Linky Interwebby Awesomeness – Catch-Up Edition

Listen. I may be going through a phase where I don’t have “words” or “sentences” to tell “anecdotes” or “stories,” but do you know what I do have?

Links aplenty, my friends.


1) Apple Pie Bars? Yes, please.

2) This post by Jon is about a week old, but I love his take on grace and forgiveness.

3) I have been disappointed by the new episodes of “Glee” (IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO GREAT AND LO, EVEN FAMILY FRIENDLY), but I have enjoyed the music from the show (on iTunes) like nobody’s business. My current favorite is the Glee cast singing “Somebody To Love” – oh my lands, it is a delight.

4) Several of my friends here in Alabammy have mentioned that they didn’t know about Living Proof Live in Memphis on October 9-10 (not a bad drive from here to there, you know). Anyway, I just checked, and tickets are still available if you’re interested.

5) We’re singing “Desert Song” in choir right now, and it’s a new favorite for me. There’s a story behind the recording of this song that is absolutely incredible – you can hear the story (and the song) right here. I would recommend taking some tissues with you.

6) I couldn’t quit smiling when I read Lora Lynn’s post about “enjoying the moment” with her kids.

7) Shaw-awn’s new blog design is THE AWESOME (I am not jealous I am not jealous I am not jealous).

8) And finally, I’m completely in love with this recipe and I’ve never even made it before. I can’t wait to try it (but no capers for me, thanks – and yes to adding some feta cheese).

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  1. Can.NOT.Wait for Living Proof Live in Memphis!!In fact,I’m Going with one of your old pal’s I believe. And I Can’t wait to see Travis and the Team, they can SANG!!

  2. I, too, am in love with the Desert Song (even before I saw the story). It is one of those that brings me to my knees, both physically and spiritually. Have a great weekend!

  3. Yuck! I hate capers so much! They look like shrimp eyeballs. I’m so glad we’re together on this. Also, Shaun’s site looks amazing.

  4. Disappointed by the unfamily friendliness of Glee too. My kids would have enjoyed it but no way will they get to. Sad.

    Not loving capers either!

  5. Everything is BETTA with FETA!

  6. The Glee pilot this summer was great. The actual show…not so much! I won’t allow it on in my house. And my kids are grown and gone!

  7. Completely echo that about Glee…bummer.

    Panzanella…I made this exact recipe a few weeks ago to take the a birthday dinner…minus the capers…raves all around and only because there was so much food did I take home some leftovers and it was still just as yummy the next day…perhaps even better…one tip…heirloom tomatoes make is delicious and oh so pretty…enjoy!

  8. So sad about Glee.

  9. Lauren from Indiana says:

    I thought I shared your sentiments about capers, and for many years, I was vehemently opposed to the (what is it? food? condiment? spice?) things but then last year, last year I tried them. My life changed. I love them. Cannot get enough of them. Have you tried them? If you haven’t, try them-I think you might enjoy their subtle herbal notes and briny goodness.

  10. Melissa Melberg says:

    Yum! I love her panzanella recipes. She has a greek variation that is splendid (and includes feta) as well as a grilled version where you grill the bread, peppers, and onions before adding them to the salad. Probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten. No lie.

  11. Ina’s panzanella is in my regular rotation during the tomato season–it is fantastic and a crowd-pleaser. We love capers so I keep them in, but will be good without, too.

  12. Thank you for the link to the song. I’ve been dealing with an ectopic pregnancy this week and this song is my testimony right now. God is here with me!

  13. Ditto on Glee. Boo. And shame on whoever roped us in with one thing and then gave us something entirely different.

  14. The apple pie bars are yet another sign of a fallen world -’cause I’m desperate to lose weight and yet -I read blogs and recipes about things I MUST EAT. GLEE made me sad – so much potential and it went rotten so fast. Indeed Shaun’s new blog design is perfect for him. Very glad to have you back bringing our attention to the things we need to know.

  15. I laughed at your subtitle – “Read by tens of people everyday.” I’d have to say ones of people everyday and that doesn’t make sense.

    Anyway, I thought yours was very cute. I’m going to browse your site for awhile. Looks like a delightful place to meander. I came by way of Krisitina’s Favorites.

  16. To my disappointment as well, Glee turned to glum. Kind of like a highschool version of Desperate Housewives. Oh bother! But I agree “Someone to watch over me” is delightful. Capers … not so much!

  17. Awe, sweetie! Thank you for the link love!!! Shall I send you some for your Birthday? Actually, they wouldn’t travel well…hmmm…

  18. 3) Ya know, I don’t have kids, and am unconcerned about the family-friendliness of TV shows, but last week I was positively clutching my pearls at the outfits and dance of the cheerleaders while Mercedes sang about breaking a guy’s car windows. SCANDAL.

  19. Kelly Kulich says:

    I don’t think Glee was ever intended to be a “family show”, especially given its 9pm time. I personally love it and enjoy that they are putting a humorous spin on all the stereotypes that exist/ed in high school. Like it or not all the people represented in this show really do exist, they just happen to be over the top on the show which is where some people might have a problem. It was never just a show about Glee club trying to be “cool”…how long would that last?

  20. I’m currently watching Glee but giving it my Angry Eyes. Hubs has mentioned the storylines (there are storylines?) feel too contrived. I can’t handle all the NOT SO SUBTLE messages the show is sending. UGH, it had such potential. Hey Fox? Develop some characters and tell a good story, WILL YA?!?!

    I online-love you BooMama. Haven’t said that in a while. :)

  21. I tried to watch the video about “Desert Song” but just couldn’t do it. My baby boy is 11 weeks old and I cannot bear to hear anything tragic involving children anymore. Consequently, I have officially removed “Law & Order: SVU” from the DVR. I’m sure many shows will have the same fate.

    As for Glee…it’s not what we thought it would be. I thought the Josh Groban cameo was lame. Who goes through the trouble to get Josh Groban on their show and doesn’t have him sing? (By the way, the spell-check is giving me fits about “Groban” and for some reason it’s freaking me out.)

  22. TallyMichelle says:

    I too, am saddened by the “Glee” turn of events. I really wanted to LOVE this show, and was hyped up all summer for it, but each week, I just get more and more disappointed in it. Sigh. I can’t decide if it’s time to write it off just yet. Hubby would love it if I did. ; )

  23. I saw Ina make a very similar recipe on her show. She grilled the veggies and the bread. It looked really good.

  24. Found you from Nester and really like your site!
    I so agree about Glee. How great could it have been?! Instead it is just mean and nasty and yuck!