Permission To Speak On The Record?

I’m a little late starting “The Office” tonight because I COULD NOT TURN AWAY from the Ole Miss/South Carolina football game. So here it is 10:20 in the PM, and I am just now starting to watch, but I don’t mind the late hour one bit because I AM COMMITTED TO THE WATCHING OF THE TELEVISION, PEOPLE. I may not be particularly rested tomorrow, but I will be fully caught up on the life and times of Michael Scott and his friends, and that, THAT IS WHAT MATTERS.

The highlights.

1) “We are the three amigos. And once in awhile, one of the amigos will go off to the bathroom while the other two have a secret meeting.”

2) “I’m sorry. I thought this was a free country. I didn’t know we lived in communist Sweden.”

3) Dwight’s reenactment of Darryl’s injury – pulling off his glasses was classic

4) “What can I do for ya, hoss?”

5) “I’m in this weird, flirty, nebulous thing with a cousin of mine.”

6) “I say go with the airtight plan. And that is why I’m having Andy wheel me into the conference room inside of a makeshift cheese cart. It is just…elegant.”

7) Dwight and Toby on stakeout

8) “I say my greatest talent is being the best man, woman or child to have ever run this branch ever.”

9) “Jim is like Big Bird…Big Bird doesn’t make the tough decisions…I would put Bert in charge, or one of the real grown-ups in charge, like Maria, or Gordon, maybe?”

10) “I’d have to talk to my mother and my guy at H&R Block.”

11) “I tried to keep Michael in the dark. I should have known that he can do just as much damage in the dark.”

12) “Toby Flenderson is doing drugs.”

13) “What about you, Michael?”
“I am also being promoted to co-manager. We will be co-managers together.”

14) “I’ll just have whatever’s fanciest, unless there’s ribs.”

15) “Pam. My purse was there.”

What did y’all think? Do you think Michael felt threatened by Jim? Or do you think he really just wanted to keep his D-M family together (“and the baby”), dysfunctional though it may be?

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  1. The “I love you too” in the middle of the fake phone call just bowled me over.

    I think Michael just can’t handle any change in the cast of characters in his office and frankly neither can I!

    Well with the exception of perhaps welcoming Kristin Chenoweth as Angela’s sister which would be beyond awesome. I didn’t come up with that idea but I think it would be fantastic!

  2. oh how i’ve missed your office recaps…so much fun. loved the big bird reference. i’m thinking michael desperately needs a girlfriend.

  3. I love any and all references to how much Michael thinks Toby is the worst, so #12 was pretty funny to me. Also loved the Sesame Street conversation and my husband and I have already used, “I, too, am being promoted to co-manager.”

    You forgot “Don’t lie to me, Pam. If you’re lying, your baby will come out a liar. That’s how it works.”

    I think Michael just couldn’t stand the DM group being separated again!

  4. So glad they’re back, I missed the Office recaps!! I think that Michael thought that Jim was badmouthing him to David, and was threatened by Jim.. Realized it when David explained the situation and tried to fix it.. in his Michael-y way. I love love love that show.. and your recaps and the comments!!!

  5. I sincerely hope you were pulling for the Gamecocks! Cannot believe we pulled off that win.

    Seeing as our team was playing last night (and winning, which let’s be honest is sometimes rare!) I haven’t watched The Office yet. I plan on catching up today. Sometimes, though it’s fun to read the recap and then watch the show because I anticipate the funny more.

    One last thing. I was one of the winners of the Love Story cd. Got it yesterday. So blessed by it!

  6. I giggled through the whole thing
    My LOL moment was the stakeout though – that was so darn funny!!!
    Poor Micheal I think because he is not married and really only has his mother – he desperately wants to keep everyone together
    His “telling” moment was when he said “Jim is my best friend”
    So sweet and shows his childlike nature
    that we all love :)
    I am so glad The Office is back :)

  7. Oh, he’s threatened. This is going to be so interesting with them co-managing! I’m so happy. Is that weird or what?

  8. Loved it!

    Yes, he was threatened. Clearly his very unique skills are limited to DM. And, then there’s the baby.

    “Why would you think a lady was me?”

    “Am I the only one seeing this?”

    Loved it when Michael said he had to call his mom and his H&R Block guy. Loved every stinkin’ second of it.

  9. I think that DM is Michael’s only approximation of family, and he was afraid that Jim becoming manager would mean that he was OUT, so he threw Jim under the bus in an attempt to save his own place in the family.

    The look on Dwight’s face when Michael and Jim announced they’d be co-managers was priceless.

  10. I was so happy – it felt like the show was more like it was when it first started!

  11. Oh my GOSH, how did I Miss the OFFICE last night??? We didn’t have cable last year…just got it…and I guess I’m out of the habit.

    Dang, looks like I missed a good one!

  12. What??? Dwight’s heart-wrenching scream at the end didn’t make your list?!?!? My husband and I were dying laughing at that. Is that mean of us? ;)

  13. My favorite part was when Stanley asked who Jim and Michael would be managing, and Michael answered, “YOUR BUTT.” Too funny!

  14. Southern Gal says:

    Don’t watch Office, but love me some USC football. Sorry ’bout that.

  15. I think Michael wants to keep his D-M family together. After all Jim is Michael’s best friend.

    “Why would you think a lady is me?” The look on Toby’s face was priceless.

    Love you recap! Love all those D-M folks. They are family.

  16. The stake out scene…..hilarious!

    The confrontation afterwards….a scream!

    I love how he lost control as they were driving by…..screaming out at her?!!!!
    Oh my!

    And Michael…..what a jerk! Totally threatened!

  17. I don’t think Michael was threatened by Jim. I think he felt threatened by Jim & David Wallace working together. I think he acted from self-defense of being left out of the group.
    All in all, hilarious episode. I love that he runs all his decisions by his mom and his H&R Block guy. hilarious.

  18. Michael hiding under the cheese cart and Andy’s description of the selections of cheese….classic Office!

    Also.. “Please don’t talk about my breastmilk.”

  19. I couldn’t believe when Toby yelled “are you gonna eat all that dog food yourself you *#!$**#$”

    I liked the 3 Amigos too.

    The whole thing was just too funny.

    Communist Sweden.

    I’m still laughing. I needed that today.

  20. Am I the only one who’s in continual convulsive laughter over Kelly Kapoor’s totally transparent shallowness?

    Kelly, to Pam about the wedding, “I really want to go, but if Ryan doesn’t go, I’m not gonna go, because it would be a waste of time. Uh, that came out wrong.”

  21. Whatever the reason, I know that his motives are pure. I say this because Michael is, often, one step up from my pets. It is a basic instinct that has drawn him to this maligning of Jim.

    I will have to investigate all of this further in the deleted scenes.

    BTW, I remember well those wedding RSVPs. I am totally on Pam’s side. My bridesmaids ran a little intervention there. She should get Angela to ask…people would answer.

  22. I loved “You’re going to text me on the morning of my wedding.”

    “So now, people have to decide if they want to come to my wedding….or work.”

    “It’s $75 a person.” “I once had a glass of Cognac that was $77.”

    And I would have loved to see Michael promoted. Just for a little while, to see what he would do. The cheese cart thing was the best. Oh, and Andy’s explaining the fine dining of dipping goldfish crackers in blue cheese dressing.

  23. Ole Miss? Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.

  24. I also loved the office last night… and the football game. I’m a USC alum, so was really, really excited that we won. Of course here in SC, the game didn’t end until 11:15, and then I had to get up at 5am so I could go running. But it was all worth it. And I’m going to sleep really, really well tonight.

  25. The show was so funny! I do think Michael was threatened by Jim. So funny!

    Have you started watching Parks & Rec or Community? Both of those are starting to get pretty good too!

  26. Oh, Office, how i love thee and missed thee!

    Walker and I spend way too much time discussing the true motives and psyche of Michael. I do think he is pathetic, and had a bad childhood, blah blah. But then he pulls things like this, or some of the other things he has done to people, and I declare that he is truly a jerk. I mean, he consistently treats people HORRIBLY.

    Mainly, I think he is narcissistic. Most all his sins stem from his self-obsession. 90% of the time, Michael puts Michael first. And isn’t that the definition of a jerk?

  27. As you can see by the above comment, I think about this way too much.

  28. I should also point out that it is *I* who spend way too much time discussing this, while Walker pretends to listen.

  29. “I’ll just have whatever’s fanciest, unless there’s ribs,” has got to be the BEST EVAH RSVP to a wedding. EVAH.

  30. Michael to David Wallace: Permission to speak ON the record?

    Watching with my 13 year old who asked why that was funny & pausing it for our explanation to her made it even funnier.

    A friend & I used to collect obliviously wrong sayings like this from coworkers. One of them was “…causing us to work overtime…that’s just unETHNIC.”

  31. (“obliviously wrong” as in the person is oblivious that they are saying the wrong thing….not “obviously wrong” as in a freudian slip) though that would’ve been FUUUUUNNY if I did it myself while talking about it…and someone added me to THEIR list. Hmmm

  32. Kelly McDonald says:

    I LOVE your Office commentaries. Yes, I think Michael thought Jim was trying to take his job, but once he knew it was safe he just wanted to keep his family together. My fav was Jim’s quote about Michael doing just as much damage in the dark.

  33. You just make me happy with your posts, Boo Mama.
    And after the recent loss of my husband, that is huge.
    Thank you.

  34. Glad you’re back. I just started reading; my friend, Chef Diane, brought me back a set of CDs from She Speaks 09 because I couldn’t be there. Nice to be one of your sub par readers, WAIT-that’s *not* what you said! :) Seriously, Love your stuff!

  35. We should all be able to sit and talk to the TV and give our side of the story, or let out a heart-wrenching scream like Dwight

  36. I too loved the part about Communist Sweden. Or, rather, I DID until they used the moment to promote Universal Health Care. Ugh. I hate you sometimes, NBC.

  37. I don’t watch television, but I Netflix shows I really like! I am a season or two behind! I am addicted now!

  38. I’m very sorry I read this post. I have betrayed myself and my husband. We live in the Middle East and have been waiting patiently for our Office Season 5 DVD set to come in the mail. We pinky promised each other not to learn anything about the new season until we got the DVDs in the mail and we could watch them together. Our DVDs aren’t here. And alas, neither is my integrity.

  39. Loved this post! I was sick a little over a week ago and while lying around on the couch/bed I watched the first FIVE seasons in a row of The Office… all to get caught up for this season. Oh the madness!!

    Michael is one of those tragic figures. You keep asking yourself – is he just obtuse? Is he so wounded that he can’t see how offensive he is? Is he serious??? He is so painful to watch sometimes but yet I always find myself rooting for him in the end.

  40. I thought the beginning of the show took things way too far. Seriously, the writers had to take it there?

  41. oh i am so glad the office is back on. life is too stressful sometimes and i love to just laugh it out.

    “yah, the pregnancy really brought us together” lol.

  42. There are no quotes as worthy as Office quotes…