As Long As Point A Is Delusion And Point B Is The Hospital

So here’s my favorite scene from last week’s Office. Hands down. And I should probably warn you that if you’re not an Office fan or even a casual watcher, you will think this is the oddest sitcom spectacle you have ever witnessed. And you will wonder why are these Dunder-Mifflin people so strange? And do they know that they’re acting ridiculous? And what’s up with the guy in the mustard colored shirt and is he aware that his hair has some issues?

But if you ARE an Office fan – well, you love this clip already.

Personally, I think we’d all do well to remember the wisdom of Michael Scott: we all go together or we go one at a time.

Words to live by, my friends.


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  1. this show is sheer genius. i can’t stop watching.

  2. Is it sad how excited my husband and I get for new episodes of “The Office?” And is it just us, or are they funnier when you watch them the second time around?

  3. Parkour! It is my new word! Oh. yes. it. is.

  4. I love that show.

  5. YES!!! I watch it with one of my kids but we had to watch the show last week with dh and another kid in the room and they DID NOT GET IT. I’m just really happy the younger kids were already in bed or we would have even more broken bones as they practiced parkour around the house.

  6. Parkour was classic and I love Jim saying it was a “2004 internet sensation”.
    And we have watched it 3 times since Thursday.
    My favorite line at the end when J & P {’cause we’re friends in my mind} told the office about their pregnancy was Creed’s question to Pam: “Who is your OB/GYN?”. Oh, he is so creepy and weird. I love it and am snorting all over again.
    If I was an LOL person I would add that here, but I still HA!!

  7. LOVE this! Quite possibly the best Office opener ever!

  8. Huge Office fan. Love that quote….

  9. I’m so sad to admit this, and please don’t kick me off your blog, but I think I might be done with The Office. Last week’s show made me so uncomfortable that my daughter and I turned it off halfway through. I swear, Michael is really going to get his someday, and when he does it isn’t going to be pretty, so why do I want to watch when it happens? Kind of like Jon and Kate implode. Not good T.V. (imo).

  10. The very essence of everything that is just wrong with entertainment today.
    (btw, this clip is the most of TO I have ever seen.)

  11. I sooo need to start watching this show!!!

  12. We once spent an entire evening on a small group night playing The Office DVD game with our group. Love it!

  13. It’s like watching an accident!
    You just can’t look away!

    This humor… not for the average brain!

    Just sayin!

  14. Oh, my aching sides! Yes, I am an Office fan! And it was a great season premiere.

  15. “Michael, you told people that I use store bought manure, when I showed you where my manure comes from.” -Dwight Kurt Schrutte

    We love it. It is our favorite show, hands down. We have The Office Premiere Party, each year. Summers seem just a little lonely without it.

    My husband, whose name is Dwight, btw, got me hooked on it during the second season. It makes Thursday night sparkly.

  16. I really like this show. It has that uncomfortable, should I be watching this, how can they say that, quality to it.
    Love and Blessings, Debbie in Tennessee

  17. And really – Andy’s confusion over Michael’s rumor/lie about him. Cracked me up. Love that guy, Andy.

  18. Just shot milk through my nose. Thanks.

  19. Seriously the best show on television. (Well, that and Biggest Loser…) It makes me cry to think about the day it goes off the air.

  20. Very funny. My husband and I love this show. We have all seasons on DVD and watch them over and over.

  21. The Office= BEST SHOW EVER! I loved the indecision surrounding the Andy rumor. I do wish they would bring back the Jim/Dwight shenanigans…like when J put D’s stapler in a jello mold! Priceless.

  22. I am so excited to see that my favorite quote of the week was your post title! Every week I pick one and post it as my FB status. It is so funny to read all the comments I get – who watches and who thinks I am insane.

    My other favorite was Creed: “If I can’t scuba then what’s this been about? What am I working toward?”


  23. Jennifer L. says:

    BooMama, I missed your recap this week!

    Amy, I do the same thing with my Facebook status. I know there are about 4 or 5 people who watch The Office and get it, but I fear that the other 100+ people just think I’m weird. The Creed quote was mine this week!

  24. ha ha ha ha ha

    i just discovered hulu. love it.

  25. April Byars says:

    Parkour! Parkour!

  26. I’ve been texting my Office-loving friends “Parkour!” all week. :D

    I liked the little bit with the interns at the end. After a whole summer of, “See those files? Put them in random order”, you could hear the “I am so glad to be going back to school.” in their voices.

  27. I also loved (with all of its awkwardness) Michael recounting being left off of teams or chosen for a team for a sport that doesn’t exist – “poopball.”

  28. Parkour! I think this scene is tied with the fake fire drill scene with cats falling from the ceiling as my all-time favorite Office moments.

  29. Delightful!

  30. Thanks for making me laugh today. This episode was the perfect “welcome back”.

  31. I loved this episode… I think this season is showing a LOT of potential.

    And now I must confess that I thought they were saying “Hardcore”… ha….

  32. LOL! Love the Office!

  33. I thought you would be pleased to know that I used your little clip to show my boys the dangers of jumping on top of things, like the quilt over the chair they used to make their tent. They got a big kick out of it and have gone outside to practice their parkour. I suspect my little plan misfired.


  35. I loved that scene…best scene of the night. I think that people who don’t like The Office just don’t *get* that humor. Michael is soooo dumb, and they make you feel so uncomfortable…that’s the genius of the show.

    So glad my kids are too little to stay up to see the Parkour scene.

    But I think you’ll get a kick out of this…when my oldest was a toddler, I’d sometimes watch reruns while I folded laundry and stuff. No matter what she was doing, she’d stop and stare at the screen when the theme song would play, sort of bobbing up and done. She said it was “her” song. A little Office fan already. :)

  36. I’m just going to be very honest that I was a *tiny* bit sad when your Office post didn’t show up on Friday. I’ve grown accustomed to Friday post-Office chats with you! But I FULLY understand the blog break and blog burnout and all of that, so I extended a full measure of grace to you.

    You’re welcome.

    Having said that, I think that might have been the BEST cold open ever for The Office. Funny, funny stuff!

    “I’m so glad to see you eating cake.”
    “Me too!”

    If the premiere is any indication, I see great things ahead for this season. I’m a little ridiculously excited over that prospect.

    And I have long, long said there are simply two types of people in the world – those who love The Office and those who completely do not get it. No judgment for either side. It’s just how things are . . .

  37. Never have watched the show, and was watching this clip with a little head-scratching going on, but when the dude jumped off the truck into the empty refrigerator box, I lost it. Thanks for that geezer-laugh, I needed it!

  38. Claude have Murfreesboro. I have never watched this show and I realize I am one of the 3 people on the face of the planet that has never seen an episode, but this may have sold it for me. Hi-la-ri-ous!

  39. The Office has now been added to my growing list of must-see TV.

  40. My word … my first thought when I saw this was that you wouldn’t be blogging about it. I kept rewinding it and watching it over and over. When Andy went in the refrigerator box, it was pure heaven.

  41. LOVE that show. Been following your blog for a couple weeks now (linked off Bring the Rain) and have really appreciated your writing. Thanks!

  42. okay, this is not one I catch on a regular basis, and now I am wondering, why? that had me totally giggling. out loud. by myself.

    thanks, I needed that.

  43. i just started watching this show last year, so i’m really happy that TBS is showing all the old seasons. last night i watched four episodes in a row – it was a happy night ;o)

  44. I watched the first season of TO to please my kids, who absolutely LOOOO-OOOVE it…just to be a good mom. And I’m so glad that it’s not just me that totally feels uncomfortable watching it, like others have stated so eloquently. It has hilarious moments, I admit it. I can understand completely why others are totally hooked on it. But I CAN look away from train wrecks, so I quickly lost interest in the show and stopped watching. However, scenes like Parfour make me want to rethink that decision…um, probably not.

  45. We LOVE the office. I especially loves Oscar’s incredulity when Andy is describing how Brad Pitt “would have to get to him??” That was a classic.

  46. This was hysterical! I bet they had a blast shooting that sequence. People either get The Office or they don’t. If you’ve ever worked in an office, you tend to appreciate it more. I love it! It’s like the Seinfeld of the 2000’s. Steve Carell is so good!

  47. I’m just so happy it’s back on. So happy.

    And Creed asking who her OB-Gyn was. Snort.

  48. Well, I have to admit that I haven’t watched the show but I did watch about 10 seconds once (while changing channels) and wondered why they were all looking at the camera……til one of my readers graciously enlightened me.

    My son has a shirt with the name of their company on it, so apparently he loves it!

  49. I love the Office :-) so excited about it tonight. Curious, did you watch Community? I liked it!

  50. I don’t watch the Office. But I think I need to start. Because this clip was FUNNY.

    My husband, however, is a HUGE Office fan. He has no interest in reading blogs whatsoever, unless it’s your Office re-cap. I just showed him this and he laughed so hard he had a cough attack. He is the “day after the Office Boomama re-cap” #1 fan.