A Critical Announcement Regarding Your March Madness Plans

AP Photo by Wade Payne

So thanks to my Beloved Bulldogs, I’ve spent the better part of 48 hours trying to keep my blood pressure from skyrocketing. It’s SEC tournament time, and the ‘Dogs have fought through a couple of tough match-ups against Florida and Vandy to secure a spot in tomorrow’s Championship Game. Who will we play? Oh, a little team called Kentucky. You may have heard of them. They are kind of good.

And just FYI: today I stood in my kitchen and watched every single second of our game against Vandy on the little bitty TV on the kitchen counter. There were a couple of reasons for this decision: 1) I am crazy and 2) It’s easier to jump up and down if you’re already standing. I’m sure you understand.

Anyway, obviously I’m mighty excited for my Bulldogs, who have been on the bubble of the NCAA tourney for the last few weeks but hopefully secured a spot with today’s win. I’m hoping for a great game tomorrow, especially since we came so close to beating Kentucky when we played them in Starkville about a month ago.

The last couple of days have gotten me totally excited about Selection Sunday and March Madness, so I thought I’d take a cue from something we did last year and set up a group for ESPN’s Tournament Challenge. Once again our group name is BooMama because I am deeply original and never, ever repetitive. The group is public, so you don’t need a password to join – but you will need to set up an account on espn.com if you don’t have one already (and it’s free, by the way).

Whoever wins our bracket will receive a fabulous prize (Kat won last year). Now granted, I have absolutely no idea what this year’s prize will be, but you may rest assured that it will be as fabulous as fabulous can be. Which means that it will probably be an iTunes or Amazon gift card, because that’s about as fabulous a prize as I can come up with right off the top of my head.

I never claimed to be extravagant, y’all. Or even clever, for that matter.

So. You can join the group now, and as soon as the Selection Sunday show is over, you can start making your picks online. Or you can print out your bracket, analyze each team’s stats and players and then make your picks online.

Me? I typically make my picks based on 1) blind conference loyalty 2) which city I like better between the two cities represented or 3) which mascot would win in some sort of toe-to-toe wrestling match. It’s all very scientific.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. And if you join, let me know that in the comments, too, so I’ll know who’s who when I look at the bracket. After all, it’s important to know who’s who if we’re all going to be March Madness BFFs.

Oh, I cannot wait for all the basketball fun.

Happy Brackets, everybody!

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  1. Sophie – Good luck Sunday from a fan of Kentucky and BooMama. Coach Stansbury is a Kentucky boy so I’ve been rooting for you guys (up until Sunday of course).

  2. I’ll be joining. As well as watching the SEC championship tomorrow…my hubby’s fam bleeds blue and we have a UK room in our house. So, one of us will be very happy tomorrow, right!?!

  3. Just sent you an email concerning the ‘prize’ for your contest!
    Good luck tomorrow.
    Go dawgs!

  4. Just so you know, I’ve joined the group – and I will be selecting my bracket largely by my preference in uniform styles. ;)

    Or something equally as fitting.

  5. I will keep you in mind during tomorrow’s game. I am a devoted UK fan! I could not be anymore excited about the season or March Madness! Good luck!

  6. After my miserable attempt last year, I shouldn’t even be showing my face around these parts in the month of March.

    But I’m so in.

  7. You know I love you and think that you are hilarious but we here in this house bleed blue! Go Wildcats! :)

  8. Thanks for bringing it back again this year! The only time I come out of lurkdom is to play March Madness and to wish you a Happy Birthday since we share the best birth day ever. :)

  9. Elizabeth says:

    OOH! I am so very excited! My husband always has me fill out a bracket for his group, so now I will enter in your group too! Warning- I did win once (like 5 years ago…if that matters :) But my picks are based on science- just like yours ;)

  10. Could you hear me yelling? All the way from Oakland,Mississippi? Child, I thought we were going to throw it away for a minute. Oh, mercy,me. I hope to goodness that the preacher remembers we are playing at 12. ;)

  11. (A funny from a lurker…) I’m in! I clicked to join and apparently my hubby was already signed in to espn – imagine that – and it automatically put him in the league. I really couldn’t figure out why my hubby was already a part of BooMama’s bracket! It took me a few minutes…..

  12. In this household we’re Kentucky fans first, followed by any team in the SEC, followed by anyone playing Duke. That’s how we roll.
    Looking forward to joining in on the bracketology fun, no matter the prize!

  13. College basketball in my house is all Alabama! Followed by SEC ……..that is all I know about that! =)

  14. Leslie B. says:

    I’m in. Go Big 12! :)

  15. We are sooooo UK fans in this house. My hubby even wore a UK shirt under his tux at our wedding. I had no idea until after the reception. He’s devoted like that. We, too, have a UK room in our house, and I’m certain if there was a housefire, he would be jerking prints, autographs and other assorted memorabilia off the walls before he grabbed me. Needless to say, we’ll be cheerin’ for the Cats today. But I still love you.

  16. I’ll go sign up! I need an incentive this year since the guys my husband competes against never take my bracket seriously…EVEN THOUGH I totally spanked them 3 years ago! But did I get bragging rights? Oh no! Dumb guys. They think they know everything. ; )

  17. I grew up in TX, which is a huge football state, and never really bothered with basketball. I moved to Indiana and started teaching there and learned what March Madness really is. Now I LOVE this time of year almost as much as I love the start of football season (but not totally, that’d just be wrong). I think part of it is it’s a great distraction for a crappy month weather wise up here. And part of me just loves the thrill of the brackets and the games. So as a teacher we’d all fill out brackets…and that is one of the things I’ve missed staying home, is joining an office pool. (I’m trying to decide if my 6 yr. old is old enough to be taught how to fill out a bracket.) All that to say, I can’t WAIT to join the BooMama pool!

    As for your Bulldogs, we have the game on right now and I’m cheering for your team!

  18. Are you jumping up and down right now? Cause I’m standing on the furniture hollering for my Cats. Hope you and Sister are enjoying the game.

  19. Sophie,
    I am signed up and you can tell by my name that I am a Tennessee fan but I cannot pick them to win seeing as how we were humiliated last night. Loving your team right now!! OH, also loving our motto, we love bacon. lol

    Okay, back to the game.

    Love ya,

  20. Sophie — I signed up… of course I always think people are talking about a shopping event when I hear March Madness, so I’m not a huge threat to anyone.

    And brackets? Well, don’t have a clue, but love a good competition.
    I’ll be using modified version of Erin’s method. I’ll make my choices based on team colors… because that’s important and all.

    Aren’t y’all just thrilled I’m along for this ride?

  21. Wow, what a game! Kentucky just made that last second shot to take it to overtime. Hang in there, Sophie!

  22. My son just asked me today if we could do the brackets again on ESPN. I told him “Let me check and see if BooMama is doing hers again.” At which point he looked at me as if I had lost my mind. Definitely playing again. Sad that my Tarheels are not even in the picture though. I’m hoping they aren’t even in the NIT. I can’t stand to watch them play one more game. Bless their hearts.

  23. I signed up! jkheaton318 from Texas. Ever since I got married during March Madness 10 years ago, I’ve been picking brackets each year. I’m also a Baylor girl and may very well show some Big 12 favortism–definitely don’t pick based on my knowledge of the teams. :)

    Sic ’em!

  24. I’m in, under Callapidder Days. And my method is a bit more unscientific than yours, simply because I watch zero college basketball during the regular season, AND I don’t know most of the mascots. So I go purely based on cities, whether friends of mine have gone to the schools involved, and pure gut instinct.

  25. Today’s game was a heartstopper! I can’t sit still either. I have to knit or be on the computer and have something else to look at when it gets too close! We are transplanted Kentuckians who now live in Virginia but will always bleed blue. You played a great game today and I think you should make the tournament. I’ll call and tell them!

    I’m for UK, then SEC teams, and after that use the same scientific methods as most of you!

  26. HOORAY!! I was hopeful that you would do this again and you are!

    I’m in.
    Though I won’t win.

    But I’m in! : )

  27. Okay, I signed up. I’m a New Mexico fan and my husband and I are actually heading up to San Jose to watch them play Montana on Thursday.

    So sorry to see that Mississippi St. didn’t make it in. What an incredible game today.

    Off to research and fill in my bracket.

    Go Lobos!

  28. i’m in sister! knee deep in oreo depression after today’s game. i could not believe it. we bulldogs fall hard.

  29. I just signed up. GO K-STATE WILDCATS!!!!!!

  30. So I am a total lurker, but I have an unhealthy obsession with college sports and none of my friends get it. This should be so much fun! I am “Jennifer’s Bears”, because I love my Baylor Bears! Sic ‘Em!

  31. MaryBeth says:

    I am also a lurker (but not in a creepy way :) I totally love your blog, it just makes my day! I joined the group–knitEmBee. Should be fun!

  32. So sorry for your loss. But being born in the heartland (Lexington) I have to say “GO BIG BLUE!!!”

  33. I forgot to identify myself – i’m and2became5 on the bracket…..getting excited!

  34. SueEllen says:

    I’ll definately be playing again this year. And by the way, State so should have been dancing instead of Florida. Sorry.

  35. Another UK fan here. I was a nervous wreck during the final game yesterday. MSU was robbed by the NCAA. They played an awesome game.

  36. In an attempt to keep any last remaining bit of self dignity I have left, I will not announce to the whole wide interworld that because I didn’t look closely at the picture, I read the whole post thinking you were talking about football. I will further not admit that it only occurred to to me that football ended last month only when I read that words “basketball fun.” Clearly I will be watching all your conference,bracketing,and picking from the sidelines. I do,however use the same method of picking when asked which team I want to win the Super Bowl and I couldn’t care less who’s playing.I usually decide by which color uniform I like best. ;)

    Please don’t judge me.I am from the land of the World Series winning Red Sox and couldn’t be PROUDER OF IT. :)

  37. So, I assume you’re in the hospital recovering from the heart attack that you suffered after watching the game yesterday! I know I had one! Then, I got the second slap in the face when we didn’t get an NCAA bid! Too much to bear! When are the Dawgs going to get some respect? Life’s just not fair, is it?

  38. Wooohooo!!! GO CATS!!!! Seriously, though that was a FANTASTIC game Sunday! My hubby and I were lucky enough to go and I have to say your Bulldogs gave us quite a scare. I was certain that MSU would make it into the tourney and I was bummed to not hear their name called last night. Stansbury and several of the other coaches are KY boys and I want to see them do well! :)

  39. Woo-hoo!!!!!!
    I did so well last year up until awhile. Maybe the Elite Eight? Then I really did horribly.
    I make picks based on whims and past favorites; I don’t follow any of it during the regular season.
    I just joined the group and will make my picks later today!

  40. I’m not playing because I know jack about filling out a bracket. It doesn’t really matter though because THE KANSAS JAYHAWKS are going to win it all!

    Rock Chalk! :)

  41. I just submitted my bracket! I’m so glad you’re doing this again. It makes even the games I don’t really care about fun to watch!

    Oh and I triple heart the group motto!!

  42. I joined! My name is alemieu on there. I really just picked whichever team won the most of their games, or which team name/mascot I liked better! Of course, I have my darling Buckeyes winning it all! GO BUCKS! :D

  43. Hey, that’s how I make my picks too! I’ll have to sign up.

  44. I just wanted to tell you your bulldogs did a great job in the last game. Those boys gave KY a run! I cannot believe thet did not get in the NCAA games, They should have!!

  45. I submitted my bracket! I’m VonWaldner1- I made my picks by pure blindness- picked SEC schools and others that I liked or have heard of. Very technical I know! Go Wildcats!

  46. I’m in!! As a Memphis resident and University of Memphis grad, I’ll do ANYTHING (except pick against them until the elite eight. I’m not stupid) to see Kentucky lose . Boo. Cheaters :)
    Anyway, my name on espn is ecvanepps.

  47. Another UK fan here (although I’ve been a Tennessee resident since ’85)!

    We were at the game on Sunday and those MSU boys played their hearts out! They played great during the entire tourney – and there was a group of dedicated fans that supported their Bulldogs all THE WAY!

  48. I joined-I always pick my bracket by putting Kansas in the championship first and then take the rest from there.