, are rooting for Kris and not Adam.

    Next, can I say that when I used Mr. Linky to link up the first time (#16) the linky automatically showed my name and URL and I hit link. What I didn’t realize was that it provided the URL to Tuesday’s post instead of my American Idol post. GRRRR. So sorry to mess up your linky. You can delete #16 if you’d like. Thanks! =)

  34. you’re Idol posts crack me up – they are my EXACT thoughts! Who invited you into my head? LOL

    GREAT recap!!

    GO KRIS! (we voted for an hour and a half and didn’t get thru too much)


  35. So do you think Simon could be anymore biased toward Adam? Yeah he’s talented but I’m so tired of him. Loving Kris, but I don’t think he can overcome all the stupid criticism last night.

  36. I’m feeling as if there was definitely a bias in the song choices last night. First, the drama that Adam brings is not suited to this venue, but they eat it up, don’t they? Second, what was up with that third song? Why on earth could they have not “personalized it” and let Kris adjust the key? Instead, they stacked the deck and three of the four judges commented it was too high for him. All that to say, I’ll be shocked if Kris wins but he’s got our vote here. He’s been classy, humble, and consistent. And a great representative of his faith. And he’s as cute as all get out, especially when he smiles and winks at that cutie pie wife of his!

  37. LOVE your assessments! they were right on! I do have to admit, I’m kind of over Idol by this time in the competition. But I do think Randy looked ROCKIN’!! adam is so over the top, but he can “sing his face off” there is no doubt. Go Kris!!


  39. Great post! I hope Adam wins he was amazing last night, too bad he may not have a chance anyway, the news media seems pretty certain that he wont win because of his sexuality: I hope they are wrong

  40. Adam hands down. He throws me back to my love of 80’s hair bands with the eyeliner and all and his voice does too. When he sang tracks of my tears I have to say I had a moment. Kris Allen good but not great. I think Danny Gokey should have gone to the finals instead of Kris.

  41. I thought that Kris won the first and last rounds, Adam the second. It will be interesting to see who actually wins tonight. I think you are right, Boo Mama, people have already made up their minds. The performances last night probably aren’t going to change anything.

    My only wish is that there would actually be a great Idol song. No Boundaries is the last in a long line of terrible songs written for the winner. With all of the music business people involved in the show, you would think they would be able to come up with a decent song.

    Oh, well.

  42. I’m voting for Danny.

  43. I have decided we need to have our political elections by texting. After watching American Idol, it seems there are fewer problems with this system and we get the results the next day.

  44. So what do you think, BooMama?!? KRIS!!!!! :) :) :)